Stomach and Back Pain: Common Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

stomach and back pain

Medically reviewed by Dr. Brian Paris, D.C on Nov. 6, 2018.

Are you experiencing lower back pain that radiates to your abdominal area?

Stomach and back pain often go hand-in-hand. After all, they are two sides of the same coin.

Stomach pain is very common among people who suffer from chronic lower back pain.

Either your back and stomach pain have a single cause, or the two symptoms are unrelated.

So how are you supposed to tell the difference?

One clue is the timing of your symptoms.

If you’ve been experiencing back pain for years, but the pain only recently spread to your abdomen, it could be a cause for concern.

Sometimes pain in the back and stomach indicates a medical emergency. Other times, it’s a sign of a worsening back injury.

This article will give you a good overview of what could be causing your back and stomach pain, what you should do about it, and when you should start to worry.

Table of contents

[#1] 6 causes of stomach and back pain

[#2] Can I use NSAIDs to treat my pain?

[#3] 3 natural ways to treat the pain

6 causes of stomach and back pain

There are several conditions that could be causing your back and stomach pain.

Acute pain (pain that develops suddenly) might indicate a gastrointestinal or muscular problem, such as a stomach bug or pulled muscle, but it can also be a sign of something serious.

Inflammation and irritation of the internal organs can usually be felt somewhere around the midsection. And it can feel like it’s coming at you from all directions.

Take a minute to read this quick overview of possible causes of back and stomach pain. Any one of these conditions could be the cause of your pain—some of them are pretty serious.

You will need to visit your personal physician for an accurate diagnosis if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

1. Peptic Ulcer

A peptic ulcer is an open sore on the lining of your stomach or small intestine. One of the most common causes of ulcers is the long-term use of aspirin and NSAIDs such as ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve).

NSAIDs can cause severe stomach irritation and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Symptoms of a peptic ulcer include:

> burning stomach pain
> bloating or full-feeling
> pain after eating spicy or fatty foods
> heartburn
> nausea

2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is a common condition affecting the large intestine. The large intestine has muscles that expand and contract during digestion, allowing food to move through your system.

Abnormally fast or intense muscle contractions (spasms) can cause cramping around the stomach and back.

Other signs of IBS include:

> gas
> bloating
> diarrhea
> constipation

3. Pancreatitis

Your pancreas is an organ in your upper abdomen. It has a number of important functions, including insulin production.

Pancreatitis occurs when your pancreas becomes swollen or inflamed.

This condition can come on suddenly (acute pancreatitis) or progress slowly over the course of many years (chronic pancreatitis). Without treatment, pancreatitis can cause a number of serious complications.

Other signs and symptoms include:

> pain in the upper abdomen that radiates to your back
> pain that is worse after eating
> nausea
> fever
> losing weight without trying
> vomiting
> abdominal tenderness

4. Gallstones

Your gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ on the right side of your abdomen. It contains a digestive fluid called bile that helps your body break down fats.

Gallstones happen when certain components of bile start to harden and accumulate into little pebbles.

You can have hundreds of tiny gallstones, or gallstones that grow as big as a golf ball.

These stones can get lodged in your bile ducts and cause a sudden attack of intensifying pain in your stomach and back. The pain is usually worse on the right side of your body.

Other signs of gallstones include:

> pain in between your shoulder blades
> pain in your right shoulder
> nausea
> vomiting

5. Infection

Pain in the back and stomach is sometimes the result of an infection in the kidneys or urinary tract.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) happen when bacteria enter your body through the urethra and begin growing out of control. Without treatment, these infections can spread to one or both kidneys.

Your kidneys are located in the abdomen, near your back.

Kidney infections can cause permanent damage and even become life-threatening, so if you think you have one, get yourself to a doctor ASAP.

