What are the MOST IMPORTANT Health Issues Facing Us Today?

question-man-silhouetteReaders of our free e-newsletters and our website tend to be more knowledgeable about health and wellness than the average Joe… and many are downright PASSIONATE about it…

So I’m very curious to know — and please use the COMMENT area below to respond — what do YOU think are the most important health issues facing us today?

(By “us” I am referring more to the “developed world,” so to speak, and not the very poor countries of the world, who of course have different health issues in need of urgent attention.)

In general, one obvious answer to the question of the most important health issue we face is IGNORANCE…

There is a ton of misinformation and downright lies — fostered by government, corporate interests, advertising, and more — that costs people their hard-earned money, and their very health and lives. (And it is of course our goal, with our e-newsletters and more, to try to correct this misinformation… to educate and empower people to take control of their health!)

So whether you agree with this general answer of “ignorance” or not, more specifically… What do YOU think are the most important health issues we face today? (And why?)

Use the COMMENTS feature below to respond, and thank you!


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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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127 thoughts on “What are the MOST IMPORTANT Health Issues Facing Us Today?”

  1. Susan Russell says:

    Stress/ageing/disrespect for Seniors from some young people

    1. Merry says:

      Medically the AMA & doctors totally disregarding alternative treatments to cancer & their lack of knowledge of nutrition. Politically the fear our representatives & general population have of anything not considered politically correct.

      1. shirley richard mclaughlin says:

        says it so well.

    2. Steve says:

      Susan, I worked in Acute-care facilities for more then 10 years once I got out of PT school and I saw it all, and my number one bit of advice to anyone with a family member in an acute-care or nursing home is, that a family member has to be there or go there all the time daily, see how the different shifts work and get to know the staff.

      Steve HBI-Staff

    3. Ranjit says:

      The BIG problem in America today seems to me that the average Joe/Jane appears to lack a sense of personal involvement, bordering even on illiteracy. I say this because most people today seem disconnected and unconcerned about the huge involvement of government in running this beautiful and prosperous country into an abyss of dependence and economic default, which could eventually result in chaos similar to what we are seeing happen in Greece, and nearer home, in Puerto Rico. The alarming descent into a position of irretrievable foreign debt, the ominous signs of reversal of basic constitutional freedoms on the pretext and bogey of “National Security”, the shame of politicians and big corporations greedy to enrich themselves, of national parties and caucuses dedicated only to working to wrest power at the next elections, and uncommitted to work together in the House and Congress to set things right -,all seem to set the stage for an uncertain future. The consequential rise in the cost of living, dwindling job opportunities and soaring medical costs will make it impossible for the average individual on main street to look into the future with optimism. What is called for is a ‘people’s movement’ on a national scale to bring us back from the brink.

      1. Judy says:


      2. JIM says:

        When people you know & respect, who have discerning & perspective, then ignore their normal, careful inspection via whatever research methodology they have prior habitually done. They still refuse to see the consequences of what present leadership is doing to “deflate/defeat” the American experience & psyche thus limiting the strong leadership principles of Freedom & Individuality that this country has meant for the last 70yrs & before. Any person desiring freedom & aspiring for “more”, must be devastated & aghast @what now appears to be the degradation/devolution into a meaningless apology of we can’t demand anything because we wouldn’t like it if someone demanded of us……This is mindless idiocy. Humanity always looks to “best interest” & to deny this as a basic component of what humans are…..maybe this is why like is held in such disregard…….The months remaining hopefully can be rehabilitated & a path back to sanity & freedom reestablished…..God Bless

      3. Barbara says:

        I certainly agree with everything you’ve said here, Ranjit!

  2. Donna says:

    overweight causing all kinds of illnesses like diabetes the list goes on.

    1. Steve says:

      Donna, Thanks, I will go as far as saying that being overweight is not only a root cause of huge list of illnesses but it also robs one of joy, I know I was there, until one day I choose to make a change, just look at my before and after photos, and that was 4 years ago, and today at 48, I swim, bike, ride horses and train Brazilian jiu-jitsu 3 days a week.

