Can Spinal Discs Be Repaired By Stem Cells?

By Dr. Mark Wiley

Stem Cells Repair Spinal Discs

New research indicates that back pain due to degenerated and herniated intervertebral discs (IVD) may now have found a cure in stem cell research. This is a huge scientific breakthrough when back pain statistics are factored into the equation. For example back pain is one of the most common reasons that Americans see their doctors and more than 25 million adults suffer from regular back pain.

Numbers this large spell millions of dollars in profit for the manufacturers of pain medication and surgical equipment, physical therapists and other back specialists.

While traditional treatments like pills and surgeries treat the symptoms of pain, inflammation and stiffness they do nothing to correct the underlying problems causing the issue. While some physicians believe that surgery does correct the problem (e.g., herniated disc), about 80% of all back operations are unnecessary and do nothing to help the patient in the long term. What’s more, the scar tissue commonly found after back surgery leaves the patient in worse condition than the original back pain.

Is back surgery a waste of time? For many patients, it is and I myself used to believe it was a scam. While I’m not still sold on surgery, I have come across a revolutionary surgical procedure being tested in the United Kingdom that gives me hope that in the future back pain can be successfully treated and cured through surgery.

Stem Cell Breakthroughs

In 2006 a researcher at the University of Manchester uncovered a method that uses stem cells to regenerate injured intervertebral discs. More important than the method was the fact that the patient did not reject the stem cells. This probably has something to do with the fact that the cells were from the patient to minimize the risk of rejection.

Dr. Richardson, the primary researcher in this study collaborated with German biotech company Arthrokinetics to develop a procedure that repairs IVD through regeneration right at the site of the damage.

This procedure is minimally invasive and therefore very appealing particularly to patients since it reduces the chances of post-surgical pain and scarring as well as side effects.

The key to Richardson’s research was finding stem cells in the bone marrow that have been shown to grow into a variety of cell types. When combined with the collagen gel, these cells have been able to regenerate to repair damaged spinal discs.

The procedure is currently in the final stages of clinical trials, which means that it will soon be available within the United Kingdom. The implications of a minimally invasive treatment such as this are enormous as it means billions of dollars saved in prescription medications, lost productivity and ineffective surgeries.

According to Richardson;

Once implanted, the differentiated MSCs would produce a new NP tissue with the same properties as the original and would both treat the underlying cause of the disease and remove the painful symptoms.

Stem Cells Repair Spinal Discs

Patients suffering from a variety of different back ailments will be looking at this procedure with hope that it will soon become a widely available treatment method.

In many instances the human body can regenerate the disc on its own without of vitamins, nutrients and water. Your physician can test you in order to find out if you suffer from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. You may also want to make sure you aren’t suffering from chronic inflammation, which can prolong the healing process.

Spinal decompression is an effective way to increase blood circulating to the injured area. You will also have to muscle imbalances which is the underlying cause of many cases of herniated discs. Without addressing this issue a treatment like stem cell therapy will be minimally effective.

stem cells back





Our earlier report on the use of stem cells to repair damaged spinal discs has drawn a LOT of interest. Unfortunately this treatment is still in the clinical trial stage and we are unable to direct readers to surgeons performing this treatment at this time. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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University of Manchester. “One-Off Treatment To Stop Back Pain — Using Patients’ Own Stem Cells.” ScienceDaily. 5 Dec 2006.

BBC News. Stem cell cure hope for back pain. 30 Nov 2006.

Diamond, S. Stem Cells Can Aid Spinal Disc Repair. 5 Jan 2009.

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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267 thoughts on “Can Spinal Discs Be Repaired By Stem Cells?”

  1. Ken says:

    This makes SO much sence. It’s as if nature is at work.
    Why not use you own stem cells? They have to be better than anyone elses…

  2. Ken says:

    Stemgevity is also a natural way to boost ones own stem cells.

  3. Admin says:

    Hi Violet,

    Thank you for letting us know. We do apologise. Would you please contact customer services with all your details and order details so that we can look into it for you. Please use the link below to contact us.

    Our Customer Support

    Thank you

  4. Dorothea Parkzes says:

    My problem is spinal stenosis, I have 4 and 5 disc bulging. Can this shelp me? I used to live in East London for eight years and went to The Pitmans College in South Hampton Row and worked for Keystone Agency as a Secretary. I still go to England to visit my cousins and aunt I now live in the Unisted States of America and my diagnosis is spinal stenosis. I want to know if this stem cell will help heal me? Thanks for your reply

  5. Brian says:

    what does stem cell therapy cost

  6. Mike says:

    I heard that the government has decided that stem cell therapy is going to be required to go through FDIC approval. If so this could make it years before most of u can get it.

  7. Jesse Cannone says:

    As far as whether or not it will help you, that does depend in part on your situation, and not just the condition, but many other factors like current overall health, immune system function, nutritional imbalances, hormonal imbalances, etc…

    Cost? I don’t have that data yet and from what I have heard so far is, it varies depending upon who is doing it and where. My thought is, it can’t cost more than what they are charging people for ineffective surgeries.

    We will update this post as we get more details so stay tuned 🙂

  8. KR Dasharathi says:

    It is wonderful to hear this news. When will it be available to the patients at clinical level? Can anyone give the approximate time?. All are eagerly waiting since the curse of back pain is tormenting many and truly there is no permanent solution at present. On important thing to know is whether this surgery is minor and done under local anasthasia?This therapy has to be propagated world wise to be available to every one in all countries. God bless Dr Richardson!
    KR Dasharathi

  9. Dyann says:

    I’m not too far from Manchester. Who do I contact? How can I have this please.

  10. Admin says:

    Hi Dyann,

    As it states in the article the procedure is finishing clinical trials and will soon be available as a treatment in the United Kingdom. Maybe your first step would be to discuss this with your Doctor/Health Professional.

    Thank you.

  11. Hugh Sutherland says:

    This is something I have been thinking for the past 5 years work would but I see one problem not addressed
    When the disc degenerated there is a loss of Vertebrae height – how would one keep the spacing between discs sufficient to permit the cushion build up without constant decompression or bed rest- in this case how long does the regeneration take

  12. Des Reid says:

    Dear Jesse,a very interesting post,for me at the moment,your stretches are doing the job.

  13. Rob Bini says:

    wow..when will it get to Australia?.. sounds like something on an international level that should be developed at whatever cost, sadly some of the other major forces within the industry may..(and probably will go against it based on the lost revenue they would see benifiting from the pain of millions all around the world)..

  14. Mark says:

    Stem cell technology (when using one’s own MSCs as opposed to those from foetuses) seems to have a number of signficant potentials for healing. I am cautious about many of the new and radical treatments, but I see less potential for problems with this one than others.

    In terms of back care, this would seem to offer treatment far superior to the current surgical procedures where the IVD has been damaged etc. I guess that one of the questions to be answered is whether it resolves any underlying cause (such as muscle imbalance, stress/tension etc) or concommitant problem (such as muscle spasm caused by the injury which damaged the disc in the first place) and, if not, whether the programmes will include therapies to correct these in order to avoid a recurrence of the IVD problem.

    It’s certainly an area of research to watch carefully.

  15. Trudy Barakin says:

    Thanks for the great news! It would be fantastic not having to undergo major surgery any longer, which is very painful and the recovery time is far too long (3 months!). I went through this process 11 years ago and would not want to go through this again!
    When will this treatment be available in Australia?
    Did you get any more info in the meantime on the cost involved?

    Many thanks again, Jesse, for this informative article!

  16. Said Arafa says:

    thanks to stem cell research and its scientific application
    what does it cost?
    FDIC approval is done ?

  17. John says:

    Thanks Jesse appreciate the heads up…I think this is a brilliant solution and the way to go for our problems
    Regards John

  18. Luc says:

    This sounds an exciting way foreword however it does not address the bulging disc issue which in my case via L5 L6 was pressing into my sciatic nerve (sheer torture).
    Perhaps combined with laser treatment which I’ve read when applied to the centre of the offending disc creates a vacuum to draw the bulging matter back in, now will the stem treatment re create the fibrous disc surround to prevent the soft centre oozing out again????

  19. K.Gopal Rao says:

    It’s not clear to me as a layman whether MSC is something that is normally available for harvesting from any individual’s body at whatever age. I thought stem cells had to be obtained from the placenta at birth, or with much greater difficulty from one’s bone marrow in later years. Is my understanding correct? Could the author or someone who knows clarify.

  20. Betty Ludlow says:

    Is this stem cell surgery performed in the USA?

  21. Geoff Hodgins says:

    Done when and how soon in Australia?
    Sounds almost too good to be true

  22. Chuck says:

    Being in the medical field, I always believe in things that will help the patient in a better way. But, I also check the depth of the water before I jump off the bridge. I’d like to see an indepth study of the side effects even if it takes a couple years. I too have a herniated disc and live with chronic back pain, but a quick fix? Sounds good but I’ll let them do more studying before I jump off that bridge.

  23. Ivan says:

    Very interesting article. I hope that they do make it safe and accessable to those who need it. I think though that your programs actually address the root problem, and the stem cell teatment completes the healing. Without the root problem being addressed, the stem cell treatment will only be short lived in the curative effect.

  24. Donna says:

    This sounds wonderful, as a woman who has had chronic back, neck, leg and feet pain for 17 years it would be wonderful to not suffer from it again. I have controlled my pain with diet and exercise for the last year and am off most of my pain killers (6 daily -2 daily)
    The only problem with surgery like this is it won’t work for everyone and is to easy not to take care of yourself if you can just have a quick fix.

  25. Charles Lucas says:

    I enjoyed the article and I see this procedure as much better than any artificial product being used. Stem cell is the way of the future. Your own DNA and tissues are used so rejection is at a minimum. Clonimg a part from yourself to repair your bodyb makes alot of sense.

  26. Marius says:


    I had a back operation for spinal fusion of L1&L2. I also have a deformation of L5 (not repaired)
    I lost my job since the fusion I perform in my work as bending to get in crawl spaces is imposable. Climbing ladders and moving heavy objects is prohibited as safety belt press against fusion. Falling of a 6 foot ladder will certainly cause the fusion to break.
    I am now medical boarded with no opertunaty to get a new job as I am classed as a risk and due to permanent medical boarding I am not allowed to have a permanent job.

    So I am recommending / advise anyone under 50 not to go for a spinal fusion. It also has new effects such as in my case numbness in upper and lower left leg casing me to be unable on my leg and jogging and walking long distances is a challenge. I was told it could take up to 3 years or longer for this numbness to go away.

    Well this is my story. I am stuck with my fusion and numb leg.
    Greetings Marius

  27. Ted says:

    I feel sure most conventional surgeries fail because the root cause of the problem is not addressed. If your core muscles are not strong and in balance, then I am not sure any surgery will be effective for long. So, if your disks will regenerate on their own, why not address the root cause first, see if that helps first.

  28. Vinod says:

    There has been a lot of ongoing research globally on use of Stem Cells in various medical n surgical problems.
    This seems to a great solution to the Spine-Disc issues.
    Incidently my wife was diagonised with PID.One school suggested Surgery,which we were reluctant for.Came across another line of treatment for this or Herniated Disc -Ozone Therapy in India.
    A Non-Invasive Spine Treatment for PID/Herniated Disc/Acute Spine Injury etc.
    It was a miracle cure,free of all pain,free movements, no more tingling or sensoray loss in the lower leg,no numbness.In 3 months all symptoms dissappeared.
    Its comming to a year now,full free movements,no restrictions or limitations except the care one would normally n routinely take.
    Just another example of Researh n Modern Medicine going the Nature’s way.