Signs of a kidney infection include:

> pain in the lower back on one or both sides
> pain in the abdomen
> pain on your sides or in your groin
> fever
> chills
> frequent urination or persistent urge to go
> burning sensation during urination
> discolored, bloody, or smelly urine

6. Referred Pain

Referred pain happens when you feel pain in one part of your body, but the pain is actually coming from someplace else. The classic example of this is people who feel pain in their left arm rather than their chest during a heart attack.

Referred pain happens when your nervous system gets its wires crossed, so to speak.

When you pull a muscle in your lower back, nerve fibers send messages telling your brain that your tissue has been damaged. Sometimes your brain gets these signals mixed up, which can cause you to experience pain someplace else, like your abdomen.

Other signs of a strained or sprained back include:

> muscle spasms
> tenderness in the lower back
> pain with movement
> bruising
> limited mobility

Key Takeaway: Back and stomach pain frequently occur together, but the causes are not always related. If you have sudden, severe, or intensifying pain, you should consult a doctor.

Can I use NSAIDs to treat my pain?

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are over-the-counter pain relievers commonly used to treat pain and swelling.

At one point or another, you have probably tried an NSAID like ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve) to help with a headache or swollen ankle.

It’s a well-documented fact that NSAIDs can cause a number of damaging and dangerous side effects.

NSAIDs (other than aspirin) increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.[i]

Even if you have no other risk factors, like obesity or high blood pressure, NSAIDs can still increase your risk of a deadly heart attack or disabling stroke.

And if you are using NSAIDs to treat acute or chronic pain of the spine, they may actually be the cause of your stomach pain.

According to the FDA, NSAIDs can cause a variety of gastrointestinal issues, ranging from mild indigestion to life-threatening bleeding.[ii]

Gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding, which is bleeding in the stomach or elsewhere in the digestive tract, is rare among people who use NSAIDs only occasionally. But the risk goes up for people who use them regularly.

Your risk of a severe GI bleed also goes up if you:

> are over the age of 65
> have a history of stomach ulcers
> regularly drink alcohol
> take blood thinners (Warfarin, coumadin)
> take corticosteroids (prednisone)

Thankfully, there are other ways to treat your back and stomach pain.

Key Takeaway: NSAIDs may be contributing to your stomach pain and putting you at risk of serious, even life-threatening complications.

3 natural ways to treat pain

If you’ve been to the doctor to rule out a serious condition — like the ones outlined above — then consider these alternative solutions that you can start right away, right in the comfort of your home.

1. Fix the root of the problem.

Muscle imbalances happen when certain muscles work too hard and others don’t work hard enough.

Your muscles are designed to complement, not compete with one another. One overly weak or dominant muscle can literally pull everything off track.

I recommend learning more about my targeted Muscle Balance Therapy™ program.

2. Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet.

Inflammation occurs for a number of reasons, including injuries and general wear-and-tear on the muscles and joints. But sugary refined foods can actually increase your inflammatory response and amplify to your pain.

You need to learn which foods to avoid and which nutrient- and antioxidant-rich foods you should be eating more of.

You can learn more about how to improve your diet by cutting out foods that cause inflammation.

3. Use the right kind of heating pad.

Traditional heating pads feel relaxing, but they only heat the top layers of your tissues.

What you need is a heating pad that targets deep muscle tissue and internal organs, such as a heating pad that uses far infrared waves.

The body responds to this deep-heating effect by improving blood flow to the area.

Improved blood flow = improved healing.

Final thoughts and key takeaways

There are many possible explanations for your back and stomach pain, some of which require a doctor’s attention. Others can be fixed by reducing inflammation, avoiding irritants, and being more informed about your treatment choices.

Key takeaway #1: If you have been using NSAIDs to treat a strained or aching lower back, they may be the cause of your problem.

Key takeaway #2: NSAIDs can cause additional problems, like increasing your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Key takeaway #3: There are natural treatments available that can help ease the pain and get to the root of your problem.

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Editor’s note: This article has been reviewed by a member of our medical advisory board. The content provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your physician if you have any questions about your health.