      I just got this video today and anytime I see one of these video it reminds me of my decision to educate and take action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNQhuFL6CWg&feature=em-uploademail

      Steve HBI-Staff

  3. Eva says:

    GMO food should be labeled as GMO. It is laughable that the very companies that produce this so called food claim that it is good for you. Why then are they not proud to put GMO in large letters on their products?

    1. Ann Stampfer says:

      Good point Eva. Why not in large letters ‘ Crops engineered my Monsanto”

  4. Alfons Van Hoof says:

    Here’s from someone who used to live in the ‘developed world’ and is now living in a very poor country for nearly twenty years.
    One word: TAXES, leading to HEADACHES, leading to POOR HEALTH.
    In a very poor country you pay (almost) no taxes, and you know you can’t expect anything back from ‘the government’. So you prepare yourself, take care of your health and everything else.
    In the developed world you devote most of your income to taxes, and live to expect something back. You don’t take care of your health (as you should) because of that expectancy. But when you do need help, you realize it will rarely happen.

    1. Ute Gier says:

      Love your comment. So very true, people expect to be taken care of. I came from a socialist country to America and now have to watch America turning into one. So sad.

      1. Barbara says:

        I agree, Ute, with your comment. I was born here and I see what I have known as America all of my life changing into something else entirely! I agree — so sad!

    2. Steve says:

      Alfons, yes that is good and thank you for your perspective…

  5. Jona says:

    I think that the most important health factor facing us today is the lack of nutrition and presence of toxins in our food.

  6. Graham M'M says:

    I think the two biggest areas of concern in the health issues department, is Diabetes and Cancer.
    Israel already has a cure for Diabetes but can’t share it with the world, as big pharma has the big monopoly on all pharmaceuticals, the money is just too big.
    With cancer, one drug that is curing cancer is banned as a narcotic drug. It’s cures are being recorded daily. But no, it is a narcotic so it cannot be used.
    To sum up, money and greed are the biggest threats to all disease controls and preventative measures.

    1. Andrew says:

      Problem 1. Laziness.
      Too lazy to cook good fresh food. (Problem: If watermelons can be stored for up to nine months from picking to sale what is fresh food?)
      Problem 2. Greed.
      Big corporates peddling ‘Leisure” and junk food so there is time for the leisure.

    2. Steve says:

      Graham M’M, The problem is the cure to Cancer give you the munchies, and that could effect your blood sugar… Just kidding

      The real problem is the US Government Own the Patent No. 6630507, to the cure

      However anyone and everyone can get highly concentrated CDBs right now in the USA and you dont need to live in CO or CA… You just need to do your homework…

      Im using CBDs right now for a concussion, I got from falling off a horse two weeks ago…

      Steve HBI-Staff

  7. Sheila Lillico says:

    Adulterated food and impoverished soil and too many antibiotics

  8. anders says:

    (i) Lack of physical activity among children, young people and adults.
    (ii) Lack of face to face communication and an increased self interest (and reduced interest in others). This is most noticeable among the younger generation right now, but once they grow up to be adults the habits will follow.

    1. Delia says:

      Good one.
      In addition, knowledge is key in helping one self to maintain good health weather it’s working out or in nutrition. I am still trying to get more info on both. Particulrly boosting my iron and eating more of the right foods.

    2. Steve says:

      Anders, One word “Amen” to that…

      Steve HBI-Staff

  9. Suzanne says:

    My most troublesome health issues are lower thyroid and adrenal issues and colitis (not ulcerative).

  10. Priscilla Grant says:

    Food Manufacturing Industries providing below quality and cheap foods which are flooding our supermarkets. This in turn, because of their lack of nutrition, is causing health issues.

  11. Dottie says:

    Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, lack of exercise. People are more obese that ever and exercising less and less. Those lead to diabetes 2 and all the health related problems!

