My Shocking Discovery As An Undercover Medical Device Salesman (Think Twice Before Getting a Knee or Hip Replacement)

I’ll never forget my experience as an undercover medical device salesman for as long as I live. Knee and hip replacements are a cash cow for doctors and hospitals all over the country. $30,000 to $50,000 is the average, but some hospitals charge up to $223,000. This isn’t the portion owed by the patient mind you, but stagger … Read More

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“Who’s Gonna Hire the Guy with the Limp?” (How Steven Saved His Knees and His Job)

With a recession looming in today’s economy, people are worried about their financial security more than ever. And for most people, their job is their lifeline. If that lifeline gets cut, financial ruin soon follows.  The average American has a bank account balance of just $5,300. This means if most Americans lose th … Read More

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Why Doctors Are Dead WRONG About Arthritis and Joint Pain (#1 Cause is Actually Protein!)

If you’re like most people, when you think of protein, you probably picture some of your favorite foods. A sizzling steak fresh off the grill… Delicious chicken BBQ… Or a rack of mouth-watering ribs. (I’m getting hungry just writing about them!) But that’s not the type of protein I’m talking about here. Unfort … Read More

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What’s Your Inflammation Score? Answer These 3 Questions to Find Out

As you probably know, inflammation is a major culprit in chronic joint pain. More inflammation typically means more pain. But how do you know how much inflammation you have? Not everyone with stiff and aching joints experiences the same levels of inflammation. Well, this simple 3 question quiz is a great starting point. … Read More

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What Do Cancer, Heart Disease, and Arthritis All Have in Common?

What do cancer, heart disease, and arthritis have in common? As it turns out, they all involve a “sticky” protein called fibrin. You see, fibrin is a double-edged sword. It’s a natural protein produced in the liver that circulates throughout the bloodstream. One of the main functions of fibrin is to help form blood clo … Read More

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The “Hidden” Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction... and What Mainstream Medicine Isn't Telling You Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a huge problem... so what's really causing it? Maybe you know our modern environment is a toxic soup of chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants that lead to all sorts of health issues. We’ve talked a lot … Read More

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A Little-Known “Cheat” for Powerful Targeted Pain Relief

lower back and butt pain

One in five Americans struggle with chronic pain, according to a 2014 survey.[i] Of the nearly 35 million adults with persistent pain, 67 percent said their pain is “constantly present” while more than 50 percent said the pain is sometimes “unbearable and excruciating.” If you’re facing this daily battle, you know it’s no … Read More

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This Little-Known Natural Treatment Eats Away Keloids

systemic enzymes for keloids

Keloids are excess scar tissue that forms on your skin at the site of an injury. Virtually any type of skin injury can lead to a keloid, including not only surgery or trauma but acne, burns, chicken pox and even ear piercing, vaccination sites and minor scratches.[i] When you have a wound, your body gathers collagen aroun … Read More

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