Worlds most active Back Pain Forum, get your questions answered!

The Healthy Back Institute hosts the worlds number most active Back Pain Forum. The forum is monitored daily by back pain experts with more than 1000 topics. This forum is the single best resource for back pain suffer with questions and concerns, it is free, no registration or accounts to fill out and you get instant a … Read More

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How Inversion Therapy Can Treat A Herniated Disc

A herniated disc requires regular treatments to relieve pain and reduce the pressure on the spine associated with slipped discs. Before you can begin any type of treatment you will first need an accurate diagnosis to make sure your treatments focus on both the symptoms as well as the underlying causes. Many times the diagno … Read More

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Can You Really Laugh Away Pain? (Jokes Enclosed)

Laugh away pain? Sounds crazy, doesn't it? While most people acknowledge that the more they laugh the better they feel, researchers have done studies that actually prove it reduces the amount and intensity of pain. So, we have a great new article about it for you here: … Read More

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Pain-Free Sex With Back Pain

Sleeping Couple's Feet

When you have back pain you know it can be difficult to perform even non-strenuous activities like walking and sitting. So more vigorous activities such as sex often wait until the pain subsides. This can place unnecessary pressure on a relationship as intimacy takes a back seat to pain. You should not feel alone however, … Read More

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