  12. Jeffrey. Duplechain says:

    Staying healthy,young and vibrant and being able to function at an older age.

  13. Christine Popowski says:

    Obesity and cancer, All the sugar and additives added to our food are making us vulnerable to heart disease and cancer.

  14. chris says:

    Stress of the rules restrictions that upset ,people on an emotional physical environmental,spiritual,by the authorities, that are corrupt tell lies, misled there people by the media, you could go on and on .choice creates awareness chris

  15. Mrs. Calvin Jones says:

    High blood pressure control .

  16. Nicholas Kiko says:

    I would think besides the Medical Industrial Complex, the biggest health issues would be heart disease, cancer and obesity, in no particular order.

  17. Trevor says:

    Not having enough fresh food. Too much processed long shelf life food and sugar yuk yuk

  18. Alfred McCorrie says:

    Degenarate diseases caused by factory farming methods generally. For example MRSA, chronic disease.

  19. Helene says:

    People trying to make their life easy by not cooking or preparing fresh food. It is easier to feed oneself with bread, cereal, ready made food… which is so unhealthy. We have to go back to basics: water, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and small quantity of meat. Including seafood in one’s diet too is vital too.

  20. Rina says:


  21. Charles says:

    Obesity and its corollary diabetes

  22. Anne says:

    I think the two biggest problems are lack of movement (e.g. sitting all day at work) and refined, adulterated ‘foods’ that lead to obesity and other disease states such as diabetes.

  23. Katharina Saloranta says:

    i think one of the big problems is that you never know what to do about your problems. All doctors disagree with each other so how to know whom to trugst?? All health pills etc.. Promise you get better but most of them do not help at all. Pain is a big problem. People my age (70) have often pain in hips, back and knees but getting help is very difficult and that makes your life more difficult and miserable!
    An other big problem is Diabetes! How to get rid of Diabetes 2 ? I’ve seen different ways and they promise this in 2 weeks, 21 days and so on…I’ e tried them with no success!

  24. Bambi says:

    The variety of health issues is terrible. In 61 years, I have seen so many diseases and conditions that sometimes are hard to pronounce. It is not that simple to pick “the most” for me. We start getting sick a little bit every day, unfortunately, because the water, the earth,the air, all polluted and on top, we eat junk. so we should marvel on the greatnest of our bodies, which thrive to survive. In spite of all, there is vast information to get well, but now it depends on your capacity to “buy health back”. It boils down to this. And the older you are, with whatever condition you have, with less income, it is very hard to recuperate health.

  25. Heng Kok Lee says:

    Misinformation about food and what is good for you. The quality and nutrient content of food have deteriorated over the years. The food we eat are now largely controlled by big business instead of farmers. We don’t eat for health anymore, but for cravings, etc. This is the source of most of the health problems faced by us today.

  26. Richard says:

    After watching Bought last evening I think vaccines and overuse of Pharma drugs might be the biggest health concern. So many children will be damaged and never get to their full potential. The damaged children will require so much care by parents and special care units. How can anyone think they can poison their immune system to better health.

    1. Barbara says:

      “Bought” was a real eye-opener, wasn’t it, Richard! I watched it a while back and was shocked that it is not only children who are damaged by vaccines, but also adults.

    2. Karin Rada says:

      I agree! I am 82 years old. I nearly died from the newest “miracle drug” in 1939. Synthetic drugs are dangerous. We do not need vaccinations. I had all the usual childhood diseases and so did all the other children. It was no big deal. I even had polio and recovered without any problem because I was never given antibiotics and aspirin to stop the fever!

  27. Stephen says:

    I think one of the most important Health issues in our world is “we do not take responsibility for our problems” Example: we get a head ache, we take an aspirin, the pain goes away, we think we cured the ache, but all we did is get rid of the symptom and not what caused the problem. We keep doing the same thing over again and we get another headache. Question: Did we get a head ache because we did not have enough aspirin in our body? In short we try to get rid of the symptom and do not find out what caused the problem. We do not take the responsibility to correct what we are doing wrong that caused the problem.

