What Causes a Bulging Disc in the Back?

Do you suffer from a herniated or bulging disc? Or do you know someone who is suffering with a herniated or bulging disc. If you are like me, I personally know a handful of people in my life who deal with this debilitating condition. This article is going to focus on the causes of a disc bulge.

Bulging or herniated discs occur when stress, wear and tear occur in the body over time which can deteriorate discs in the back. When a disc deteriorates, a “soft spot” can form. This soft spot can only resist pressure and stress for so long before it gives way and a disc bulge occurs. Discs are filled with a “spongy” substance which gives them their shock absorbing quality. This spongy inner soft portion begins to push outward, potentially making contact with a spinal nerve, thus causing pain.

So, what causes such stress, wear and tear on the back that a spinal disc would bulge or herniated? Our core belief is that barring any trauma to the body, muscle imbalances are the culprit for bulging and herniated discs.

What Are Muscle Imbalances?

You probably have never even heard of muscle imbalances. In fact, most doctors don’t even know or recognize muscle imbalances in the body. Imbalances in the muscles in our bodies occur over time. They do not happen overnight. How do they occur you ask? Think about it. Most people, myself included, perform very repetitive activities on a daily basis.

For me, that daily repetitive activity is work. I go to the office, sit in my office chair, click on the computer and get to work. I do this Monday-Friday, 8+ hours a day, everyday. Now, I am aware of muscle imbalances so I have the tools to combat them everyday. But, if you don’t know about muscle imbalances, they probably are the key reason for your bulging disc.

Take for instance, when you are in a seated position for hours on end, it is very easy for one muscle group to become weak and outstretched, while another muscle group becomes tight and strengthened. Our bodies do not function at an optimal level when it is out of balance, and the back is no exception. These imbalances can pull the spine out of proper alignment from the added stress, strain, wear and tear. Stress and strain are being put on the bones in the body, and in the case of disc bulge, on the bones in the back. Correcting these muscle imbalances can be the necessary step in your bulging disc treatment program.

To read a complete overview of muscle imbalances and how to address and correct them, please visit: https://losethebackpain.com/treatments/musclebalancetherapy.html

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