Peyton Manning’s Stem Cell Therapy is Just One of the Underground ‘Cures’ Big Pharma Wants to Squash

There are few people on the planet who understand back pain like pro football players.

And on that Sunday afternoon NFL legend Peyton Manning was REALLY hurting.

After numerous injuries… Peyton suffered extreme back pain, arthritis and bulging discs…

And he underwent THREE back surgeries in 15 months.

But Peyton found out — just like millions of Americans — back surgery rarely stops pain for good.

And what Peyton did back in 2011 could be the blessing you’ve been praying for if you — or someone you love — suffers from excruciating back pain.

In 2011, Peyton secretly jet-set to a small clinic in Europe. And a team of brave doctors performed a revolutionary — yet completely safe procedure — that’s actually BANNED here in America.

The result?

A healthy Peyton came back and played his best season ever. He led the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl victory — at age 40.

And recently, Andrew Luck (starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts) flew to Europe to receive a similar treatment.

The treatment?

Stem cells.

Stem cells are naturally present in every single one of your body organs. They help repair damaged tissue. And a few years back, scientists uncovered they could use stem cells to stop back pain, cure disease, and save lives.

Stem cell ‘controversy’ keeping millions from getting safe, effective treatment

For years, stem cell therapy has been very controversial in the USA.

Simply because scientists were growing new, artificial cells in clandestine labs. Maybe folks considered it unethical. Yet, you might not be up to date on the latest news: Scientists uncovered a way to regenerate damaged tissue by using your own God-given cells — NOT by growing new cells in a petri dish.

They injected these cells into Peyton’s neck, healing that damaged tissue and allowing his body to heal itself.

So, the ethical controversy should be over. And millions of Americans should be able to access this highly effective treatment.

Yet, a procedure like this would hit Big Pharma and the pain doctors where it hurts the most: in their pocketbooks. We’d no longer need most back surgeons or pain pills, would we?

But there’s good news…

If you suffer from back pain — or any other health issue — you don’t need to be a billionaire or famous athlete to access these life-saving treatments.

Because I reveal Peyton Manning’s stem cell therapy — and many other underground “cures” for the world’s deadliest diseases — in my bestselling book…

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Of course, you won’t hear about these discoveries in The New York Times or Newsweek magazine.

But this book “arms you” with the knowledge to take back control…

So today I invite you to…

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Only your doctor has their hands tied by Big Pharma… and probably hasn’t heard of them.

Why not?

That’s easy… just follow the money!

You see, these cures you’ll discover in The End of All Disease are simple… so simple that anyone can do them, which means the big drug companies couldn’t possibly profit from them!

Meanwhile, good people like you who could fight and AVOID these diseases — and the pain and heartache they cause — are left in the dark about just how to do so!


Because we deserve better than this. We deserve better than the medical treatments and lies that still leave us in pain.

So, if you’re remotely interested in taking the power out of the hands of the government bureaucrats… achieving optimal health… and living a long, active, PAIN-FREE life…

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    I have been using your. Cream on my back fusion which really helps me loose enough to play golf. At 81 Ineed the help. Have just ordered your heal and smoothe pills. Hope they also help!

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