  29. Mark Rogers says:

    Hi great info and update after 30 years of back pain including 3 operations and injuries as serious as fractured spine 3 seperate times. I am open to anything that will fix the problem. Stem cell surgery could take a while to be cleared for use in Australia so I will stick with streching and massage until I find something better.

  30. Charles says:

    This could have saved my mother’s life. Years ago, she opted for back surgery to fuse two of her vertebrae. The procedure ended up generating spinal stenosis and constant pain, for which she took heavy pain medication. That led to her suffering several micro-strokes, which damaged her short-term memory and forced her retirement. In turn, that led to the destruction of her will to live and her requirement to living in a nursing home. She lived to be eighty, but the last three years of her life were not independent or fully functioning.

  31. Tyra says:

    Although I like this article, it does seem to be a good idea. I would like to know what types of back pain they are really talking about? Does it also include neck pain? What other studies have they done for this? Thank you

  32. Eitan says:

    Hi Jesse, this is a great article as you usually bring up. Thanks !!
    I used to suffer a lot from lower back pain, mostly L1 &L2 at least as I diagnosed. One day you sent me the link for NUBAX Trio exercise machine. I was suggested by my Dr. for a decompression treatment that will cost more than $5,000. Instead, I bought the NUBAX Trio (from your site, $300 compare to $5,000 treatment), I changed my diet to include all the good nutrients that the body needs to regenerate the disc, I drink a lot of fresh water, I used your suggested stretches and muscle imbalances awareness and exercises … and I have NO pain at all. I keep exercising every day twice a day 3 – 5 min every time. I work very hard physical work during the weekends, and I have NO pain !!! I had never considered any surgery, and I think that we have enough in our body to cure ourselves, we just need the little push with the right exercising and natural good food. Thanks Jesse, I’m a great fan of your suggestions.

  33. Christine says:

    I have been using alternative medicine for years, and while this might be good for disc problems there are many reasons for back pain. My holistic Doc has said many times, “if you have not had an injury and you have back pain, it is ALWAYS caused by an imbalance in the organs. I had back pain from top to bottom, and my posture was terrible (I have always had excellent posture). I went to my Dr. and he put me on remedies for heart, thyroid, kidney and liver. These remedies are only available through healthcare professionals and are made up of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. By the end of the first day my pain was almost completely gone and I was standing erect again. I felt like a million bucks. I have had whiplash 6 times, yep, 6 times, but it was the imbalance in the organs that was causing the pain. You must get to the root of the cause, eat right and exercise (even easy things like dancing or Tai Chi for the body to be happy. It does know what to do when you take care of it.

  34. Mark says:

    I am a little skeptical that this is a cure all since alot of back pain conditions are exacerbated by the repetative stress positions we have to put ourselves into in our daily lives. How will this heal a bulging disc, annular tears, loss of intervertebral disc space due to a degenerative disc, etc., if we can not reduce the load on the spine for a long period of time?

  35. linda says:

    I find this helful and already have surgery scheduled. Can not find a doctor in this area that is wiling to consider other surgeries.

  36. Rodney says:

    As a retired health care professional, I’ve been following the use of adult stem cells. The regeneration of disc material using adult stem cells is no big suprise.

  37. Steve Lerigo says:

    Having seen an old friend of mine recover from a form of cancer of the blood, through stem cell treatment, I’m all for seeing this type of treatment. If looked after in the right way and given the additional boost of stem cells the body will naturally heal itself.
    It is fantastic to see!

  38. Jeanne says:

    I am interested to learn if similar research using this gel and adult stem cells is going on for knees. It sounds like this could be a godsend for those with severely damaged menisci or ligaments.

  39. zdenka says:

    that’s great alternative to fix problem… i can’t wait for the specialists performing this in canada… let me know if you will get some contact… i’ll try to make search on it as well… thanks a lot!!!

  40. Jan says:

    The number of people who are suffering more after than before their hernia-surgery. Surgery should be the last kind of solution for backproblems but for them who were ruined by and after their surgery their might be some hope (I hope!)

    Gr. Jan

  41. Barbara Bassett says:

    What’s this?
    Something that might actually work?
    Sounds reasonable to me. Keep up
    the research and let us know when
    it is available! I know, this is
    the US; it might take a long time.

  42. Jack Foster says:

    Medical Procedures are never routine and carry many risks. If all else fails a good course of action.

  43. Tamara says:

    This is great for people who have already begun to find and repair the “original cause”, that weakened their body, leaving their whole body out of balance and vulnerable to illness or injury in the first place. If you don’t fix the cause, you’ll end up with another bulging disc the next time you move wrong. Why not fix the real problem first and then get the injury repaired once you know it won’t just happen again, or continue progressing? It does sound wonderful otherwise. The Healthy Back Institute has true ways to permanently repair your whole body’s alignment and balance so that it can begin to repair itself.

  44. Maria Dalgarno says:

    Yes it is a known fact that using one’s own stem cells to regenerate tissue is the best way forward.

    I worked in this field (natural health area) for some years and learned much from hungarians who have been doing clinical trials for years. I think the west is quite behind actually.

    So the questions are:
    – have clinical trials been done, if not, when?
    – is it available in Toronto

    and what is the difference with the other
    natural alternative called Ozone Therapy (for knees, back etc)- this is taught by Dr. Frank Shallenberger in the USA —
    Can anyone answer this??


  45. Eileen says:

    This is a good option for people whose back pain is really caused by a disc problem. How many people is that really? MRI’s of totally asymptomatic backs show a herniated disc for quite a bit of them. Unless you address the cause of the back pain, it will come back because regenerating the disc, whether done by Low Level Laser Therapy or this procedure will subject the newly regenerated disc to the same stresses that caused the problem in the first place.

    Chronic back pain, like other chronic pain syndromes, have an inflammatory component which is usually dietary and deficiencies of certain Omega-3 fatty acids. Back pain also has a posture component, which can usually be addressed with the right type of exercises and sometimes an emotional component. Unless all of these are part of the treatment, this is a surgery that has to be repeated again and again, just like going to a chiropractor, except that the chiropractor is less expensive.

    There are people for whom this surgery is manna from heaven. How many of us eat an anti-inflammatory diet, live a stress free life, walk barefoot, eat enough fish oil, have perfect posture and are free of emotional baggage? Address each one and if you still have back pain, then by all means go and have a surgeon stick a needle into your discs.

  46. C Kemmerer says:

    Sounds too good to be true, but a great breakthru if so!

    Considering the number of people who could be helped,how come this has not made the mainstream news?

  47. GERALDINE says:


  48. Edgar Hutchings says:


  49. Joni Ansfield says:

    Dear Jesse..I would like, first, to thank you for your helpful e mails. They give
    me hope and well-founded advice..something I desperately need. As to this
    new medical find I would travel to the UK if it shows to be a viable and highly
    successful procedure. I have suffered for the last 13 years..Fibromyalgia,
    advanced Arthritis (Inflammatory) and have had 6 surgeries relating to my
    spinal issues of stenosis, scroliosis, degenerative disc disease and other
    issues. I live in constant pain that has impacted my quality of life to the
    degree that I hardly spend time with my 4 grandchildren who live 1/2 mile
    from me. My sons and daughter-in-laws are very supportive as is my
    physician (now retired) husband who ran me through the gamut of docs
    and specialties. My one daughter-in-law has done the same with the
    alternative docs and fields, vitamins, supplements etc. All this doctoring
    is getting too expensive in this age of economic chaos. I really am not
    sure anymore what vit. and supplements I should take. I would love to
    hear from you as no one I’ve appealed to in this age of Internet communi-
    cation has replied to me, even Dr. Brownstein has let me down and I am
    a faithful follower of his as to his daily emails that lead me to having to
    buy a particular book etc. You are a happy email in my box and one that
    has given sound, educated I appeal to you on a personal level
    as you seem to house a caring, loving, compassionate heart..something
    missing in all the others. Sorry this has become lengthy and off-point,
    but even a personal email will help. I am 70, but try to look and stay
    young even though the pain permits me little grace-time. In advance
    I thank you for your much-needed help. I should mention that I have
    managed to keep centered. God bless you and I will write a short
    blurp about this miraculous new procedure in a separate writing.
    Yours respectfully, Joni Ansfield..Mequon, WI

  50. Tom says:

    This still is not addressing the cause. If people do not change their habits and improve muscle imbalances they will most likely have to do the same proceedure in a year or two — just like surgeries today. It takes work and desire to manage back pain — not a fancy drug or surgery.

  51. James Einert, ND, CH says:

    Being both a Naturopathic Doctor and a Certified Hypnotist, I have to say I agree with Dr. John Sarno, M.D. in his research for back pain and other chronic diseases. And that research says that back pain is most often not caused by any back injury or degradation, but rather it is caused by emotional trauma usually from childhood. If you correct the back injury, it may stop the pain from the back, but it will probably pop up as some other pain or chronic disease. Until you solve the emotional trauma, you will not be completely well.

    I hope this helps.


  52. Zac Martin says:

    I think it is wonderful that somebody has found this to be a solution to their back pain.
    However, I am also amazed that people are willing to go under the knife for relief. I guess that obviates the pain & frustration associated with back pain in general!
    Although, as Jesse says there are many causes for back pain, it seems to me that a little personal effort at stretches & use of external remedies like the NuBax machine are a preferable solution.
    It certainly was in my case! I was diagnosed (by MD) with “disc problems” deteriorated to the point there was “bone on bone” at one point in my spine.
    I wouldn’t take $1,000,000 for my NuBax! I am so much better since using the thing it makes me almost ‘giddy’ with relief. Normal again!
    I would be hard pressed to imagine letting even the best surgeon cut on me. My son is an M.D. & confirms that back surgery in general is a very ‘iffy’ thing & frequently unsuccessful.
    I wonder how this new procedure will prove out over time?