  28. Malcolm says:

    North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) & Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the TPP will have tremendous ramifications for our health, economy, and environmental protections—not to mention the loss of individual, state, and national rights.
    Monsanto; Monsanto’s Roundup formulation promotes antibiotic resistance by priming pathogens to more readily become resistant to antibiotics.
    Mercury Amalgam fillings.
    “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act”.
    Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA), Highly processed foods; HFCS & artificial sweeteners, GMOs pose one of the greatest threats to life on the planet. Genetic engineering is NOT the safe and beneficial technology that it is touted to be.
    Pesticides that are killing bees and other pollinators.
    Basically all “evildoers” who place profits ahead of human and animal health and well-being.

    1. Eve says:

      I totally agree. Greed is at the bottom of all the misinformation the public gets from the news and TV.

  29. Neil says:

    I agree with Jona that the most important health factor facing us today is the lack of nutrition and presence of toxins in our food.

  30. Justin says:


  31. Lynda says:

    Stress. There are so many different types of stress and I think people
    get used to it, not knowing the effects it has in all areas of body, mind
    and spirit

  32. Nan says:

    Fear of major diseases spread by Big Gov., the media and doctors.
    GMO’s, toxins,pesticides,and antibiotics in our food.
    We are self-destructing from the above and poor nutrition choices.

  33. Diane says:

    Our food supply is creating disastrous results to our health. GMOs, processed foods, and commercial farming practices are causing diseases. Also, doctors who are ruled by big pharma are giving out drugs that do not cure, but create additional problems. Traditional medical practices that promote wellness are largely ignored.

    1. Barbara says:

      I agree, Diane, and the root problem, I think, is greed. The pharmaceutical companies make money off of people being sick, as do many of the doctors.

  34. David Farr says:

    The two biggest challenges to good health these days are the lack of knowledge about good nutrition (most doctors don’t even know which foods we should eat and the effects on our bodies) and the influence of huge pharmaceutical companies on how most doctors diagnose and treat our illnesses, which are mostly caused by poor nutrition.

  35. Janette says:

    I would have to agree; ignorance. I think a lot of ailments could be alleviated by proper nutrition instead of pills that will require more pills.
    People should be educated on eating clean and healthy as well as exercise

  36. Brian Drane says:

    1.Lack of restful sleep.—(No noise or light pollution and starting shortly after it gets dark).
    2.Not enough fresh clean water.—(Proper mineral content, no contaminants).
    3.Too much technology caused stress—(The GREED of the United States)—Celebrities etc..
    4.Not enough Natural Fresh food.—(No GMO crap, or pesticide residue)..

  37. Ray Posner says:

    I agree with all the comments made to date, they are all issues facing us today. But my major concern is the use of plastics in food packaging. It’s almost impossible to buy food that is not packed in plastic in one form or another. I understand that cans and cardboard packages are also plastic lined. Just remember that they used to tell us that asbestos was safe and we now know how untrue that was.

  38. Sandra says:

    The lies that are told on TV, by people who are paid to scuttle the progress of getting the message out there, every time someone speaks the truth about the meat industry, the food industry, the drug industry!!

    The propaganda spoken by TV personalities, who are there to give their opinion on certain subjects, say things like; Organic food is no more nutritious than any other food! I mean, how dense can one get! Not a word about Pesticides!

    So I guess, I would say rather than ignorance; it’s Propaganda.

