What Helps Back Pain?

Did you know that back pain is one of the leading causes of missed work in the United States? It is no wonder why so many people seek answers for this common condition.

Not only can back pain cause you to miss work, it can also leave you depressed, and negatively affect your relationships. You would think that finding back pain relief is simple, yet it is way more complex than most people think.

First, let’s talk briefly about what causes back pain and then we can talk about what helps back pain.

The causes of back pain can vary and are often ignored by the medical community. The tendency in today’s society is to treat the symptoms of the problem not the actual causes of your pain. Whether or not you are seeing a medical professional, remember that you are in control of your health… and there are other treatment options beside prescription drugs or surgery.

You may have heard someone say, “I bent down to lift a box and my back went out.” This leads to the thinking that the bending or lifting motion is the cause of their pain. In most cases, this is far from the truth.

Bending over is a very natural position. Someone with a healthy spine, properly stretched muscles, and strong lower back and core muscles would have no problem bending over to pick up the box.

In cases like this, the motion of bending over is just what triggered the body to send a signal that something is wrong. For most people, weak and tight muscles have led their bodies to become out of alignment, or there is unnatural pressure on a disc or nerve. A large percentage of back pain is due to muscle imbalances, poor posture and inflammation in the body. If you are not sure what is causing your pain, we would suggest that you learn more about muscle balance therapy. Muscle balance therapy is one of the key components of the Lose The Back Pain System. In it you will learn how to identify which specific muscle imbalances you have, and how to correct them with specific, targeted stretches and exercises.

So, the answer to your first question, “What Helps Back Pain?”… you may want to check out muscle balance therapy first.

Additional ways to help with back pain 

Some of the other more effective ways to help heal back pain are listed below. You can click on the link to learn more about each treatment option.

Inversion Therapy – inversion tables help “turn the tables” on gravity and allow the space and fluid to flow between the discs. Many people use inversion therapy as a fundamental part of their treatment program.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicine – If pain had a “wing man” it would be inflammation. If you can eliminate inflammation in the body you can drastically reduce the amount of pain you are in. There are dangerous prescription drugs (pain killers) that will mask the pain, but if you want to true relief you can attack the inflammation in your body with all natural anti-inflammatory medicine like Heal – N – Soothe.

Spinal Decompression – Similar to inversion therapy, spinal decompression enables you to stretch out the spine and bring it back to a more natural position. There are other ways to use spinal decompression that don’t involve laying upside down. Click here for more info about spinal decompression.

We hope you found this article on “what helps back pain” useful and informative.

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