  53. Joni Ansfield says:

    Dear Jesse..I would like, first, to thank you for your helpful emails. They give me hope and well-founded advice..some-thing I desperately need. As to this new medical find, I would travel to the UK if it shows to be a viable and highly successful procedure.
    I have had chronic, intense pain for the last 13 years.. Fibromyalgia, advanced Arthritis (Inflammatory), and have had
    6 surgeries related to spinal issues: stenosis, scroliosis, de-
    generative disc disease and other issues. I have a 3 level an-
    terior/posterior lumbar fusion, a 4 level cervical fusion and
    a fusion of my right big toe as well as a separate surgery on
    the 2nd. and 3rd. toe of the same foot due to Arthritis. The
    constant pain which reaches level 10 at least 5 days a week
    has narrowed my quality of life to the extent it is difficult to
    enjoy my 4 grandchildren who live 1/2 mile from me. My
    sons and daughters-in-law are very supportive as is my
    retired Physician (GI) husband who ran me through a gamut
    of doctors. My daughters-in-law are supporters of an
    alternative life style, thus I have run the gamut of alternative
    doctors and procedures as well..vitamins, supplements etc.
    However, to that point, I do need help, with the correct ones
    to use that would address all my problems. So far, at 71
    I am in very good health. All this “doctoring” has taken a
    financial toll especially with our economy in chaos so-to-
    speak. I would so love to hear from you personally as to
    the vit.-supplement issue as I take so many and have had
    to cut back…but I really don’t know What to take. Your
    daily emails have proved to be informative and educational
    and I have felt a sense of a very compassionate, caring
    person in you. Your time is most valuable, but I would so
    love and appreciate a short email from you as to what I
    should take, what I should do. Dr. Brownstein never re-
    plied which was a major disappointment even after pur-
    chasing some books and materials from him..but I do
    sense a great, big heart in you. Any suggestions for me
    in any way? God Bless you Jesse and thank you, in advance,
    for answering a desperate plea.
    Yours respectfully, Joni Ansfield, Mequon, WI……
    Please note I shall send a separate reply as to the new
    medical breakthrough in another posting…

  54. Roma Nelson says:

    I do wonder what happens some time after the surgery if the underlying muscle imbalances haven’t been addressed. Surely the same problems will emerge necessitating yet more surgical interventions? In my own case it wasn’t the herniated disc causing me pain but a scoliosis caused, it seems, directly by muscle imbalances. Yes, it meant I had to do the specific exercises to begin the correction process and have since gone on to working with a Pilates personal trainer specialising in imbalanced muscle therapies (plus using a Teeter Hang up.) The scoliosis cannot now be seen, I am pain free and can play golf twice a week. I aim to keep it that way by doing more of the same. Hard work at first but frankly pleasurable as part of a normal routine now, but I hope it means I won’t have to go down the surgical route, however quick the proceedure.

  55. Lawrence says:

    Hello. Unfortunately we need some guinea pigs more desperate than I am to try and then prove this. It may end up being the ‘modern’ answer. Lawrence

  56. Joni Ansfield says:

    As to this new medical advance and living with failed back
    surgery, fusions etc. due to Advanced Arthritis, Fibromyalgia,
    Stenosis, Scroliosis, Degenerative Disc Disease and CHRONIC
    PAIN, I WOULD SWIM ACROSS THE OCEAN to try this procedure
    and, if it was successful..well… I guess, I would take a flight

  57. Leigh Arrathoon says:

    We have prolotherapy here in the U.S., in California, and that consists of taking the stem cells from your own fat and reinjecting them into sites where cartiledge is needed. It is supposed to be very effective for regrowing cartiledge in damaged joints. I have been waiting patiently until it comes to Michigan, where money is so tight it’s probably the last place any doctor would want to set up practice. Anyway, because I know about this procedure, I do believe that this kind of therapy would be very effective in healing spinal discs.

  58. prema says:

    Dear Jesse,
    i am never sure or very confident about surgery…i heard of this a long time ago but did not recall it until you sent it…i just don’t trust doctors.. but if i were desperate i am sure i would try anything though money is is an issue……the theory behind this seems excellent especially for us older folks….unfortunately i have been using the upside down back equipment and i am not having any success…so i just don’t know what to say…thank-you and peace be with you

  59. Walter Vervloet says:

    If this technique would be available in my country, Belgium, i would consider to give it a try …
    Thanks to your e-news people can stay in touch of new developments ,…Thx !!

    By the way : Your “Lose the back pain System” is of great value !!

  60. Al Deaton says:

    How do you know if sstem cell therapy will not be permanent? Remember, the clinical trials have not beem completed and treatment is not yet available. Since we don’t know the end game of this therapy, we should not the proclaim its demise as not a permanent cure yet. I’ve been aware of Dr. Richardson’s work. But I have one question that still bothers me. I am not sure if stem cell therapy will cause a bulging disc to shrink or grow larger? Either way, will it cause some unknown damage? Will shrinkage cause vertebra misalighnment? Will enlarged disc explode or break of in parts? It would ease my mind if you could answer the question.

  61. Virginia says:

    Hello, I too have back pain and I have been doing research on what will work for a while now. I saw a chiropractor, took physical therapy and took various pain medications …your website has been the most informative and most helpful. I love the NuBax equipment…Thank you Australia! It has helped with my back problem and sciatica. I’m in agreement with Zac Martin who also responded to this article.

    Only as a very, very last resort would I agree to back surgery unless there is a 100% guarantee that it would cure my back pain. But between the “lose the back pain” exercises and the NuBax sessions…I have been feeling almost pain free!!! I just order the Heel n Smooth tablets hoping it will help with the inflammation…I’ll let you know.

  62. Rita says:

    This sounds amazing treatment, but i wonder if it would be available to every one.Do you think the national health would supply this treatment.I would give anything a try, just desperate to get my life back . thank you for your news it gives us hope.

  63. Carl Peters says:

    The stem cell treatment for spinal problems sounds incredibly promising. The fact that unborn babies do not have to died to obtain the stem cells totally reinforces what many researches have been saying for years, (i.e., other types of cells can be “made” to appropriately differentiate — even better than the cells taken from the unborn).

  64. Elizabth Scott says:

    If the results come back that the stem cell implant is a viable procedure with long lasting results, I am excited! I don’t think it means one can quit stretching and/or exercising or eating properly.

  65. richard gaskell says:

    Looks ok if and only if the source of back pain is degenerate disc or discs. Accurate diagnosis of the pain source or sources remains the top challenge.

  66. Nancy Silver says:

    Very interesting. My biggest issue is severe arthritis in almost all vertebrae, plus stenosis in the cervical area (C4-7). I am well managed but would love a more complete treatment and wonder if this would help, especially with the arthritis. I’m a professional singer and avoid any surgery that requires lengthy intubation so that’s a definite plus for the minimally invasive procedure.
    My back has been helped a great deal with traction for the cervical spine, posture and stretching. I also use the Heal N Soothe. I cannot use the inversion because of knee replacements, so my lower back still could use a lot of improvement. I know the traction was the absolute answer for the cervical spine, but I believe the rest helps maintain that.

  67. Lloyd R. Hines II says:

    The procedure sounds very promising. If I was in Europe, I might have volunteered for the trial. I have also heard good things with artificial vertebrae, usually made out of titanium. I wonder if it could help in situations where the whole spine is compressing and losing the lubrication between vertebrae and pressing on the nerves. This might be a case where Europe is ahead of us. I wonder if our medical system slows up this kind of research and makes it difficult to try new options.

  68. Alex Preo says:

    Thanks Jesse,
    All these revelations about lower back pain sound promising and well worth noting/trialing, however, as I have only just “discovered” your site and treatment I can not offer positive feedback or comment at this stage – but many thanks for your advice and knowledge to date!

  69. Agi says:

    I think it’s great progress and congratulations for it. Anything to relieve pain and reduce the danger of complicated surgeries is wonderful.
    Keep up the good work!

  70. Sharon Brennan says:

    Hi, Jesse, and thanks for the article! I am disabled due to Antiphospholipid Syndrome, and related issues including a degenerative back disorder with numerous herniated cervical, thoracic and lumbar discs, an immunodeficiency, psoriatic arthritis, and an inflammatory disorder at the cellular level that affects everything from my sinuses and intestines to my back and joints. Several rheumatologists, immunologists and orthopedic surgeons have felt that the inflammation that surgery would cause would negate any benefit, so no one wants to operate on my back or neck, and my quality of life is poor as a result of pain. I am IgA Deficient, so perhaps stem cells made from my own body, along with minimally invasive surgery, would be the best approach to repairing my spinal problems. Since the research dates back to 2006, I have to wonder how the Manchester U. studies have held up over the past 5 years. If their results are positive, believe me, I would travel to the UK if Dr. Richardson feels that I would be a good candidate for the work he is doing! If you have any follow-up info, I would love to read it. Thanks, Jesse!

  71. Irmgard Beasley says:

    Cant respond about medical problems, my imbalances have a way of clearing once observed.The new strechband released the weight I had felt in back of my right knee. I was very happy about that. Imbalances are at all levels you are so right. Irmgard

  72. Bill Morrison says:

    The video was very interesting. I’d like some more info on the subject.

  73. Eugene Berger says:

    I think this is great news. I have avoided surgery for all of the reasons youi have stated in the past but I am open to stem cell therapys

    You guys always carry good products and information

  74. Dr. Marshall Field says:

    Progress, any progress, takes a lot of time to gain acceptance as well as “approval” from organizations. Patients in need,need to step forward,practitioners need to be willing to take the business risk and all need to work together to make it happen. Too simplistic? Perhaps, but media attention and following the money still makes things happen these days.

  75. aubrey says:

    I have already had a hernia operation and am not planning to join a queue even for something like this. Did you hear about the lady who liked to talk about her five hip operations or the old fellow on crutches explaining that he had just had his second hip operation which he regarded as his entitlement as he had paid all his life for medical insurance? I could ask myself am I normal but feel more comfortable being detached, more informed and healthier.

  76. Edgar says:

    Due to the attitude in this country, we will have to trust the tests in other countrys.

  77. Bob Stringer says:

    Sounds very interesting, but inversion seems to be helping me at the moment.

  78. Rae says:

    I’ve been reading for sometime about the stem cell surgery and wondering if it would help my husband with two nearly gone discs which he refuses to see a doctor for beside his primary doc because of the failure rates of current treatment especially a laminectomy?Sp as he is aware that many are worse off after such surgery and the risk of injuring surrounding discs. I do wonder as others have about over growth of the newly regenerated disc causing troubles too and it’s deterioration rates etc,

    We have also read about the artificial discs but that is a high risk surgery if you have to have it removed later for displacement of the disc. I have a friend who had the artificial disc done and is doing so well she actually returned to long distance hiking after completely rupturing her disc in an accident.

    He does exorcise regularly that the PT and reading books recommended and takes tons of Ibuprophen.

    I’ve read a short article on the upcoming USA’s current Obamacare coverage of back pain which is discouraging to say the least as the law is suppose to have strict limits for covering the care of back pain.
    I’ve not read this portion of the law yet nor is much of the law is entirely clear so what I think I know is from a second hand article.

    Cost and time to get this implemented with BLue Cross Blue shield and other major carries is difficulty as it’s certainly will be delegated to e3xperimental procedures for years to come.

  79. Shirley says:

    I think that stem cell treatment for spinal problems sounds very promising.
    I would be up for it should it ever be available in the U.S.

  80. Peter Hertam says:

    something good is coming from the stemcell research. It sure sounds good, but once the big companies get involved…, who knows if it will become widely availabe. Drugbarons will fight it, I’m sure. We might have to start to revolutionize the healthcare system everywhere, from the bottom up. I guess there are enough of us to make a difference.
    In Canada too.

  81. Miguel says:

    Dear Jesse, I don’t believe this procedure would help. I have found that exercise along with some supplements and a change in diet helped me tremendously. I stopped eating sugar and drinking cow milk ten years ago, and got rid of the mercury and aluminum in my body thru chealation therapy. My nutritional biochemist gave me the right dose of vitamin C and magnesium to pull these poisons out of my body. My whole body felt better in just three weeks. I also started going to the chiropractor a year ago and that has helped even more. The body needs good nutrition, exercise, rest, laughter, love, always, and sometimes a good chiropractor and biochemist to heal. There were so many benefits, but too lengthy to mention. God bless.