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i “NSAIDs: Do they increase my risk of heart attack or stroke?” Mayo Clinic ( Acc. Oct. 16, 2018.

ii “The Benefits and Risks of Pain Relievers: Q & A on NSAIDs with Sharon Hertz, M.D.”  Food & Drug Administration ( Accessed Oct. 15, 2018

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  1. Avatar Lila Choulat says:

    This was a most helpful (more than the doctors) article. It explained so much about the problems I have AND what to do about it! I also viewed the video about muscle imbalance and pain. I have a REAL PROBLEM: I have a rod in right leg cannot bend at all. Do not know what exercises or ??? to try to be pain-free and walk as normally as possible. Right now I would qualify for a part in “The Walking Dead” as a zombie. Not joking.
    Can you help me?

    1. Avatar Karen Star says:

      For relief of pain, I recommend the electrocleanse! I got one last January and this “pain zapper” got me off the Fentanyl at last. It helps with many kinds of pain, and has relieved my spinal arthritis, knee pain, lymphedema, even pain from spinal fractures that nothing else touched, in 50 years!
      I got a cold sore, that usually requires 3 to 6 weeks to heal. Used the electrocleanse set on “virus” for an hour daily for 3 days. Day 4 there was zero sign of the sore. Gone!
      I don’t know how it takes pain away, but I’m so glad it does!
      Please read more about the inventor, Dr. Hulda Clark

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  3. Avatar Badal ravin says:

    Good morning i have back pain for the last 2 month ,further more its very painfull to my left hand according to the mouvement made by my nec n head.your advise is very useful,please guide me,thanks regards ravin

  4. Avatar Admin says:

    Hi Badal,

    Thank you for your comment and question. We would like to suggest you get yourself a copy of our free back pain book -The 7 Day Back Pain Cure which has information regarding pain relief methods, different treatment options and other useful aspects to help. You can find out more via the link below

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  5. Avatar Judy says:

    This was very useful information I have all these symptoms. I have been in severe pain for months.I will get my self checked out by the doctor.
    Thank you

  6. Avatar Joe Legeckis says:

    I’ve had back surgery years ago consisting of rods and screws L4-L5 and fusion. For the past four months have had discomfort from low to high in the lower abdomen and pelvic regions. Have had every gastrointestinal test done with no results. Also discomfort in the back area near the surgery at the same time. . I was wondering if the back pain could be the cause of the discomfort in the abdominal region. Never thought to connect the two areas. Thanks.

    1. Avatar Mellanie Hull says:

      I had back surgery in 2001 a fusion at l4 and l5 rods and pins in the past month my upper abdomen have been killing me i have nerve damage in my back now this article really helped me that the pain from my back could be my abdomen pain

  7. Avatar Viviane tawer says:

    Hi, finally i know what is my problem thanks to your article. It’s been now more than 9 years that i have back pain and front abdomen pain, all over. My doctors didn’t find anything but my l4 and l5 problem and they didn’t mention the relation between these two problems. Now i am relieved

    1. Avatar Steven says:

      Hi Tawer! That is my situation currently.Please update me if at all you found a cure for your problem.I have lower back pain and stomach pain which has been troubling me since 2016.The doctor couldn’t detect anything wrong apart from CT scan reading mild l4 veterbra.Your feedback will be highly appreciated.Thank you

      1. Avatar Admin says:

        HI Steven, Thank you for your comment. You may find our 7 Day Back Pain Cure Free Book helpful. It discusses back pain and related conditions, pain relief and possible treatment options along with lots of other useful information. Please see the link below for more information.

        Thank you, Our Very Best Wishes
        Admin(The Healthy Back Institute)

  8. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I had a ruptured disc (L4-L5) back in 2005. Last MRI 3 years ago showed bulging discs in 4 different areas in my upper back. Also mild scoliosis. Always have upper and lower back pain and the abdominal problems have just gotten worse over the years. So after reading this it looks as if these issues could be related. Which type of Dr. should I schedule with and address these issues? I’m 47 and feel 97 some days.

