Relieve Lower Right Back Pain By…Stretching?

One of the most disconcerting aspects of back pain is how sudden and severely it strikes. In fact this is one of the reasons lower back pain is so difficult to diagnose. Some patients report simply walking around the kitchen or lifting a pile of laundry or swiveling in a desk chair just before the pain strikes. In particular, the pain usually occurs on the right side of the lower back as this is the most common form of back pain.

The muscles in the lumbar region of the back support the spine, giving you the strength required to make everyday movements. These muscles are also responsible for posture, which plays an important role in preventing back pain. When muscles on one side of the lower back are injured, an intense pain can occur.


How do you know if your back pain is sciatica or the more common lower right back pain? One of the most common indicators of this type of back pain is how suddenly the pain comes on and how quickly it spreads. The swiftness of the onset of pain is usually the reason for misdiagnosis as many believe the quick onset is related to the activities immediately preceding the pain. Patients often report feeling a burning hot grasp around the lower spine.

Since we rely so heavily on the muscles in the lower back to walk, sit and bend, the muscles often become fatigued and stressed. When these muscles become tightened, or knotted, trigger points are activated. These points divert the pain from the spine and into specific areas. Unfortunately in the right lower back there are no discs to alleviate diverted pain and pressure, so there are more trigger points on the right side of the lower back.

How To Treat Lower Right Back Pain

This type of back pain can severely limit mobility, which can make it difficult to get on with everyday life. This is why it is so difficult get treatment for this type of back pain right away, even though many physicians recommend waiting as long as six weeks before seeking treatment. If left untreated for too long, this type of back pain can become a chronic, reappearing problem.

Effective pain treatment in the lower right portion in the back will target each of the 4 individual factors that cause the pain: weak back muscles, pelvic imbalance, tight back muscles and sudden joint movement. Stretching helps keep the joints active, while also relaxing tight muscles causing tension and pressure in the lower spine. Massage therapy will stimulate the nerves in the back and increase the flow of blood and oxygen into the affected areas.

Exercise will strengthen back muscles and return the balance of weak and imbalanced muscles. Physical therapy will provide exercises that will balance muscles as well as the pelvis. Specific exercises target different parts of the back, some exercises strengthen while others improve flexibility and mobility.

Back Pain Relief & Prevention Tips

Being proactive in preventing and treating lower right back pain can be done easily. Use these tips to help prevent pain and ease existing pain:

  • Stand up straight; good posture is essential to spine health.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight. Weight gain will change the body’s center of gravity, putting unnecessary pressure on the pelvic and causing a muscle imbalance.
  • Always stretch muscles before strenuous activity.
  • Increase calcium intake. Osteoporosis causes a weakening of bone density, which increases the risk of bone injuries.

When you begin to feel the onset of pain in your lower right back area you should cease whatever activity you are engaged in at the moment. While this activity may not be causing the pain, continuing it will not alleviate the pain. This sudden pain can come on strong and you need to immediately begin a hot/cold treatment to reduce swelling and relieve pain immediately.

Once you deal with the immediate pain, contact your physician.

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