  82. Michael Burgman says:

    Being a sufferer of Chronic back pain that varies in intensity and location from moment to moment and day to day and never knowing what will bring on an severe episode of pain, I can understand why this new surgery would be attractive, especially since it would be minimally invasive and leave the person with mobility of the spine. Unfortunately it will not help those of us whose back pain is not caused by a herniated disc. While I am not fond of surgery having been operated on at least 9 times for various problems, if a surgery like this will help the disc regenerate, be minimally invasive with minimal recovery time, cost, etc, and help relieve suffering then I hope it will become available here in America because I wouldn’t wish severe back pain on my worst enemy! While I understand those who object that it doesn’t get at the real cause, once the discs have herniated or degenerated, that then becomes a priority. Once that is dealt with then you can address the underlying causes. Thanks Jesse for sharing another possible treatment option.

  83. AnnieLaurie Burke says:

    This sounds very promising if the clinical trials show positive results. As for those who say it would not work because it does not address the underlying source of the problem (muscle imbalances, etc.), it only makes sense that the surgery would be one part of a curative program. After all, those who undergo surgery to clear arterial blockage are not encouraged to go back to the poor diet and sedentary lifestyle that contributed to their problem. Why would patients undergoing this back surgery would be any different? When surgery is used to correct a condition, it should be considered one element of a comprehensive program.of correction and prevention.

  84. Cindy says:

    I would love to try this surgery if it was available in the United States, and my insurance company covered it! Or if they want to offer some free surgical trials in the USA just email me! Can’t wait to hear from them!!! Jesse, thank you for bringing this surgery info to all of us.

  85. Ganesh says:

    Stem csll treatment may will be hepful
    in future which can be evaluated after
    sometime.But such treatment will not be
    available for much people,and country like Bangladesh will not able to do much in this respect,umless it willbe
    not much expensive.But let us hope for

  86. John says:

    Most sufferers probably wouldn’t be able to afford it and if they could they would still need to address lifestyle and muscle problems to prevent a re-occurance. Better to look at all that first.

  87. chris says:

    Dear Jessie,

    thanks for your very informative postings it is helpful and elighting.
    I this proceedure proves to be successful, it will help thousands of suffererss.
    Keep up the good work


  88. nancy says:

    i do not have this particular back problem myself, mine is a combination of siatica after a bad fall and arthritis, but i most certainly would use the stem cell theropy myself if it would help or recommend it for others for whom it would help.
    look at all the other areas of science where they are proving cell research has helped or will help in the future. i think it is wonderful!

  89. harold glantz says:

    Jesse, while everything you post is informative, it cause a lot of doubt as to what is the real way to go. The future of stem cell seems inviting but mhow long to wait. Tje US is always at least 5 years behind the rest of the mediacl world, who can wait. Is back surgery a vaklid option? If you would please give me your sincere opinion. HG

  90. Hans Albert Quistorff, LMP Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist says:

    Actually the surgery is not nessesary.
    There is a product called StemTech which is made from a fresh water algae that causes a release of stem cells from the bone marrow which will migrate to the area and rebuild the lost tissue. If you are fallowing Jesse’s program and have relieved the uneven pressure on your spine you should get the repair without surgery.

  91. harold glantz says:

    Jesse, your information is very informative but undeniably confusing.
    The US is always 5 years behind the rest of the Medical world. Is back surgery a viable solution?

  92. Dorothy says:

    I believe in stem is a pure form of medicine. I don’t see the average low income person ever being able to afford it though.

    These advances are never afforded to us so we maintain as best we can

  93. Jesse Cannone says:

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and feedback.

    I must say that several of you were quick to claim that “you’ll never be able to afford it” – why?

    Do you intend on being broke / poor forever?

    Your financial position is not set in stone, I don’t care what your situation… I just watched a video of a guy with one leg who is now earning a living teaching snowboarding!

    So don’t say that you “can’t afford” anything… maybe you can’t right now, but don’t believe that’s permanent.

    As far as the US being years behind, we often are, but sometimes it’s not that we are behind but that our government is so damn big and in bed with giant multi-national corrupt businesses, that the combination suppresses many treatments and truths…

    But let me clear, I am NOT against big business, I am against big corrupt, lying and cheating business… if you build a great business that helps people without harming people or the environment, that’s great.

    Keep the comments coming…


  94. Sonia says:

    Any surgery that eliminates pain, specially spine pain, slthough invasive, for me it is welcome. I had suffered for years that kind of pain. The cure came from accupunture. But this is not a well know therapy.

  95. David A Candland says:

    This type of surgery and procedure seem promising.

  96. J Enrique Piovanetti-Pietri MD says:

    Injectable Stem cell therapy is good to talk about it.

    Show me the medical evidence to prove it works.

    Otherwise, anyone trying this will be a guinea-pig.

  97. steve says:

    i’m 35 and have arthritis in the lower spine and upper neck( doc’s tell me its like a 60 year olds spine). would this procedure benifit me at all and if so can i have a contact for them. Thankyou very much.

  98. Jeff Underwood says:

    I am excited about this information and that this has been devoloped. I see myself someday maybe having this prcedure done. Now the challenge will be the FDA every approving such procedures.

  99. Ronnie Pemberton says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about stemcell research. It’s incredible what amazing break-throughs that are coming. However, I wonder if the procedure will be readily available or will it stay in the research stage forever.

  100. Dr Ernest B. McCall. says:

    more detailed projections of when this stem cell treatment for disc regeneration will become available,and a contact address to register interest.I am preared to be a guinea pig any time.

    E.B.McCall B.Sc,Ph.D

  101. Wayne Murrell says:

    I am a low income person of about $15,000 a yr. and i need back help… i really want to have disc decompression… my heart is too young to have back cervicles and degeneration of most of my discs… don’t know where to turn… my rent is over 50% of income and even with a 4 cyl. i can’t afford payment and cant qualify for medical or government programs fed or state.
    i have wanted to be a guinea pig for natural cures and substances.. and hopefully make money in an affiliate situation.. using facebook

  102. Ron Vigil says:

    This sounds very exciting. I have degenerative disc and a herniated disk. So I would be interested in this type of cure. I am in able to do most activities at this time, but have that nagging back and neck pain daily.

  103. eileen says:

    i’m really excited to hear this. my daughter is 27 yrs old and has had back problems since she was 10 yrs. dr. says she will end up in a wheel chair by 50yrs old. this looks like she has a promising future.

  104. LARRY says:

    the thought of not being fillet like fish on both sides and getting mediocure results,not to mention the healing/therapy process/medications/cost…etc.These kind of medical break throughs are very exciting.Orthoscopic/outpatient surgery that can actualy work thats exciting.I agree with Jesse that surgery comes after every thing else and addressing only the symptoms is what internal medicine does.THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IS THE UNDERLAYING CAUSE OF BACK PAIN.

  105. Li Tang says:

    If any patient is healed after receiving this kind of stem cell surgery, He/she is not cured by the surgery. He/she is cured by “Of course, your body will almost always regenerate the disc on its own given the right materials and environment. “

  106. Terri says:

    I have been suffering with back pain – neck down to hips – for 20+ years. Just lately I needed a MRI. Found I had a pinched nerve & degenerating disks. I’m only a candidate for surgery after spending lots more $ on PT & spinal cortisone shots, etc. & surgery may not help my long term chronic pain.
    Heard about the North American spine Institute. They do minor surgery to clean up the spinal canals – removing bulging disks, scar tissue, spurs, etc. By testimonies sounds great for more lower problems. Not sure about cervical spine issues. Wondering what you & others have heard or done research on them & their procedure.

  107. Kayode alabi says:

    Thanks for the new discovery of the stem cell is good atleast people expense on treatment, and frequent visit to drug store and loss time will reduce. But my concern is how can you help to discover the cause amd sign to watch before the aggravation of the pain. Keep the GOOD WORK. KAYODE ALABI

  108. Jeanne says:

    Really encouraging. Still a last resort. And I shudder to think how much the medical industry will charge for this type of surgery. More billions in the pockets of people profiting from the misery of others.

  109. Dr. Larry Stanleigh says:

    Stem Cell therapy has been a promising option for a long time (20+ years). It is still a distance to go before it has practical successful applications but it holds promise, particularly for accident victims who have spinal chord injuries and are now disabled. It may also have applications in neuroscience for alzheimers treatments, and more. I hope it happens in my lifetime…

  110. JACK says:


  111. Carl Barrows says:

    This is a great development and a fitting followup to the stem cell surgical therapy conducted in Britian to replace the trachea od a 13 year old boy. This surgery will relieve pain and disability from thousands of people. Best of all, it can be done with adult stem cells of the patient without the controversy of needing to use embryonic stem cells. Excellent!

  112. PJ Cusack says:

    I have a contusion or blood clot or infarct on my T5 in the Thorasic Spinal Column. The pain from this is driving mr nuts.

    I would like to know what treatments if any are available and I’d like to know how to get rid of this alien clinging on to my spine.

  113. Ric Virchis says:

    Stem cell research has had its ups and downs, both medically and politically. There appears to be some fruitfull scientific advances that provides hope to many, specially we the elderly who are succuming to various infermities – not the least which is “BACK PAIN CAUSED BY SPINAL DEGENERATION”. This appears like a possible breakthrough. However, it needs more study to prove its efficacy!

  114. Chris K says:

    Wow! This sounds unreal. I’ve suffered through low back spine& tailbone pain, sprained backs. Have worked with sports medicine Drs , chiropractors, physiatrists, had shots, therapy and more. Osteoarthritis doesn’t make it any easier. Managed to get relief for periods of time.
    If only this can get rid of the numbness & nerve pains in my legs, what a life changer that would be.

  115. terry says:

    this is the way to go. no controversy about the harvest of embryonic stem cells which opens the pathway for further study of the efficacy of this procedure. the problem with traditional surgery is if it doesn’t work and there are no guarantees, the patient may be in worse shape then before surery. it looks as if this uncertainty could be almost eliminated.

  116. James says:

    Hello Jesse, I have what they call Deg. Disc Disease and I truly don’t believe this is a disease at all because it happens to almost everyone with age, I believe it is an epidemic, Anyway back at the ranch, I would love to be able to play with my Boys and my Grandchildren with out the pain, in fact I would like to do anything without the pain, I would be willing to be a guinea pig because this sounds like a major break through, Where can I sign up ?

  117. Jeff Ramage says:

    I have had back and neck surgery and still have pain. It was reduced for awhile but then I do something that caused a tweek and then another. So I would be interested in anything that would give me the opportunity to play with my grandkids and my kids again.

  118. Joseph Hewett says:

    how can we get this stem cell research done to me and my back?

  119. John A Adams says:

    Hi Jesse. I find this article very interesting, and hope that it is a way for millions of sufferers to get some relief, I’ve had spine surgery about 19 years ago, it got me out of a wheel chair after 2 years of being there, but unfortunately at age 74 it looks like I’m getting back to that situation again, I’ve purchased your “healthy back program” and have tried to do the exercises but as you mention, if it hurts, lay off it and do it again when the pain has gone, well it never goes, 24/7 the Spine Surgeon say’s that nothing can be done, and the prior surgery only complicated things for me, aso that’s the reason I bought your ON-Line program, I still try to do some of the exercises following your program, but I’m not getting any better or younger. Thanks anyway John A Adams

  120. Dr. William says:

    Need more details but it looks good to me. Need to know long-term side effects, if any.

  121. Admin says:

    Hi John Adams,

    Thank you for your comments.
    While they do read this blog and as you are a customer with the LTBP system, you would be best discussing your progress and difficulties via the Helpdesk. There your concerns and questions can be further addressed in more depth and with more privacy than on a public blog.