  9. Avatar Mary P. says:

    I’ve had lower back/abdominal pain/aching for a few weeks. I have degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and had an ulcer over 20 yrs ago. I had a speghelian(not sure the spelling is correct) hernia repair 2012. Plus I’ve been a caregiver to my 91 yr old sister in law for 8 2/2 yrs who is almost totally blind and has dementia. My husband had a hip replacement a yr ago,then had a stroke 11 months ago. So being a 24/7 caregiver with little help has worn me out physically and emotionally. I do have acid reflux, heartburn, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I only take Advil once in a while. I have hypothyroidism which is controlled by Synthroid. I use RX inhalers for adult onset asthma as well. Sooo, I have a physical coming up next week. It sounds like I’m falling apart and after ‘re-reading this I’m amazed that I’m doing as well as I can, for today anyway! Any suggestions?

  10. Avatar steve says:

    Mary P. Back Pain aside for a moment…

    As an only child, have been taking care of my mother for 3 yrs now and yes it hard, it tedious and it yes it is killing me, however, it is the meaning of my life right now…

    and if you want to feel better about your current situation, I can not stress enough that you read
    Mans-Search-Meaning By: Viktor-Frankl it will help you, in how you look at your life, in this moment in time.;

  11. Avatar Josephine King says:

    For the last 8 days I’ve suffered severe pain in lower back when trying to stand.This has happened a few times over the last 5 years. The pain is much more severe this time and my front pelvis area hurts which has never happened before. Should I be concerned? Thank you

    1. Avatar Kathryn Krampitz says:

      Time for an MRI and opinion of a good spine surgeon. Do your homework on researching a good one. You may not need surgical intervention but in case you do, you want the best you can find. Always search for doctors and surgeons. Look up profiles, how long they’ve been practicing, what schools they’ve attended, if they are board certified,…..When you are diagnosed and if surgery is recommended ask how many they have performed. Remember second opinions are also a good idea. Don’t mess around with your back. If a problem affects your c-spine (neck) see a neurosurgeon since this area can affect the brain.

  12. Avatar Admin says:

    Hi Josephine,
    Thank you for explaining your pain. We would like to suggest you get yourself a copy of our free back pain book -The 7 Day Back Pain Cure which has suggestions and information regarding pain relief methods for you to try. It also includes different treatment options that you can consider, information about the back and other useful aspects to help. You can learn more about the book and its contents via the link below

    Thank you
    Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  13. Avatar Joe Balunis says:

    Had bad back pain one day. Went away soon after, but not before a lot of discomfort. Then one evening at work, blood in the urine. Went to my doctor, and was told to see a Urologist. After an examination, and a CatScan, it was revealed I had a kidney stone, bouncing around making blood in the urine. It stopped moving, so I had an Ultrasound to break the Kidney stone apart. For two years after, no pain. Now pain is back. I recommend seeing a Urologist to rule out back pain, by having a kidney stone.

  14. Avatar nirmal says:

    I am suffering froh Moving pain. earlier IT was only in My Neck nur last year IT spread to My Upper back i went to Doctor, in Test i had serious deficience of Vitamin d He write some Tablet and i am taking them for the last 4 Months, and today i feel lower back pain with stomach pain in left side and yes as i told its Moving pains IT move bw Neck and back and when IT is paining in one Part other Parts are pain Free (i am Student age18 thin Body, study for 12 hours Daily Please help)

  15. Avatar Admin says:

    HI Nirmal,

    We would like to suggest you get a copy of our free back pain book -The 7 Day Back Pain Cure. It has information regarding pain relief methods and treatment options you can consider. It has other useful information you will find helpful as well. Please read more about the book and its contents via the link below

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    Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  16. Avatar Bette Vance says:

    I have a broken back. I had metal put in my back but it had to be removed due to infection. Since then I have hsd a great deal of trouble with my stomach.All the tests I have had do not reveal what the problem is. My stomach is just so tight when I eat so much so that it shuts off my breathing. No pain is involved. It has crippled my life as no one can help me. I thought maybe my stomach problems are due to the pain and pressure I get in my lower back. Can you help me.

