Why Doctors Are Dead WRONG About Arthritis and Joint Pain (#1 Cause is Actually Protein!)

If you’re like most people, when you think of protein, you probably picture some of your favorite foods.

A sizzling steak fresh off the grill…

Delicious chicken BBQ…

Or a rack of mouth-watering ribs.

(I’m getting hungry just writing about them!)

But that’s not the type of protein I’m talking about here. Unfortunately, I’m talking about a specific protein your body produces. A protein most people don’t even realize exists.

And according to a groundbreaking study from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, this protein contributes to agonizing joint pain and damage in 3 ways:

1). It breaks down cartilage tissue

You probably know that cartilage is the cushion between your joints, right? It’s what keeps your joints flexible and allows you to move without painful bone-on-bone grinding.

But this wicked protein tears through cartilage tissue like a buzz saw.

2). It makes cartilage cells hard and rigid

This relates to #1. Healthy cartilage is soft, supple, and flexible. This allows you to move with comfort and freedom. But this joint pain protein calcifies cartilage cells, turning them hard and rigid.

As you can imagine, hardened cartilage leads to difficult and painful movement.

3). It suffocates your joints, causing even more inflammation

This protein forms blood clots that can clog up your joints. These clots deprive your joint tissue of crucial oxygen and nutrients. The result?

More damage⇒More inflammation⇒More PAIN

Sadly, many doctors are completely clueless about this joint pain protein.

By the way, this joint pain protein is called FIBRIN. As I mentioned a moment ago, fibrin is a clotting protein your body naturally makes.

When you get a cut or injury, a small amount of temporary fibrin is good. It stops the bleeding and helps you heal.

But too much fibrin sticking around for too long contributes to joint aches and stiffness.

And in my opinion, this fibrin buildup is the #1 reason why many people don’t get enough relief from the usual therapies. Because they’re not designed to clear away this fibrin protein!

Now here’s the GREAT news for you:

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  1. Why did you stop my shipments after my first Free bottle?

    1. Alex Tutwiler says:

      Hi Robert!

      I took a look at your account and it appears that your monthly Heal-n-Soothe subscription is still active. For your particular subscription, we would be shipping out one bottle on the 5th of each month. I also see that you spoke with one of our customer service representatives who was able to assist you as well. Please feel free to reach out again if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

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