    Please use the link below for your query or use the contact information in your LTBP system materials.

    You can contact our Customer Services on this link


  122. Admin says:

    Thank you for your inquiry for more information.

    While we strive to provide the most complete and up-to-date information possible, we cannot offer direct medical advice on stem cell therapy.

    Please consult with your own physician for further details on treatments and therapies like this which may be suitable for you.

    Thank you

  123. Dennis says:

    I certainly hope that this medical advance will offer the hope of a permanent cure for back pain, once and for all.

  124. neeraj says:

    how much time before we see this treatment in the clinics…???

  125. Paul Clark says:

    Did you know that there is a clinic near Denver , Colerado who is doing a very simular procedure. They have a web sight you can to and check them out and publish a report on them as well and the great work they are doing at REGENEXX.

  126. Cherles Torson says:

    my wife has been suffering from back pain for years now 71, even at night. wish I could find out exactly what bobthers her.

  127. Susan F. says:

    I have been suffering with several herniated and bulging disks for years. On July 14, 1996 I herniated a disk located a disk located at T12, L1. Over the past 15 years my injury has, through a natural progression, changed and worsened. I also have 3 disks in my neck that are the result of a June 5, 2009 car accident. I have had to take Kadian (Time Release Morphine) as well as morphine tablets for break through pain. Lyrica for the horrible biting pain from the nerve damage. As if that isn’t enough I also take orphenadrine and ibuprofen 800mg. Unfortunately the Kadian alone makes it almost impossible to have a bowel movement. The Kadian had gotten to the point of not being so effective so recently I was changed to a Fenadryl patch. I am so very tired of never being without pain. I take sleeping pills (2 Temazapam), yet I still do not get very much sleep. My husband has told me many times that I cry in pain all night long. Anything that can stop 15 years of constant pain would be a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Hazel G. says:

    I have been waiting for this for a long time as I was aware this was going to be a possibility in the future. But my most recent diagnosis (after 3 back surgeries) is not herniation but stenosis and spondylolisthesis. Could stem cell implant address these issues? If so, when and where do I go to sign up?

  129. Shah says:

    How about ozone injection? It works equally well?

  130. Joseph N/Florida says:

    I have read this information when you first published it a while back. This update is very promising. My inquiry is related to moderate Spinal Stenosis located at level L-4 / L=5. Would this treatment Have any benefit in this type of situation. I am now getting epidural injections 2 times a year for minimal relief.
    Any reply would be appreciated.

  131. Admin says:

    Hi Cherles,

    Thank you for your post and inquiry.

    Please consider our 7 day back pain cure book for your wife. You can click on the link below to read about it.

    Thank you

  132. Admin says:

    Thank you for your inquiries for information.

    While we strive to provide the most complete and up-to-date information possible, we cannot offer direct medical advice on stem cell therapy.

    Please consult with your own physician for further details on treatments and therapies like this which may be suitable for you.

    Thank you

  133. joost says:

    please send me contact info for the people in england

    thank yu very much


  134. Admin says:

    Hi joost,

    Thank you for your post and enquiry.

    We would suggest that you please consult with your own physician for further details on treatments and therapies like this which may be suitable for you.

    Also Please note the update at the end of the article above:-

    “UPDATE JULY 2011

    Our report on the very promising results of the use of stem cells to repair spinal discs has drawn a LOT of interest. Unfortunately as this treatment is still in the experimental stages we are unable to direct readers to specific doctors using the treatment at this time. We will keep readers updated as new information comes out from these studies.

    Make sure you get every update as well as tons of other great free resources for neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and general health by subscribing to our free email updates… just enter your email address into the Subscribe Via Email box near the top right of this page. You can unsubscribe at any time.”

    Thank you

  135. Dawn Green says:

    A couple of years ago, a Neck & Spine surgeon told me that there was an experimental procedure was being evaluated by the FDA. He did not give me details, but did give hope. Currently the best option for the pain and discomfort for the neck injury done by a car accident is the fusing of bones together OR a steel rod and fusing. Either option will provide less mobility and flexibility than that done by the accident. I am curious if this is the method that he was referring? If it is, how much longer will it be in for evaluation before it can be used on human patients in the US?

  136. Lynn Garland says:

    This sounds very interesting. I’m wondering about the physical mechanism–how does exact placement of the stem cells affect the outcome. I’d like to see some clinical results and data on related injuries before recommending this procedure, but if the Lose the Back Pain doesn’t help, then I would hope something like this could be available in the near future. LPG

  137. Rick Jackley says:

    The first article about this innovative procedure is nearly five years old. The most important question to answer is how close is this innovative procedure to transitioning from experimental to “approved” for treatment to the public.

    My understanding is that government approval of medical procedures is easier to attain in Europe than the U.S. In the absence of information to the contrary, it appears that this procedure is stagnated in the “potential” stage.

    When you consider the rigorous process of receiving FDA approval and no apparent movement toward approval in Europe, the potential relief for long time suffers of back pain from this procedure is a long way off.

    Please post any updated information.

  138. Ralph DeVane says:

    will this technology be expanded to include other joints, ie. knees and shoulders?

  139. Karen Jensen says:

    I have degenerative disc disease and its getting worse and I am 57years old!I am a physical ed teacher for the Military kids in OKINAWA and I have tried everything and my last resort is stem cell research!Can u help me please!Otherwise I will have to get a DISABILITY with my job if I can not find HELP!

  140. Admin says:

    UPDATE JULY 2011

    Our report on the very promising results of the use of stem cells to repair spinal discs has drawn a LOT of interest. Unfortunately as this treatment is still in the experimental stages we are unable to direct readers to specific doctors using the treatment at this time. We will keep readers updated as new information comes out from these studies.

    Make sure you get every update as well as tons of other great free resources for neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and general health by subscribing to our free email updates… just enter your email address into the Subscribe Via Email box near the top right of this page. You can unsubscribe at any time.

  141. Karen Jensen says:

    I am in the same situ7ation as everybody else!Degenerative disc disease due to inherited from Grandfather!I work as a P.E. teacher for the DEPT.of Defense and teach military kids sports!I have tried everything to help my DDD but now I am on Vicadin/percocets for the pain and Mobic for the inflammation!Please help and use me as a guinea pig before I become a statistic on the unemployment list in the USA!

  142. Lonny Larson says:

    I know this is on the back. This is great news without a doubt. Can this same thing be done for knees and other joints?

  143. tina says:

    i would be willing to go to any country to get this procedure done. where is it being done successfully?? please send me details

  144. Kim pedersen says:

    I had the stemcell treatment done in Germany a year and a half a go.
    My two lowest disc were sredded to pieces.
    Dr. Norbert Sass from corecellclinics arranged the treatment.
    I had cells drawn from my hip bonemarrow and cleaned up then injected into the dammaged discs.
    Electrical stimulation for 20 min a day for two month.
    It is now a year and a half a go and I have had absolutely no pain ,none.
    I am fully funtional and play icehockey 2 or 3 times a wwek in the winter and competitive golf in summer.
    There are according to Sass not much reason to futher studyes since it works and 261000 clinical studyes had already been done. Start treating as in China and Germany.
    Best regards
    Kim Pedersen

  145. Cosgroven,Lynda says:

    Had periferal nerve surgey last may do to damage from prior gyn surgeries May 2011.
    Surgeon clipped dead blackened areas of illioinginuel and siatic nerve-he said the nerves
    would regenerate in six months minor exercize. Both sides still give me pain from standing/sitting
    movements to walking more than one block. Can stem cell help this and how?

    sorry not a comment/but a question the pain is extensive and going on 3 yrs.-can you help?

  146. Ron Edwards says:

    why do other countries have so much research on this problem and we supposedly have the worlds best doctors? Is it a money thing that we don’t have better research in this area or is it just coming to light because of Payton Mannings stem cell use on his neck? Isn’t anyone in the U S using this method of research for chronic back pain? I went to the back institute in Minnesota two years ago and Dr, said the only repair is back surgery at that time,the fusion method. Also checked with laser spine institute in Florida and cost was so intensive that most people can’t afford it.


  147. Maggie says:

    Stem cell has been done on a dog I know and worked well but it appears it’s not lasting. Hope it is more permanent for people.

  148. hans e. mebus says:

    My opinion is : we give ourselves not enough rest to eliminate back and/or neckpain.
    So whatever cure is practised…if the cause is spiritual(e,g, your conscience) the pain will come back.
    Qi-Cong shaking whether upright standing or lying in bed can relax imbalances and muscles.
    After that, a good sleep will do the trick and especially during the sleep the built-in healing of the body
    of every human being will reverse backpain among other pains.
    Buy online a Qi-Cong booklet and see what healers from eastern asia can teach us.

  149. Graham Hilton says:

    I think stem cell therapy is the way forward in a wide range of treatments but probably has a long way to go before it is widely used.

  150. Fi blyde says:

    Exellent news,let’s hope it works just as well long term!

  151. barry says:

    This is really a major breakthrough I hope that itis soon rolled out and people suffering with chronic back pain can get lasting relief.I also understand stem cell research is looking very promising in other fields.

  152. Lisa Ditalia says:

    Dear Jesse,

    Yes I’ve read about this in Wired and even Readers Digest Magazine, brought the articles to my Doctor who said that they are doing studies at research hospitals in the US. You would have to call them to be considered a candidate for the research and they are of course only on the coasts. California and New York I think. Anyway the stem cell approach sounds very promising just wish it was already being implemented as I could use it now. The cost also will be a factor and how long with insurance companies have to fight with premium payers before it is covered? Another good question. It’s great that its out there and even more great that it could become available soon for all those suffering from the pain.

  153. Barry says:

    Is this being actively pursued in the USA?

    If so, I have several disks that may qualify, and I would definitely be interested in being a “Test Subject” in the research, it couldn’t be much worse than what I’m going through now.

    I have used several of Jesse’s ideas and they have helped greatly, however, have not cured me.

    I am familiar with using one’s own stem cells to heal, my wife has multiple myeloma and has has had 2 Autologous Stem Cell Transplants which have greatly improved her survival and quality of life. This is a cancer that is not curable but very treatable.

    I am 67 years young, and if it weren’t for the problems I have with my disks I am in pretty good shape.

    I am going to present this article to my MD and see what he says!

  154. John says:

    Frankenstein medicine

  155. W B Smith says:

    Having always believed that stem cells would be the medicine of the future, this is certainly great news. I hope that they will continue their research and eventually make this procedure available to the population at large.

  156. Terry Iredale says:

    What great news,If it ever becomes available,then count me in.this is going to be a blessing for so many people on the planet.BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the update.
    Terry Iredale.

  157. JOSEPH ADUGBO says:


  158. Roy Kinna says:

    I have heard of this before and if my back pain comes back from my herniated disc it is something that I definitely would consider.

  159. Patrick says:

    Sounds promising, i think alot of people would be so happy to have another chance at life with the right therapy. Forget those pain killers, why live life half way when u can heal your symptoms of pain or even our stress.
    Good work on the stem cell therapy and hope we can get the ball rolling for us. xoxo

  160. Raita says:


    Yes, it’s very interesting. If the stem cells would be my own, I agree to the treatment. But if they are from aborted fetuses as I heard, then NO. I am against abortions.
    Anyway, it’s amazing how science is developing. I will follow the stem cell research, if morally correct it will help millions of people in a few years.
    Jesse, thank you for educating and healing all of us.