  39. James says:

    Can our bodies adjust to the modern scientific adjusted foods(seeds, hormones ect) which grow into the food we eat?
    I believe scientist are smart and can adjust the food to suit supply and demand and last on the shelf, on the other hand it gives a pain in the gut because they first need to be sure it is acceptable to the body, what we eat our body becomes. This causes a second effect ” Don’t like this food” a negative effect on the mind. What thoughts we think our spirit becomes, so this thought feeling governs our lives ,so people are pushed into a tight corner What food do we eat? a small farmer can grow food for hundreds but has trouble surviving because of mas produced food by big farmers, a lot of small farmers save their own seeds and a tomato tastes like a tomato,a watermelon is sweet, papaw are soft and sweet these natural foods are acceptable to our body.
    Sadly we see the food reflection coming out in people,hard tough attitude, where we need to be soft and gentle with our nature and treat our food the same way so goodness can easily benefit mankind. We all have a choice, when we stress the body and get sick we need a doctor. when man’s way can’t solve the problem, we find God can. In saying this enlightened people over the world will give good advice for your spirit and body, it is up to each to seek it out. But remember all the answers are in yourself. If you are not able to grow the food your self, find a small farmer and help him out note how carefully he handles the food and note how different the food tastes.

    1. Ranjit says:

      I agree totally. Let’s work to grow more healthy food in our own little plots/pots/areas so we can share and access fresh unpolluted food, cook it ourselves to savor the wonder of home cooked meals,
      rather than pay enormous sums for greasy, chemical-laden, processed and packaged foods sold over the counter by huge profit making corporations. We must unlock the greatness in our spirit to strive, each in our own little way, to make our world as clean, fresh and worthy of living as possible. We owe it not only to ourselves, but also to our children, grandchildren, and unborn generations to follow.

  40. Keith Burton says:

    The greatest challenge as I see it is the difficulty in getting pure, nutritious, unadulterated food

  41. DsAwmAn says:

    Diabetes is becoming an epidemic and then there’s this thing we call the internet. A new generation of inactive children.

  42. geraldc says:

    Obesity being very hard on all of us, GMO is not helping at all, when companies can put things in food without a label telling was is in food. When a plant is changed to be GMO it does change what food does to people. Organic labels are a joke. To be organic, plants will need to be in a green house and water used inside will need to be collected from distillation. Air to go in green house will need to go thro 2 tanks of the distilled water to be cleaned. Air will need to be changed 100% every 4 hours minimum. A drift test for RoundUp was done on 3 farms 500 miles apart, results were in 3 years weeds were RoundUp ready average of 15 miles away, so if any “organic” plant was out in open oooops not organic at all. And will need to pay 3k to 5k for “organic” label if selling.

  43. Kevin Hobson says:

    The brainwashing adverts for junk food, and the lack of any laws that allow junk food chains to fill their wares with any crap they want to do, in order to make them profits and us obese. No government laws to stop our food being stacked with Sugar, Salt, E-additives and anything else they want to use, to make huge profits and all of us fat and sick.

  44. Louis Lariviere says:

    Health issues come from the infiltration and adoration of the materialistic GODS: Greed, Oil, Debts and Slavery. Those have led to the pollution of the air, water, vegetation and inhabitants of the whole planet. The cure for this problem requires the restablisment of the moral value of Truth everywhere, beginning with the leadership be it political, religious or industrial. There is no other way.

  45. Margie sickler says:

    1.obesity brought on by lies
    2.doctors no longer help, they are the new drug pusher and they do it legally. Shame on the government

  46. CHRIS says:

    Mental Health for all ages both young and old. The brain runs the show……HEALTHY MIND = HEALTHY BODY! Diet and food quality is paramount. You are what you eat! What you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow!

  47. Tyler Oskam says:

    A mix between ignorance/ improper information and the amount of processed/garbage food all around us.

  48. Jay Jones says:

    1) Environmental stressors abound: e.g. water contamination, non natural foods (over processed and GMO), household cleaning supplies, etc

    2) Stress withour adequate physical release, e.g. driving in heavy traffic

    3) Inadequate exercise – squeesd between too many other responsibilities

  49. Margaret Richardson says:

    Too many preservatives, additives, food colourings and too much ‘fake food’. By this I mean things like those pre-formed breaded cutlets one can buy, the ones that are supposed to taste like veal/lamb/beef etc but I refer to as ‘plastic meat’. I won’t eat them if I’m given them.

