Are You Telling Yourself Health Lies You Believe Are True?

Do you know what the word confabulation means?

I sure didn’t until I heard Brené Brown discuss it…

She defines a confabulation as a lie told truthfully, primarily to yourself.

So a personal confabulation would be, I’m unlovable.

A financial confabulation would be, I’m broke today, I’m going to be broke tomorrow.

A health confabulation would be, I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work…

That last one is the single most common statement I have heard over the last 20 years working in the back pain business.

But that’s just simply not true.

In the video below, I explain why. I’ll also share how you can break the cycle of false narratives to get healthy and live pain-free.

It’s possible you have tried many strategies, and none of them have worked for you.

But it’s more likely that the timing in which you try that particular modality didn’t work for you.

It could be possible that you may need to try multiple modalities at the same time for that particular modality to work for you.

We know that people love massage or acupuncture and it works for them…

But it just happened to work for them, because they were at the particular stage of healing where it worked for them.

Now, if you do not know what stage of healing you are in, it is best to start from a position or perspective that you are in an acute inflammatory response.

So, with stretches and exercises you just have to take it a little bit slower because stretches and exercises tend to be very irritating on joints.

Look, you don’t want to stretch an inflamed joint beyond its capability or beyond your tolerance.

When it’s inflamed, the joint is already stretched out. The tissue is already stretched out because it’s inflamed because it’s swollen.

So understanding that there is an appropriate time and an appropriate way to partner different treatments and modalities together at the right time.

But the first thing you need to do is you need to learn that.

You need to understand that and you need to appreciate that.

Just because you have tried things doesn’t mean that it’s not that the next thing is not going to work for you.

Or, that combining the next thing or doing something at the best time is not going to work for you, because it can.

So what I’m asking you to do is to have an open mind and with that open mind I’m going to ask you to study, read, learn about things that you haven’t done.

For example, have you identified particular postural dysfunctions that would identify specific muscle imbalances in your body for back pain, neck pain, sciatica?

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You must look at the body as a whole and say, how is my body out of balance?

What do I need to do to bring my body back to balance?

I believe that you can make a statistically significant difference regardless of what stage you’re at now.

Take it slowly and understand that there are reasons for our conditions…

But when you work at the root level of the cause, when you work at the reason why it happened, you can control and manage those situations over a long period of time.

So have an open mind.

Don’t just shut it out because you’ve heard about somebody trying something, and they say it didn’t work for them.

You don’t know if it’ll work for you, so try it!

But realize that you may need to put things into combination and do things at specific and right times.

Don’t fall into confabulation about it won’t work for you because that’s not true.

I encourage you to go to the search bar at the top of this page, type in whatever condition you have and read some of our articles. Watch some of our videos.

You can learn things that can take yourself to the next level.

And if you do that, there’s no reason why you need to continue to tell yourself confabulation is about your health, about your pain, because it is possible.

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