Powerful Pain Relief Secret… from an Irish Castle!

I'm part Irish, so I had long wanted to visit Ireland... for it's deep history, for its beautiful sights like the rugged cliffs on its west coast and the power of the Atlantic ocean pounding on it's shores. A couple years ago, I finally made this dream come true... and “The Emerald Isle” was even more amazing than I had i … Read More

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Written By: Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT,

Is Your Work Challenging? Then You May Age Better!

A highly demanding job may not always seem like a good thing, but it may give you a coveted edge over your peers. I’m not talking about climbing the corporate ladder either. Research published in the journal Neurology found that people who do challenging work enjoy better protection against memory and cognitive decline in … Read More

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And the World’s Happiest Country Is …

Happiness is a goal that most everyone strives for but only some of us achieve. Part of it is probably genetic … some people are born under lucky stars and are genetically predisposed to feeling happy. Research has suggested that up to 50 percent of a person’s subjective well-being is dictated not by their life circumstan … Read More

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A Little-Known “Cheat” for Powerful Targeted Pain Relief

lower back and butt pain

One in five Americans struggle with chronic pain, according to a 2014 survey.[i] Of the nearly 35 million adults with persistent pain, 67 percent said their pain is “constantly present” while more than 50 percent said the pain is sometimes “unbearable and excruciating.” If you’re facing this daily battle, you know it’s no … Read More

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This Wildly Popular Pain Pill Makes You … Sad?

Acetaminophen, better known as Tylenol to most, is used by an estimated 50 million Americans every week, often for treating aches and pains, fever or symptoms of clod and flu.[i] Many people think nothing of popping a couple of Tylenol pills here and there, considering it to be one of the safest over-the-counter medications … Read More

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How to Add 12 Years to Your Life — New Research

Researchers from the Buck Institute for Age Research in California have revealed that the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) ibuprofen may act like the proverbial fountain of youth, at least as far as yeast, lab worms and fruit flies are concerned. The drug extended the lifespan of such creatures by 15 percent[i … Read More

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11 Surprising Signs You Need More Sleep

surprising signs you're sleep deprived

Forty percent of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep a night, and the average American sleeps just 6.8 hours a night. In contrast, the average American slept 7.9 hours a night in 1942,[i] which is probably closer to what your body demands. Nearly half of men polled by the Better Sleep Council said they believe yo … Read More

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10 Tips for Helping a Partner with Chronic Pain

The only thing worse than struggling with chronic pain is watching your partner struggle with it. It’s a helpless feeling to watch someone you love deal with pain. At the same time, chronic pain affects a person’s daily life on so many levels – emotionally as well as physically. Your partner may be struggling with emot … Read More

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Surprising CURE for Restless Legs Syndrome?

surprising cure for restless legs syndrome

Up to 10 percent of Americans have restless legs syndrome (RLS), a neurological disorder that leads to unpleasant sensations in your legs, including throbbing, creeping or pulling. There is also an overwhelming urge to move your legs in order to find relief, and since this urge often occurs at night or when you’re trying … Read More

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Laugh Your Way to Pain Relief

By Steven Hefferon, CMT, PTA, CPRS A man rushed into a veterinarian's office carrying his limp, lifeless dog. The vet examined the animal and told the man the dog was dead. The man asked if there was any way the doctor could revive the dog. The doctor left the room and returned with a cat, who sniffed the dog from head to … Read More

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