  17. Avatar Steve says:

    Bette, please understand that there is no way for us to asses or diagnosis what and why you are having your stomach pain/problems…

    Please seek and consult the appropriate medical professionals to be able to get a specific diagnosis including the underlying root cause and then you can begin to work on an appropriate solution.

    Steve HBI-Staff

  18. Avatar Gregory says:

    Glad I came across this it explained a lot that I relate to. First I’ll say I been a nurse aide for over 30 years barriatric, and life support patients so no need to explain after that many years my back has taken a toll. Several back injuries from lifting through those years , I have been out of nursing for 3 years but had bed bound husband for 9 months until he had 4 discs replaced in his neck during that time lifting him I pulled my back once again. Year later my lower back pain intense’s after even 20 feet of walking requiring many stops breaks. My right leg tingles then feels warm then goes numb from below hip to side of knee cap on outside of leg to top part of thigh after walking sometimes never most times happens. Then severe muscle spasms in belly and sides of lower back legs and feet toes at times to. But the muscle spasms are drop ya to the floor twisting and crying and at times so severe I throw up. I have had 3 kids so bladder has seen better days with sneezing coughing accidents but now it’s wee wee wee tinkling more often and never go without wearing a pad. I have irritable bowel but no my trigger foods but the spasms and pain sometimes the stress trigger’s a immodium kind of day. Been seen by family doctor they thought spasms OK must be from statin lipitor took me off switched me to stavastatin in Oct 2016 had a muscle damage test done from long term muscle spasms came back OK. So now the spasms are slowly getting worse. Have mentioned the lower back pain and leg numbness on occasion if walking to long but the back.pain has never been looked into by means of x rays or mri nothing I just feel some days drained and beat with a stick after these spasms I won’t even drive no more because it’s unsafe it’s that bad I mean bathing toileting bending twisting getting into car passenger seat tying my shoe about anything can trigger these spasms and since 7 days now during a emergency care visit been put on co-codamol 1000mg every 4 hoirs as needed and diazepan 5 mg 3x day as needed and OK so I sleep a lot and yes helps a bit but not stopping the problem. I just cry feeling how do I address this so they actually say what is wrong. I have had a endoscopy done Feb said no ulcers. I just feel frustrated it’s like they want to focus on one symptom not all to determine the causing factor. How do I handle this any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  19. Avatar Natalia says:

    Hi, i have been told by doctors that I have siatica as not been able to find anything else wrong after having scans at the hospital. I get bad lower back pain especially when I stand for too long or am tired but now it is getting alot more frequent & pain round my sides & lower stomache. Also sharp pains in lower stomache, bloated & feeling sick! I am booked in for blood tests & a pelvis X-ray soon but am very worried & getting very stressed as much Mum has just been diagnosed with overian cancer.

    1. Avatar Steven says:

      Hi Natalia! That is the situation iam now, kindly update me if you found cure for that.I have painful lower back and stomach which is chronical.Thank you

      1. Avatar Admin says:

        Hi Steven, Thank you for posting. Please do consult a healthcare provider about your symptoms if you have not already done so. You may also find our 7 Day Back Pain Cure Free Book helpful. Please see the link below for more information about it.

        Thank you, Our Very Best Wishes
        Admin(The Healthy Back Institute)

  20. Avatar Admin says:

    Hi Natalia, We suggest you get a copy of our free back pain book -The 7 Day Back Pain Cure. It will help you understand back pain and sciatica better. It has lots of information about back pain, pain relief methods for you to try, information and education about the back you will find interesting and treatment options you can consider. It has a lot of other useful information you will find helpful as well. Please read more about the book and its contents via the link below.

