6 Best Herbs to Relieve Stress

If you’re like most people, you’re stressed and probably not dealing with it in the healthiest ways. Only 37 percent of Americans polled by the American Psychological Association's (APA) Stress in America Survey said they were doing an excellent or very good job managing stress, which means 63 percent are not.[i] Inste … Read More

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Written By: Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT,

“I Almost Got Arrested Because of My Back Pain!”

arrested for back pain

When you pour your heart and soul -- not to mention years of research -- into doing something, it feels good to hear how much others appreciate it, right? Because I can tell you that even after over 12 years in business here at The Healthy Back Institute helping many, many thousands of people put a fast and permanent end … Read More

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Written By: Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT,

CDC Warns Doctors to Stop Prescribing So Many Opioids

prescription drugs

I’ve been warning for years about the risks of taking prescription pain relievers. I get that people are looking for relief. No one wants to live in pain, and that’s the rub. When you’re in serious pain, you’ll do virtually anything to stop it, even resort to taking medications that you know are only a temporary fix (if t … Read More

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Little-Known Treatment to Attack Black Mold Syndrome (and Mold Allergies)

black mold

Black mold syndrome? If you’re experiencing unexplained health symptoms it’s important to look to your environment for potential causes, including the presence of toxic black mold. To be clear, black mold (or Stachybotrys chartarum) isn’t inherently toxic, but it can produce mycotoxins (and other biologically active metab … Read More

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She Suffered Pain From 6 Car Accidents for DECADES… Here’s How She Finally Found Relief!

You should take your health and wellness into your own hands and always try to keep it there. Toward that end -- if you want to take control of your health and avoid serious diseases, your first step is this: Get a free copy of my book, The End of All Disease. That’s what Joni Bund of British Columbia did, and she hasn’t … Read More

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Record-Setting Astronaut Scott Kelly’s “Lesson” to You on How to STOP Back Pain Now

Scott Kelly

U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly had reason to stand tall following his return to Earth after nearly a year on the International Space Station. Not only has he set new records among U.S. astronauts for most time in space and longest continuous time in space... he literally stands two inches taller after his recent 340-day stint … Read More

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How I STOPPED Failing (at everything)

keys to living longer

Feel like you failing at everything? According to Forbes magazine, 92% of people NEVER achieve their New Year’s resolutions. This post below is about what gives the other 8% - those people who consistently get what they want - an unfair advantage. I discovered it about 10 or so years ago. And it almost immediately r … Read More

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The 7 Top Smells That Ease Stress Fast

essential oil orange

You’re stressed to the max and at risk of serious burnout. It’s too late to exercise and while a few glasses of wine or a pint of ice cream will help you feel better now, you know you’ll only regret it later. What if there was a better option -- something that works to relieve stress fast without any lingering side effect … Read More

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3 Back Surgeries, Chiropractors & Drugs FAILED to Help His Herniated Discs. He’s Running Marathons Now!

Lose the Back Pain

If you suffer back pain, or Sciatica pain, or herniated disc pain, I could tell you why nothing will help you FIX the underlying problems to stop the pain for good like the Lose the Back Pain® System can... I could tell you how it has helped over 64,000 other people fix the underlying issues without drugs or surgery so th … Read More

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The 5 Top Smells That Boost Energy Fast

smells to boost energy

Your sense of smell is described as one of the most primal of senses, as your olfactory system is tied directly to your brain’s emotional processing center. For other senses, like sight and touch, visual or sensory input goes to your brain’s main “switchboard,” the thalamus. Not so for scents, which wind their way thro … Read More

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