  161. Juli says:

    I think this is wonderful news and believe that this stem cell application will offer hope to those who have all but given up hope to ever live painfree.

  162. Gordon Cleaver says:

    This treatment looks very positive, particularly as requires minimal invasion. I look forward with great interest as I have increasingly suffered, as I grow older, with a herniated disc at L5/S1.

  163. Carlo says:

    Stem cell research and treatments using a patient’s own stem cells is a positive move in treating many ailments. What is needed is the cost to come down. At the moment it seems to be only in the domain of the rich and elite athlete.

  164. John says:

    Chiropractors can eliminate some back pain, muscle imbalance correction can elimate other back pain and surgery may be the only solution for other back pain. It is exciting the progress is being made based on science and not politics.

  165. Judi Priest says:

    Wonderful……I have had lower back issues off and on since I was 25… my father was the one who had it in our family;therefore, it is an inherited gene…..It would be great if it works and comes to the USA!

  166. Chrisantus Kalenzi says:

    Thanks Researchers and Doctors on such a tremendous news of curing ‘back pain’ by stem cells. I believe that this kind of treatment will cut down the cost involved in back pain treatments as these cost are almost high in all aspect especially less developed countries. Should this technology be available in the less developed countries?

  167. Alan Mouser says:

    This is good news . I look forward to the use of patient’s stem cells in the treatment of anything to ease back pain, instead of invasive surgery.

  168. Neil Phillis says:

    Top notch news: and One would hope extendable to other joint discs?

  169. carolyn koch says:

    Can’t come a minute too soon!

  170. carolyn koch says:

    vwery interesting!! Lets hear more! Carolyn Koch

  171. jim says:

    i think it is great they have come a long way with stem cells. it will help a lot of people, they need to start doing it in the u s. i would try it.

  172. Rod D says:

    Stem cell research has come a long way in the past few years. Everyone has adult stem cells in their body and they naturally circulate throughout the body to repair and renew damaged cells and they become new cells wherever they are needed … heart cells, liver cells, wherever they repair and renew. It is great to hear that this procedure is an option that will be available for relief to millions!!

  173. Patricia Bailey says:

    I approve of the use of stem cell used from your own body, that is a miracle process, which God will get the glory for the creator of man and provided the ability of the body to heal itself.
    I would love to have the inversion table, but I have two total knee replacements and based on the side effects of the use is considered to much stress. I would like you to expound upon this subject, because I know there are thousands just like me that need to use such a machine as the inversion table.
    Thanks Patricia Bailey
    I use all the videos and articles from you in my emails follow the helps and teaching exercises but som obviously cant do, because of so many problems of arthritus and trigger point pain and 2 slipped disc lower spine…Fibromyalgia. Would be great if you could help the seniors with exercises devoted to just them.. I exercise what I can do, thanks again

  174. pat says:

    Wow…. this sure sounds wonderful. I would definitely give it a try. If it weren’t for constant and, sometimes unbearable, backpain due to compressed discs in my back I would feel as though I were 20 again! Let’s hope this is the wave of the future and that backpain can truly be eliminated.

  175. Suzanne says:

    I would try it if I needed to.

  176. Marilyn says:

    This treatment sounds much like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy that is currently used to stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue. From what I have read, PRP remains theory-based as opposed to established practice. I am encouraged to read of such treatments that will stimulate
    our bodies to heal without the more invasive, expensive, and risky treatments such as surgery. I am looking forward to a time when surgery will indeed be rare and what are now experimental, theoretical processes will have proved to be highly efficacious and established methods of treating most cases of deterioration of the spine.

  177. Carol says:

    Sound go to me if it becomes available for most people. Especially the fact that our own stem cell is use.

  178. Cathy says:

    Is it possible to get more information about Dr Richardson. Website or address or contact?
    I would like to make the trip and see what he can offer me to get back a normal lifestyle.

  179. R BARRETT SR says:


  180. John Stevenson says:

    I’m not sure this would solve my back pain problem but it will surely help a lot of people. My pain is unusual in that it only occurs when I stand after lying down. Have had two bone glue inserts and four nerve blocks. All without relieving the pain.v

  181. Joseph says:

    Great News! I would gladly try it. The Nerve Blocks did not work for me.

  182. Ted Dornan says:

    From this article, it appears that this is both a useful and ethical procedure, using a person’s OWN stem cells, as opposed to using the stem cells sold by those who are profiteering from using the stem cells of prenatally (and in some cases, postnatally) murdered babies. My impression is that this is a highly commendable and useful prodedure, especially after a neurosurgeon who could jolly well have pocketed the fees for doing it warned me away from back surgery, telling me that I could be worse off and even confined to a wheelchair after the operation. If I had to have such surgery, I believe that our Creator and Healer, our Father in the heavens and His Son, Yahushua our Messiah, would put His blessing on going by this means.

  183. Joe Barrett says:

    Conventional medicine and big pharma will delay and retard this development until they can milk the procedure adaquately. This is the normal process. As long as the dollars flow in the right direction it will be the golden goose syndrome with the present procedure based medicine not very focused on cure versus treatments . Show me any abnormal condition case where a cure solution is readly introduced that doesn’t require expensive perscriptions and or treatments by conventional medicial practice.

  184. Roy Hollis says:

    I have had your inversion table for about 4-5 yrs and it has helped my lower back, I did not have sever pain but it would hurt some and be sore, I farmed for about 50 yrs after I got out of army of WW11, so I use my table often to keep in shape.
    Thanks Roy

  185. Tom C says:

    Sounds great. Stem cell repair is the way to go.

  186. Marg. says:

    I just wish this had been available to all much earlier; it would have saved me 45 years of severe pain.
    By the way, the inversion table is a blessing.

  187. Richard Male says:

    This sounds very promising. I am looking forward to more studies on it showing what (if any) side effects there are. Or complications.

  188. Everett Smith says:

    I have had mild back pain and numbness in my lower extremities for seven years. I saw a Neurologist and was diagnosed as having spinal stenosis.
    I am now 87 years old. Inversion therapy was very helpful but I discontinued it after having my second episode of rather severe vertigo.
    I now use a Nu-bax machine, Infrared Pad, swimming, a hot tub, an Embody chair at my desk and avoid standing and walking for extended periods of time. I have avoided surgery.
    My problem remains but so far has been tolerable.I do not take pain pills.

    Everett Smith

  189. Ted Sullivan says:

    This new stem cell surgery sounds very promising. Keep me updated please. I am very fortunate to not have back pain issues currently and am now back to walking and carrying my golf clubs regularly. I strain the odd sacariliac muscle occasionily but will hang out on my INVERSION CHAIR that I recently purchased, it is more comfortable than the hard inversion boards.

  190. Janet says:

    I absolutely believe in stem-cell therapy and have been an advocate of stem-cell research since my father, a Vietnam Vet, developed Parkinson’s. My mother has had several back operations on the L4-L5 and I really wish this had been available for her then. My back pain is stress related, so I would probably need a new (stem-cell) brain to solve my problems. I ordered the inversion table yesterday. Thanks!

  191. Eileen says:

    Not sure how I feel about this. Lots of people have positive MRI findings for a herniated disk but have no symptoms. Likewise, even more people have LBP with no MRI findings. Given that about 1% of the back surgeries are successful, this strikes me as another way of cutting someone open without actually getting to why the person has back pain in the first place.

    Your muscle imbalance program, IMO, has a higher chance of success than this does, because that addresses one of the causes far more than a back surgery does.

  192. Dean says:

    This information about using stem cells is very interesting but isn’t there some more recent research or, better still, clinical trials that you could report on? I was surprised to see references from as long ago as 2006 and 2009.

    Stephen Richardson is an Academic Fellow in Regenerative Medicine at the School of Developmental Biomedicine in the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences at The University of Manchester. More details may be found at

  193. Angela says:

    To respond to “Frakenstein John”…As a RN of 30 years, this news is major and will improve the quality of life for many. How could you be so negative with a breakthrough like this? Over the years in my work as much as 80% of patients suffer from some sort of back malady and pain. There is also evidence that those with Depression suffer from back pain and it is a question of which came first, the depression or the back pain; that is how closely they are tied. I don’t have back pain myself, but I can’t tell you how difficult it is to watch someone you love suffer with it. In spite of all my years and knowledge I standby helplessly and frustrated, watching my mother go through yet another unsuccessful surgery. Whether your sniffing is due to just plain negativity by nature or by ignorance or by religion, I encourage you to open your mind and heart and support this new approach, even talk to your doctor, as you would be surprised how many times patients teach their physicians. And as for religion, it is the most dangerous, closed and brutal organizations in the world and accounts for the basis of almost every war on earth. Read your unbiased history.

  194. Robert Lamanna says:

    I have owned a Teeter inversion table for the past two or three years,
    I use it reguarly and absolutly love it.

    I recomend it for all, who are active and want to stay active.

    Thanks Rob

  195. Jen says:

    It is wonderful to see yet another evidence that it is ADULT stem cells that are effective in healing, another demonstration that aborting a baby to get stem cells is not only wrong, but unnecessary.

  196. Dana says:

    this sounds very interesting I suffer from degenerative disk L4-L5 and L5-S1 and I have a lot of pain. I use inversion table it helps to some extent. I also agree that it is great that thaey are not useing aborted stem cells.

  197. Dmytro says:

    I hope its really works

  198. Louis J Albinati says:

    Sounds great when will this procedure be available to the public. And if it is available now Where?

  199. Louis J Albinati says:

    This sounds great is the procedure available now and if so where.

  200. Donna Little says:

    I like this article and if this works I would have it done!! But I would probably have to deal with my muscle issues first and the expense for any type of exercise machine(s) would stop me from trying. No money in the budget for that!!

    I just spent the past 2 months weaning off morphine which I took for my constant pain. This was not fun and the more I decreased my intake, the more my muscles reacted and sleep did not happen most nights. I am happy to say it has been 3 nights with no morphine and no reactions!!!! My sleep is still disrupted due to pain, but I would rather deal with pain than pain pills.


  201. rupert holmes says:

    i have read a lot about stem cells, i have taken stem cell s tablets, did not feel any difference.
    time as change,sience has inprove & all things are possible,if you believe.

  202. ALAWI ALMIHDAR says:


  203. B J says:

    sounds promising… i’m still skeptical about any invasive techniques involving the back. i hope they perfect it someday.

  204. nancy poniewaz says:

    I think there are doctors in the US who do this. I remember reading that Rick Perry, our pres. candidate, had this done for his back. I just can’t remember where it was done. It worked for him they said. It is costly for doctors to get this started in US. If successful, it can mean many surgeons will lose money, and u know how they control these things to prevent anything good for people to be allowed here in the US if it doesn’t mean $$$$ to them. There is also a new procedure called ‘Mild’ for spinal stenosis being done in Calif and Nv. More info on this w/b appreciated Jesse.

  205. Linda says:

    I have degenerative discs. I have had one surgery and do not want to have any more. Hopefully this will be a possibility for me some day. That would be a blessing. I have more discs that have degenerated in my neck and up my spine. Maybe this will be an answer soon. Your Heal-N-Soothe helps quite a bit.

  206. Tom Reininger says:

    This sure seems like the cats meow. It will be interesting to follow and see when it gets the OK in this country (USA). I, for one, would be ready to give it a try.