    Thank you
    Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  21. Avatar Virginia says:

    I have this pain that I experience lately it comes as soon as I think of going to ER or the doctor it disappears. It starts from lower middle back straight/through lower abdomen I find myself trying to hold both sides while I am also trying to find a better way to sit because when it comes it comes with a bang I can’t sit straight or even stand when I have it but it last for +/-5 minutes then it’s gone. I am wondering if colitis and gastritis is the cause for this excruciating pain.

  22. Avatar Steve says:

    Virginia, We have to suggest to you to, please consult your physician on this a matter as only they can give you a proper diagnosis, no one over the internet can answer that for you…

    Steve HBI-Staff

  23. Avatar Prabha Kumathe says:

    My spouse has had some muscular pain on the leftabdomen / back muscles. Has been undiagnosed. MRI/CAT scan gave no results. All his organs are normal.
    Sciatica detected and working on it. Are we on the right path

  24. Prabha, There is no way for us to know if you are on the right path and there is no way for us to know if you even have sciatica…

    but you do bring up a good point, MRI/CAT scan giving no results is very common as muscle imbalance and postural dysfunctions don’t show up on scans… That is why both visual and physical assessments need to be done, to truly get at the root cause of why people have back pain.


    Steve HBI Staff

  25. Avatar Blanca Martinez says:

    Thank you very muvh, I appreciate all this information, it is exactly the pain I’m experiencing right now, I wanted ,so bad to have an idea of why the lower back being cause by my stomach ach.

  26. Avatar SHELBY says:


  27. Avatar Admin says:

    Hi Shelby,

    Thank you for your comment and we would like to help. Please consider getting yourself a copy of our Free book, “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure” . The book discusses back pain and related conditions, pain relief methods, treatment options and many useful health related information as well when dealing with pain.

    Please read more about the 7 Day Back Pain Cure book and details of what it covers via the link below

    Our Best Wishes, Thank you
    Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  28. Avatar Shirley Brown. says:

    I have read all the different problems with back and hip pain and all of them are extremely interesting. Mine is right side lower back generating to the groin and also the upper back of the leg. Unfortunately, I have recently had to change doctors and the waiting list for an appointment is 3 to 4 weeks. I am not keen on some of the prescription medications and try to treat myself with vitamins and exercise. This has been successful until now. I would be very, very grateful if you could suggest some exercises that might help. Many thanks.

    1. Avatar Admin says:

      Hi Shirley,

      Thank you for your comment and we would like to help. It is great that you are learning more about the different problems with back and hip pain. We feel that education is key to understanding and addressing back issues and suggest to you for further information to help you a copy of our Free book, “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”.

      The book discusses back pain and related conditions, pain relief methods to try, treatment options to consider, causes of back pain, pain relief action plans and other useful information related to back pain.

      Please read more details about the 7 Day Back Pain Cure book via the link below

      Our Best Wishes, Thank you
      Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  29. Avatar Ruth Salinas Gumia says:

    I am trying to search for some help.
    I am suffering from lower back pain crossing to my abdomen area for 5days now. Trying to find a home remedy. I had a major operation from year 2009 removed my uterus and another right ovary removed by laparoscopic surgery 7mos. ago. I am away from home and can’t go straight to my doctor. I had tried hot compress and water therapy, drinking more water. Yes it helps reduce the pain made me feel comfortable.But not completely ok.
    And I would like to ask if you can help giving me more information on how to handle situations like this..I hope you could be a big help.Ruth
    Thank you and more power!

  30. Avatar Admin says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Thank you for sharing and we would like to help. We believe education is key to addressing back pain issues and would suggest you please get yourself a copy of our free book the “7 Day Back Pain Cure”.

    The book discusses back pain issues and related conditions, pain relief methods to try, treatment options for you to consider, pain relief action plans and other helpful information related to back pain you may like to consider.

