Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You?

by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer Author - The Truth About 6-Pack Abs I was on a weekend trip with some friends recently and one of my friends was cooking breakfast for the whole group. I went over to see what he was cooking and saw he was getting ready to make a big batch of eggs. … Read More

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Can’t Find the Energy To Get Things Done? (Must Watch Video)

Let's face it, we all have days or moments where we feel like we just don't have the time or energy to get in that workout,  do that back pain stretch... or finish that project we have been putting off.  I have a video that will change the way you think about how "hard" your life is, or how "difficult" your job can be.  This … Read More

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Should You Be Scared of the Sun?

Sunny weather means picnics, camping, swimming, hiking, and as many other outdoor activities as possible. But look outside on a warm day. You might be surprised how many people covered up in hats, scarves, and sunglasses religiously slather on gallons of thick, white sunscreen. Believe it or not, sunshine is good for you. In … Read More

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The lies on TV are making people fat

By, Isabel De Los Rios Most people who know me, know I am not a TV watcher. Actually, I don't even have cable at home (A rare thing these days, I know.) Very often, I have no idea which show is the "latest craze" and which commercials are all the rave. Last week the TV did catch my attention. I was at my parent's house … Read More

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Is It Possible To Reverse Diabetes?

Diabetic Prick of Finger Test

Do you have diabetes and have to constantly monitor your blood sugar or have serious blood sugar and insulin imbalances? Do you have elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and increased triglyceride levels? If so, you may enjoy this extraordinary story of one my patient's quite interesting. One evening after a … Read More

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Healing Herbs: Boswellia

Boswellia is a natural inflammation-fighting gum resin extract derived from the Boswellia serrata tree, common to India. It is also known as "Indian Frankincense." For centuries, the tree's fragrant, gummy sap, called "oleoresin", has been tapped for its medicinal properties. It has proven especially valuable for arthritis a … Read More

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Reduced Salt: Bad for Your Health?

Hold onto your pickles. The great American nanny state is at it again. This time the government wants to make sure you don't eat too much salt. Most people would readily agree there is too much salt in processed foods. That an increase in salt corresponds to an increase in blood pressure. And that Americans, as well as ci … Read More

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Do I have Sciatica? What Is Sciatica? - Do I have Sciatica? What is Sciatica? Have you been having strange painful sensations in your lower back and leg? Do you think that you have sciatica but you still aren't quite sure what it is or what could be causing it? Watch as leading back expert, Jesse Cannone of LoseThe … Read More

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Obama's New Health Care Plan

We the People of the United States received some of the "change" voted for during the last election cycle. Of course I'm talking about the passage of President Obama's health care reform bill last month. I admit I haven't personally read and understood all 2,409 pages of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. But si … Read More

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Treatment for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the medical name for what happens when the spaces between the spine begin to narrow, which in turn place pressure on your spine as well as the nerves that travel through and around the spine. Although it may occur in the middle region of the back, also known as the thoracic section, spinal stenosis most of … Read More

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