  207. BOB says:

    A friend had stem cell treatment for leukaemia, several months spent in and out of hospital.To date friend is still in remission, stem cell treatment seems to work well.

  208. Dolores Kazanjian says:

    I will be at the front of the line when this treatment is available. As long as we have a profit-driven health care system in the U.S. we will never have a cure for chronic illnesses like arthritis – there’s too much money in it.

  209. R. Mastrangeli says:

    i live in Canada and stem cell therapy is readily available here for a number of different conditions. It is particularly effective in curing cancer. However, although we have a so-called good health care system here, certain things are not covered unless one has a top-noch type of health insurance, usually only offered to CEOs and the like. So it definitely is cost prohibitive for most people. If one were to pay out of pocket, it would cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 for this type of therapy, depending on the condition being handled.

  210. JD says:

    Yes, with nanotech, minimal invasive surgery is now or perhaps will be available in the near future. And when it comes to stem cell regeneration, if it can be done to grow internal organs (at least in the lab it is now being done), then there is little doubt that we are on the verge of a major paradigm shift. As with laser surgery of the eyes for myopic vision correction when it first became available in the US back in the mid-1980s, this new procedure for spinal regeneration will perhaps first transition through a number of tweakings before it will be fully accepted by the general public.

  211. Lee Goodland says:

    The new procedure certainly sounds like a vast improvement of previous surgical treatments. The basic problem, however, is lack of Vitamin C. I spent my life working in the construction industry and used to buy Vitamin C in bulk quantities, as sodium ascorbate, and give it to concreters who had bad backs from the constant bending in their work. New cells in the body are laid down by an enzyme: the enzyme needs a Vitamin C rich environment to live. No Vitamin C, no enzyme, no new cells equals tissue degradation, or in the case of a bad back, worn or damaged disc cartilage. Some advice to my American friends; stop eatting pizza and pasta and have a large stir fry with a little meat. From an Aussie friend. All the best, Lee

  212. Marie Helene R.Leger says:


  213. wazid mohammed says:

    I really am afraid of surgery and as a result i will stick to the
    abilities of the back institute and their natural ways of ridding
    pains and the crippling effects they possess …. i trust the
    back institute for natural healing

  214. tim reynolds says:

    we lived for thousands of years with holistic approaches to health care and we are finally moving back to it in an advanced setting of smaller and smaller invasions to the body. thank you researches for the new twists on old approaches. now lets look at preventions to new diseases because of the activities of mankind.

  215. George Benjamin says:

    If the procedure works as well as it has been claimed to, there are many people out there who can consider themselves very fortunate for the relief it will bring them and the short time they will spend recovering from a more invasive procedure.

  216. David P says:

    Seems like that could be a great alternative to traditional surgery.

  217. Maurice G says:

    Well, it does sound very promising but I’m sure that the cost to undergo such treatment will be very high and beyond my budget. Besides, I think that it will take a long time before the treatment becomes available here in Malaysia.

  218. Shola says:

    Im not sure whether Payton Mannings neck problems were increased by prior surgeries, but his stem cell treatment he had in Europe doesn’t seem to have helped him. But it is early on the stem cell, maybe it takes longer for cells to replicate.

  219. Frances Buss says:

    This sounds very promising; it sure would beat having to take pain pills if and when it is approved in this country (United States of America) Hopefully it would work for the spinal compression that happens because of osteoporsis.

  220. Curtis Schubich says:

    This does sound excellent. Unfortutunatly, as you know, there’s too much profit in keeping people sick and or injured for our medical establishment to allow the wide spread adoption of these cures.
    I am however, hopeful, because no matter what man does to one another, the time will come, when his injurious domination of his fellow man, will come to an end through God’s Kingdom.

  221. monica sampson says:

    I have fibromyalgia since I was 28 years I,m now 51; I have pain in my lower back since, I tried medication years ago, didn’t work, And I had pain many years since, what I did was trying to learn to live with it; it is not fun; but I kept medications away and I,m happy for that ; exercise and a most natural way of eating help me a lot……My back pain still there, not so hard, I,m glad they can find a way to help people to get healthier, and with out pain in a way that you do not have to take pills all your life; last time I took medication , I gain 6 kilos in two moths, I still have them, so Im glad there is possible a way to help with out getting marry to medication for life.

  222. Sandra Mullins says:

    This is Wonderful. I think we should look into other things that we may have forgotten from the past also. It amazes me that I can get any drugs from the doctors, but try to find a wellness class or any natural alternatives and they are not covered. This makes it hard for someone on a limited income to try to get better using any natural type thing as they always seem to cost so much, when my insurance covers any of the medical drugs at no cost to me , because I’m such a low income. I really feel this is so sad.

  223. Rae Ann says:

    i know a guy that has had stem cell done. He’s been in a wheel chair paraylized for some 20+ years after being hit by a car. This is very expensive, they have done fund raisers to help with his cost, And believe it or not he can now stand up on his own and take some steps with a walker. He needs another surgery, and is in the process of raising money for it, but the results so far are amazing.

  224. surender monga says:

    Very good idea, would like to believe that its clinical trials are a success. would like to get this treatment if it results in permanent cure. Thank for this mail.

  225. Lisa M says:

    If the science is sound and the technique works it sounds like a blessing for lots of people dealing with chronic back issues. I like the fact that the stem cells are obtained from the patient so no other individual is harmed and the chances of rejection are minimised. The reduced invasion to the body must also be a positive. It sounds like it’s definitely worth exploring and hopefully proving.

  226. chris says:

    Where is the back procedure done NOW and what is the cost? I know doctors doing this for knees and shoulders, but not for backs. Your article is about research done 6 years ago– that is a long time ago, what is happening NOW.

    Please respond.

  227. ron p says:

    I have heard of a similar procedure(I believe referred to as blood spinning) which has been successfully used by Pro Golfers Fred Couples and Vijay Singh( both done in Germany). This sounds like a wonderful breakthrough, and will be watching further developments with great interest.
    Jesse, as a side note, I want to thank you for all the info you continue to send me re back and neck pain. In early 2010, I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my cervical spine(C6 or C7). The neurologist though I would have to have surgery to correct, which I declined to pursue. I was lucky enough to try inversion therapy back in Apr of 2010, and use it religiously every morning for about 10 minutes(with movements). That combined with a few visits to my Chiropractor straightened me out pretty well.
    When I get some reccurrence of neck pain, I have also found relief using your basic neck stretches.
    Your point about muscle imbalances seems to have alot of merit. I have worked out all my life( am now 61), but may have paid too much attention to my chest and front shoulders vs. upper back muscles.Am now working to correct thoses imbalances, and so far with good results.
    Thanks again,
    Ron Posladek

  228. Sally Ann Phelps says:

    This sounds like a very positive step towards helping back pain sufferers. I would be a candidate if and when it reaches our shores.

  229. Anthony Mario Vella says:

    I always preached and practiced that our body is a perfect machine. It can cure itself from any invasion if supplied properly, with what we eat and drink and what we take out of our body. I congratulate Dr. Richards and his crew for this discovery.

  230. Alex M says:

    I think the article was good and hioefully stem cell therapy holds hope for many people who suffer from back pain and other diseases but it needs to be tested on many people and proven successful before I concent to this type of cure.To say it in much simplier. “I don’t want to be the first one to take the plunge on some unknown procedure.

    Alex M

  231. Chris Kraus says:

    I think there is much promise with these treatment options. I am currently being treated with PRP injections for a 25 year old knee injury that has resulted in chronic pain and stability issues. It is a process that requires patience, but at age 45 my options were becoming very limited. I am positive however that the desired results are directly linked to the health choices I am or am not willing to make ( proper diet, exercise, supplements, and balance in life). Unless those areas are addressed I feel the results of any treatment options are not fully met. Thank you for your persistence in addressing this important factor through email and your web site.

    Chris K

  232. Debra C says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about alternative therapy for chronic illness, cancer, weight loss, etc and have found many options out there that “main stream medicine” doesn’t want the public to know about. This is perhaps one of them. Giant pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and hospitals don’t make money off you if you’re well, or use a holistic, natural remedy to stay healthy. And doctors in medical school aren’t taught to do anything other than prescribe a pill, procedure or surgery. Please keep getting us information like this! So much of it is supressed by the main stream medical commnity that most people, unless they dig, aren’t going to find it.

  233. Cathy says:

    Would be in the front of the line for this type of noninvasive surgery….Kinda in a wait and see mode right now but sounds promising…Still trying to get the bux needed for the inversion table….degenerative disc disease and siatica are a dynamic duo for sure.

  234. JK says:

    I believe this will work and will be available someday in this country. There IS a company called Regenex that already does stem cell procedures on many degenerative joints. At the time, I had not heard of them doing procedures on the spine although I would suspect that is coming. Unfortunately, they were not covered by my insurance and I was evaluated to be a poor candidate for my completely wore out hip. I could not take that kind of $12,000 gamble, so subsequently I had a total hip replacement. I also have been diagnosed with degenerative discs in my neck and hope that someday new procedures other than fusing 2 or 3 bones together will be available. In the mean time my question to Jesse is this: How about an inversion therapy machine that supports the hips and knees? I have seen some tables that strap you in a seated position and then let you roll over similar to the healthy back table . What I would prefer is something that you just walk up to and then roll over forward with gravity letting your upper body hang with the hips and knees supported in the machine at a 90 degree angle from your upper body. Seems like a simpler approach to me. I obviously would love to try your inversion therapy but cannot due to a recent hip replacement. I feel many others with joint replacements would also benefit from a different design.

  235. DW says:

    It appears extremely promising. Should there be any need for anyone I know (or don’t) I would definitely suggest this procedure. I opt for non-invasive as much as is possible and this is pretty close. I already have an inversion table and I remind myself to stand up and sit up straight all the time to provide lengthening even if not prone or inverted. I see so many people wanting to just hunch over and willingly stay that way. It also appears to me that this procedure could be used to halt all joint situations where a “gel” sac is present like knees and hips too.

  236. Sukhdev Singh says:

    Stem cells therapy will realy be a blessing for me as well millions people across the glove. I am actually eagerly waiting for the medical science to advance so that I could get the right treatment and will be as fit as before.

  237. Ryan says:

    I have had a 2 level fusion, my L4 and L5. This procedure would be great for patients with fusions because disc start to get worn out from all the stress from the fusion. This means they could save the remaining discs and won’t have to have more fusions in the future. Please keep at it, we are depending on you doctors so we can live a happy life without much pain.

  238. Brace Land says:

    A close friend of mine is a physican and attended a conference here in Las Vegas Last Jan 2012. He shared with me the “miracle” of using stem cell therapies. What they do is take your own fat and then extract stems cells from it to use of whatever place in the body that needs to be healed. They had one example of a man who’s heart was about 60% dead? After the stem cell implant the heart regenerated approx to 95% !! Now comes the bad part? Our corrupt FDA along with the AMA and other agencies are trying or already “shut it down” under some BS about how it wasnt safe etc… Meaning that its a direct threat to the “billions” of dollars people spent on back surgeries that are unneccessary, pain killers, doctor visits etc…. Our corrupt politicians who do the bidding of Oil, banks, Pharma, Insurance etc… will not allow something the works to get in the way of their profits. So much for America ? This is why we need to look outside the US for this proceedure as it will not go main stream because of the corruption here in the US.