    Please read more details about the 7 Day Back Pain Cure book via the link below

    Our Best Wishes
    Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  31. Avatar Marcia says:

    I’ve had back pain for the last 7-8 months, and no one can tell me what’s happening. They said I had gall stones, then said I didn’t, now I’m getting pain in my pelvic area and the back pain has got worse. My entire body is tingling and legs feel numb….
    tired of going to different dr with no results at my wits end.

    1. Avatar Admin says:

      Hi Marcia,
      Thank you for sharing and we would like to help. Please consider getting yourself a copy of our 7 Day Cure Back Pain book We believe education is key to addressing back pain issues.

      The book discusses back pain issues and related conditions, pain relief methods to try, treatment options for you to consider, pain relief action plans and other helpful information related to back pain.

      Please read more details and information about the 7 Day Back Pain Cure book via the link below

      Our Best Wishes
      Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  32. Avatar Joy says:

    I have had back pain for years, progressively worse now. Diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and scolosis. Surgery was suggested,but outcome was not going to be good (60 percent chance it would do any good). I declined and Dr agreed with me. I am 78 yrs old and am getting ateadily worse. Now I am experiencing pain/discomfort in my groin and lower abdomen. It feels like my insides (female organs) are falling down. Very painful and uncomfortable. Pain is on right side, front and back. Also have had hip replacement surgery on both sides. The right sid, being the painful side, has had 3 surgeries. So….I am very depressed and confused wanting to know what I can do. Any suggestions? Thanks everyone..

    1. Avatar Admin says:

      HI Joy,
      Thank you for posting here and explaining your situation and pain. Thank you for explaining your pain. We would suggest as a good starting point that you get yourself a copy of our free book the “7 Day Back Pain Cure”. We believe that education is key to seeking relief from back pain and related pains and it will help you to consider options.

      The book discusses back pain issues along with related conditions, pain relief methods to try, various treatment options you can consider, pain relief suggestions, action plans and other helpful information for you when dealing with pain.

      Do please read more details and information about the 7 Day Back Pain Cure book via the link below

      Our Best Wishes
      Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  33. Avatar jitender pal singh says:

    this is very useful information for me. i have suffered to back pain from 3 months.
    great job

  34. Avatar John Shefali says:

    I am 45 years old housewife. Since last 2years I am having back pain ( just upper lower back near spine) & abdomen (pelvic area) pain. This pain occurs twice in a day every after 12 hours. Pain is unbearable & so far I have tried all possible treatments & taken various reports including MRI of spine too. I am getting frustrated with this pain & no treatment or remedies are effective so far.
    Pls help me in getting properly diagnose & treatment.

  35. Avatar oscar williams says:

    Tramadall the only thing that relieves my back pain. Pain management. I need help

  36. Avatar Sherry Lucas says:

    I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and degenerate disc disease , and probably peripheral neuropathy. I took over-the-counter pain pills , and now take Tramadol at night to sleep , or sometimes during the day for pain.

    I will be so glad to try your product for pain relief ! The testimonies are very convincing . Thank you !!

    1. Avatar Admin says:

      HI Sherry,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. We do hope you find our product helpful to you. Do contact us if you need any advice or support with it.

      Our Best Wishes
      (The Healthy Back Institute)

  37. Avatar Sammy says:

    Didn’t know these were related. Thanks for pointing all this out. You have my thanks.

  38. Avatar Dr.Amit Saraswat says:

    According to Dr. Hilali on a report in Emirates Dubai UAE 24/7 published on April 17, 2015:

    Back pain is one of the most common spinal conditions in the UAE.
    62 percent of young people suffer back pain.
    A total of 1304 subjects, 1103 (84.5%) living in both urban and rural areas agreed to participate and responded to the study; 586 (53.1%) were men and 517 (46.9%) women. … Conclusions: The study showed that the prevalence of back-related disability was higher among women than men in the UAE.

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