    My rule is that if I can’t identify what I’m about to eat without first reading a label to determine what it is, then I simply don’t eat it. GMO’s and pesticide manufacturers have a lot to answer for, again, I prefer to grow most of what I eat because then I KNOW what it is, and I make everything from scratch, thus eliminating the time spent trying to decode an ingredient label…if a product is listed as a number you can bet it’s not good for you.

  50. ADELINE says:

    I Agree with you it’s fear and ignorance.all desease is call for concern..we suffer because of greed of the
    Hughe pharamactical companies all in the “Rat Race.”

  51. Ute Gier says:

    Obesity, which leads to many other health issues, including diabetes, heart problems etc. Ignorance due to corporate greed. My health insurance would rather pay for expensive so called preventative procedures, before they pay for a simple blood test to diagnose thyroid problems.
    I also believe the legal system, allowing laughable lawsuits, is the major reason for monstrous healthcare costs. Insurances are the biggest robbers out there.

  52. Juan says:

    Fighting intestinal issues with your gut, that leads to other unnoticed ailments.

  53. Trish says:

    Food and lack of nutrition

  54. Lucy says:

    I believe that 99% of all health issues are caused by processed foods and environmental factors. It is nearly impossible to find non GMO foods. Did you know companies like Monsanto can come to a farm and determine if you are using their seeds? Farmers trying to use non GMO seeds have to deal with GMO seeds infiltrating their crops b/c of passing trucks, birds, wind. Monsanto can then sue the farmer, yet the farmer can’t sue Monsanto for contaminating his crops.

  55. Rowan Scates says:

    FDA corruption and big pharma are killing more people than all the wars combined.
    Before those organisations we had a much healthier planet and much less disease.

  56. Michele Getkate says:

    The side effects of all the “Chemical Medication” people are taking these days.

  57. PC says:

    The two most persistent habits that keep making most people on the Dark Slop are:
    1. Smoking
    2. Big Brother Faked Foods full of toxins
    Then you add:
    3. Outlandish propaganda (LIES) to steal the money these gangsters demand
    4. The failure to recognize good from evil in other people which only supports the Satanic devils

  58. Sandra Davidson says:

    There are so many problems that it is hard to pick just one but I will pick sugar addiction and how the food industry puts sugar into everything causing obesity among all ages

    1. Barbara says:

      I agree with your comment, Sandra, and besides obesity, cancers feed on sugar! I would also add salt to the sugar, as too much of both are added to foods. Plus the wrong sugar and the wrong salt add to the health problems!

  59. Jackie Goree says:

    Cancer and obesity

  60. Eileen Sharp says:

    Over eating and stress are definitely huge factors in many illnesses today.

  61. Edward Ott says:


  62. Sweetdrmszz says:

    The largest health issue today is that our government has lied to us about what is proper nutrition, medicine, and has promoted genetically modified foods. Our government fights doctors who want to use natural cures, and tries to keep us “in the dark”.

  63. Helena says:

    Free Will. As our choices of what we can or cannot eat are being taken away from us, we are faced with the loss of freedoms that will only continue until we have become a slave planet. When “opinions” of people in power dictate our needs for “our own good” then we have lost our ability to learn from our mistakes with no chance to correct them. We are what we eat. Healthy bodies come to those who eat with care and conscience. Unhealthy bodies are a result of addictions (junk foods) and immediate oral gratification (packaged and fast foods). Disease is simply a warning to us that we must consume our nourishment with greater care.