  239. rob bini says:

    long time customer.. is the stem cell surgery available in Sydney Australia..

  240. Francois van Heyning says:

    Personally-I’m completely anti-surgery and pro-nature. I’ll stick with the status quo – whatever. Wishing you well. Francois.

  241. manlio acedelo says:

    Dear Sirs, thank you for your many information, my personal opinion is that most of your information are too long to read or too long to listen, many people now a day dont have much time and they like to go to the point streight away, for instance: Do you have back pain ? Then try these solutions, drugs, etc(specify prices)…… if you like to have more details please click here or read the following pages…. I think this is better for the consumer because many of them have no time to read or listen, watch videos, etc. At least in my case… At present I dont have back pains, but if I have I will sure take your quick adivices… Thank you best regards Manlio Cadelo from Toyo

  242. Lisa Poquette says:

    Veterinarians in the US have been using stem cells derived from fat of the injured animal to treat tendon and ligament injuries for several years now. Most of the work has been done in horses, but more and more is being done in small animals. If it works on tendons and ligaments it should be effective for discs as well. I’m very excited that this therapy may be available as an alternative to surgery. Too bad it will be many more years before it makes it to the US.

  243. Zac Martin says:

    I am personally thankful for the Healthy Back Institute and Jesse Canone! Pain, I believe, will drive people to do many things. It takes a very special person to seek to help others & stick to what really works to actually cure them. Not just their short term symptoms. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE!
    I know from whence I speak having suffered for decades from debilitating back pain! I eschew cutting on patients & the related expense. However, I think stem cell therapy of any derivation may have possibilities with a balanced approach i.e. in context of cure. My pain was almost totally relieved naturally by back decompression properly & patiently applied, thanks to listening to Jesse & use of the Nubax! In my opinion Dr.’s are a limited part of true healing because they limit themselves to what makes them $, not necessarily to a priority of ‘what’s best for the patient’. I strongly suspect new stem-cell surgery will fall into that same corrupt category if it is approved here (US) at all!

  244. carol says:

    about all of your vvideos & messages are too long for me to to take the time to “endure”. I would appreciate short and to the point more. With that said – I do have an inversion table and credit it and my chiropractor for getting rid of my sciatica. The tilt table probably helps other things as well – like blood circulation. However – there was a warning with my tilt table to be careful if you have a tendency toward detached retinas.

  245. Tamera Foster says:

    I had a minimal invasive spinal fusion 6/2011. The procedure was done through my right side utilizing two small incisions. I have a very small scar. My L4 was removed and a replacement spacer was inserted with cells inside to regenerate growth . I have a metal plate with screws that hold it in place for stability from the disc removal. Due to my specific normally bad reaction to anesthesia I spent 1 week in the hospital and 1 week in rehab. Additionally I had the surgery due to on-going numbness in my legs particularly the right leg due to an accident resulting me being pinned by a car. The accident also involved being slammed into a door frame of a house (thus my vertebrae problem) I also needed almost 6 months of physical therapy to regain strength strength in my (r) leg. By 6/2012 I was in very good shape. I walk very well today 11/2012. My only draw back is at night I have what I call adjustment pain. Laying down seems to be the most uncomfortable position after freedom of ability to progressively walk more and more (and go up and down stairs). I wake up with pain frequently at night and have to adjust. So in my opinion the surgery was successful because I can walk without pain all day. I deal with the pain at night. The heal and soothe was not effective for me so I remain on nuerontion 1x at night with break through pain. I thought people needed to know the pros and cons of surgery. As we all eventually get older I believe we have the trade offs of what physical stress we placed our bodies under in our youth, body changes as we do get older and what medicines we take to combat the aforementioned. I still feel the surgery help me regain my day time mobility. In most cases if the minimal invasive spinal fusion is done on a person without my additional complications of extreme reactions to anesthesia and the existing leg trauma I feel they will have the intended recovery of a few days then walking well out of the hospital. I believe the spacer I had inserted contain stem cells or some means by which to promote growth in my absent L4.
    Side note my husband lost his leg also in 2011 and stem cells were used to help promote healing of his stump. And stem cells are used on-going if he has any break through sores while he continues to adjust to his prosthetic.

  246. Thom Cady says:

    April, 1978 and September, 1979 I had lower back surgeries and reconstruction without screws and other ‘stuff’ that has enable me to walk to present 2012. I have a world-class neuro-surgeon to thank for that, he was critical of my farming parents of doing a young adult job from age 6. I can’t write the language he used for my USN days. Basically his opinion was that my spine at 33 was that of a 70 year old from the available contract X-rays. To get me off of pain killers in early 1981 he had me go to an acupuncturist to get me off the prescription medication. It worked in three one-hour sessions. I had Internal Medical physicians in California guiding me with all modalities of Western, Eastern and Natural medicine from 1967 after the Navy. I have taken patented Stem Cell products from a multiple level marketing company. I am grateful for many knowledgable physicians, and kiss off those that are lazy, need my Medicare payments for too many visits or unknowledgable to natural products that will work with 16 prescriptions ‘for staying alive’ and moving to all my ‘on live beats’. We all must learning as aging consumers. Thank G-D for the internet. Wishing you well Jesse.

  247. Connie Helppi says:

    I think it is wonderful. I wonder how long it will be before we see it in the US….we are usually behind on medical things. I have been lucky so far and don’t have terrible back pain….I am trying the inversion thing. I have been to a chiropractor years ago and am ready to go again!!!!

  248. WYLLO SANDERS says:


  249. Walter Monroe says:

    Jesse, where is the back procedure done NOW and what is the cost? Your article is about research done 6 years ago– that is a long time ago, what is happening NOW, but I would like to thank you for all you and the staff have done for helping we the people in our pain and suffering for the present time.

    Please respond.

  250. Fred Schulmeister says:

    Hi Jesse.
    When this is finally available to all back pain sufferers, it will be a real blessing, to the entire populous of this planet.
    I would do this in a minute to get away from taking chemical (pills) relief, as I do not often fill my Dr.’s prescriptions.
    AS you know, I am suffering through a very painful pinched nerve, and there has been no medication that gives relief. Physical treatments namely Ultra Sound, and Acupuncture are all that is providing relief, but this is a very slow process and after 10 weeks of therapy there is still discomfort, and I am unable to perform even light duties.
    Hopefully this is relevant to your request for my opinion on the title subject.

  251. Mike Rouzee says:

    I’ll stick with the exercises until I’m sure . The exercises work well enough.

  252. Marcos Calucho says:

    Since three years ago I am using inversion therapy thanks to you. The results are outstanding.
    I am able now to run near 200 miles on my bicycle on a day, non stoping, and I am 65 years old.
    Three years ago I was not able to run even 25 miles due to back pain.
    Thanks a lot.

  253. Zsuzsa Toth says:

    Hi Jesse
    Pain and Desperation to find relief for the pain, makes for strange bed-fellows. My family and I always maintained a healthy, well balanced diet, partook in lots of physical activities, both aerobic and weight bearing, but it seems genes and heredity had other ideas for me. I am not a fan of going under the knife, but there are days when I would consent to just about anything that would alleviate the situation. Using your own stem cells to regenerate the “broken” parts does make sense, though I wonder if there have been studies and clinical trials conducted about the effectiveness of these same stem cells, that are now as old as I am. One thing is for sure, if there is hope for regenerating my own cartillege and tissues using my own stem cells, I would think that would be the best way to go. The less invasive the procedure, the greater the potential for success and recovery. I would need more information on such a procedure

  254. Dean Bayer says:

    This sounds like a far better solution than the more tradicitonal surgery and something to be considered if ones body will not regenerate the disc on its own with the correct materials, which are probably going to be hard to obtain.

  255. Carol says:

    I have an inversion table, and wouldn’t begin to go the route of stem cell or a surgery. I’ve used also used sooth the pain and would continue with that if I had to. Also I have an infared heating pad from Loose the Backpain which I would recomend to others.

  256. Admin says:


    Our report on the very promising results of the use of stem cells to repair spinal discs has drawn a LOT of interest. Unfortunately as this treatment is still in the experimental stages we are unable to direct readers to specific doctors using the treatment at this time. We will keep readers updated as new information comes out from these studies.

  257. gabbie says:

    If I can endure a 9 hour disc replacement surgery I can endure this! wish this alternative was available 8 years ago. Look forward to hearing further on this as research progresses.

  258. leepar says:

    This does sound interesting and should be helpful to a great many people when it is proved. Possibly not for me as I am a 78 ysear old Australian and on a pension. No way I could ever afford it, so I will be sticking to “Rub-on-Relief”

  259. nancy says:

    It is such a shame that this is not available here in the U.S. Although, I remember reading that Gov. Rick Perry had to take time out from his campaigning to have a cell stem treatment done for his back.The doctor was flown in from Europe to do it. So only the rich can afford to have this done here and they are doing it. We poor paupers have to wait years for this, and suffer before it is available. I would do it in a heart beat if it was recommended for my back but I may be dead before that happens.

  260. Pat says:

    This is very exciting. I’ve also read that stem cells are being used in arthritic knees. Hope more on the knees comes through pretty soon. I’m ready.

  261. Robert says:

    I for one am a believer of stem cell research. My condition will lead to surgery. It is something I wish to prolong as long as possible. This article puts hope on the table. I only hope that this process becomes widely available.
    Personally speaking, I would jump at the opportunity. I just wish that there was more acceptance of these procedures in the U.S with better means funding the research.

  262. Terry Bryan says:

    Am not totally convinced about the whole stem cell thing, but I am convinced that very serious consideration must be taken if you’ve been told you need any kind of back surgery. I am skeptical of about 90% of the “practice” of medicine (must be called that for a reason ?) Too old and too poor to be able to afford anything like that anyway….so I’ll just stick to Health-n-Sooth, it works fine for me.
    Thanks for the interesting articles Jesse. Keep up the good work.

  263. David Simenson says:

    i have had three back surgeries because of damaged vertebrae and disc degeneration. i still suffer every day with sometimes extreme pain and other days of nagging pain. i think this would be the only way to fix disc degeneration by the injection of your own MSCs. if i would have had that option i would have tried it.

  264. Ken Long says:

    I’m following this research as closely as I can. Dr Mercola has written about it and the use of Pettibon chiropractics, recently Dr Whitaker wrote about using stem cells taken from body fat rather than bone marrow to regenerate cartilage in the joints, and gave the impression that his clinic was doing this, and just this week he wrote about using laser heat therapy to help alleviate nerve and joint pain, further there have been several cases of professional athletes using stem cell therapies on spinal problems.

    If you find any more information on repairing regenerating lumbar discs please post it. I’m doing everything in your book, with good results so far, but it’s a slow crawl to where I want to get to.

  265. waiter says:

    It’s 2016 september and still waiting. if it worked we would have known by now. I am guessing a good 11 years from now to get some real progress on the specific issue.

  266. Jeremiah Johnson says:

    I am currently undergoing stem cell injections in my L5-S1 disc. It has been injured for 19 years. I’m told I’ll have about a 80% chance of being cured. I got the injections last Thursday. They cost me $1,250. They will check back with me in 2 weeks.

    1. Sandra says:

      To Jeremiah Johnson-
      PLEASE REPLY. How have your stem cell injections helped with your disc
      Where is the doctor or clinic located where you have had the injections?
      What state is the doctor located in?

      I an so determined to have stem cell injections on my back problems.

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