8 Drugs Even Your Doctor Won't Take


I just read a good article in Men’s Health magazine, which I typically don’t read but I had some time while waiting for a haircut. Anyway, the article was titled “8 Drugs Even Your Doctor Won’t Take”.I’ve been urging people to avoid taking prescription or over the counter drugs at all costs because the risks are so high… and there are so many safer alternatives, many of which have proven to be just as effective (even more effective in some cases).To save you the time and effort, here’s their list of drugs to avoid:

1. Advair (asthma)
2. Avandia (diabetes)
3. Celebrex (anti-inflammatory)
4. Ketek (anti-biotic)
5. Prilosec / Nexium (heartburn)
6. Visine (eye drops)
7. Pseudoephedrine (decongestant)

It seems the people over at Men’s Health can’t count because the list only has 7 – not 8 🙂

Anyway, the reason I wanted to talk about this is because so many people we talk to are still taking Celebrex… even though the FDA has warned about how dangerous it can be. And if the FDA says it’s dangerous, you know it has got to be really bad because it takes a lot of deaths before they’ll cut into the drug companies profits.

So what can you do to safely deal with the pain? Here are 8 (yes actually 8) things that you should consider:

1. Topical pain relief cream

A great way to get fast, almost instant relief from the symptom (pain) but you still have to deal with the underlying issues.


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We make a great product called Rub on Relief that has been clinically proven in 4 different studies to not only be effective, but over 80% of the people in the study said it delivered better pain relief than many brand name prescription and over the counter medicines.

You can learn more about it and why it works so well here.

2. Proteolytic enzymes

A very powerful anit-inflammatory yet very few people are aware of it here in the US. It’s been used for about 50 years now in Europe and Asia to treat everything from asthma, arthritis, allergies, cancer, herpes/shingles, hepatitis, muscle soreness, multiple sclerosis and many others.

Extensive research has been done proving their effectiveness and you learn more about proteolytic enzymes here.

3. Acupuncture

This ancient treatment can work wonders and while it may not work for everyone, one thing we have discovered is the application of the treatments can vary widely from physician to physician… and some people report no benefit when receiving treatment from one doctor but then report great results when receiving treatment from another.

You can find an acupuncturist in your area here.

4. Trigger point therapy

We’ve all got em and they can cause serious muscle spasms, chronic pain and stiffness and exacerbate muscle imbalances.

The good news is you can identify and treat most, if not all of them on your own at home (or at work)…. and with just a few minutes you can see dramatic improvement. If you haven’t already started using trigger point therapy you definitely need to give a try and you can learn more about it here.

5. Muscle balance therapy

Probably the most important because when you identify and address your imbalances you eliminate much, if not all of the underlying cause of the pain.

And while it does take some time to improve your imbalances, many people do find that just one or two corrective exercises or stretches gives them instant relief – but the key here is knowing which exact ones you need to do.

If you were to do only one thing on this list, this is the one it should be. Be sure to read our article on muscle balance therapy here.

6. Mind body therapies

There are many “mind-body” therapies available and they all seem to work for some people so if there’s any that you haven’t tried, you should definitely look into them. You can find a basic overview of mind body therapies here.

And you can find the one mind-body / hypnosis program we recommend here.

7.  Energy healing

This is something I’ve been studying a lot as of late and am very excited about. It falls into the above “mind-body” category but is something I wanted to write briefly about today.

Since I wouldn’t be able to give you a good explanation in such a short space here I encourage you to get and read the book “The Touch of Healing” by Mary Burmeister. You can find it on Amazon or here.

And you can also find a qualified practitioner in your area here.

I’ll be writing more about my experience with energy healing very soon.

8. Far Infrared heat

Used for over 3000 years now, Far Infrared heat has been used to treat all sorts of health conditions and has proven very effective at treating muscle and joint related conditions.

More and more research is being done on it right now and specifically in the treatment of various types of back pain. You can learn more about far infrared heat therapy here.

And these are just some of the MANY things you can do instead of risk your health on dangerous drugs.

Remember, the more things you try the sooner you’ll find the combination that works best for you… and the sooner you try them the sooner you get your life back.

So get started now and please share your experience with us and others byposting on our discussion forum.

That’s all for today. Hope you are doing well and talk to you again soon…


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