  64. roger says:

    The ¨ TRUTH ¨ about the MEDICAL MAFIA. Hiding the cures from the people. How evil and cruel? 99% of diseases are cureable

  65. Martin Kunstmann says:

    Several things come to mind:
    – Doctors need to be better educated rather than trained. I find that many/most are trained based on current information supplied by the government and the Pharmaceutical industry which is either incorrect(!) or does not consider the entire body chemistry/biochemistry in dealing with a possible solution to a problem. My own assessment of many of the current doctors is that they are nothing more than glorified mechanics.
    – The condemnation of GMO’s in general is unwarranted. The specifics need to be known. Besides the enormous benefit of supplying more food using less resources, not all of them may have drawbacks. Benefit vs drawbacks need to be considered.
    _ People in general need to take more responsibility for their health rather than rely on others to tell them what to do. The individual considering their health is the only one who knows all the aspects of their situation. Describing it to someone else is difficult and much of the possibly pertinent information may not be conveyed properly. With the availability of information today, individuals can learn more about their health/problems and deal with it.

  66. MArlene Ballantyne says:

    Obesity and all the additives in our packaged food. Cancer and all the pills given to people to relieve their pain etc. Advertisements on the T.V seem to come up with a new pill name with multiple side effects every week.

  67. Pat says:

    We have lost our moral compass – even the older generation! You see it in our families, or the lack thereof. You see it in our businesses – it’s money over people. The food that is grown today is killing us. The medical profession is more concerned with their bottom line rather than actually healing people. Way too many people are just drugged out of their minds. We abort our children and now Planned Parenthood has been caught selling baby parts from the babies murdered at the last stages of their development! We have the right to choose – but at what cost to our souls and the world?

  68. Glenda says:


  69. Karin Rada says:

    Vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs and food manufacturer are what is killing us! I was one of the first guinea pigs for the new synthetic drugs in 1939. I was 6 years old and came down with pneumonia. Since my mother had 2 more children and expecting another one, my father took me to the hospital, thinking that I would get better care. My father was a doctor and did not trust the new “medicines’ so he told the hospital not to give me the new sulfa, which was synthetic. While my father was on a house call my condition got worse, so the hospital gave me sulfa anyway. The new sulfa made my kidneys hemorrhage and it is a miracle that I survived, unfortunately not without damage! I was never vaccinated and had all the childhood diseases, including polio, without any problem, since my father did not reduce my fever with aspirin and he did not give me antibiotics! All the neighborhood kids ended up with paralysis or died. I think that pharmaceutical drugs should be outlawed, since they are deadly!

  70. John B says:

    The biggest issue facing us today in healthcare is simple GREED and the never ending race to get more bottom line. Big pharma and governments are holding back known cheap cures for serious diseases so that they can sell you more of their expensive drugs. Close runner up issue is the lack of training for doctors on alternative medicine and treatments.

  71. Susan Monk says:

    I am 71 and have osteoarthritis all over – especially in hips and knees – have had one hip transplant and am trying to avoid having knee surgery – I was heavy for a long time – now that I have lost the weight the pain is more predominate. I take lots of supplements for joint help and also the creams out there on my knees – I feel that being very overweight in younger years contributes to this condition in later years – being overweight also hurts the heart and other organs.
    Eating properly is something people should do better. – thank you

  72. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    The “biggest” health issues? Surviving the combined forces of the AMA, the food and drug industries and an out of control, apparently power-maddened government conspiracy to force their poisons on us without regard to any medical or spiritual issues!

    1. Charles says:

      Sandra Lee Smith nailed it all so precisely that after considering the question for several hours and reading through all of the comments I couldn’t have summed it up any better! Thank you, Mam and you too Jesse.

  73. Judy Fishington says:

    Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart attacks, Sciatica Nerve Pain, Osteoporosis lack of natural remedies awareness by doctors for their patients so they prescribe chemical prescriptions..

  74. Deb says:

    The high rates of cancer and other diseases and conditions due to: poor diet, GMO foods, foods full of chemicals that lack nutrition, stress, and environmental toxins.

  75. Donita says:

    Obesity-all the things that lead up to it, all the misconceptions that hinder solutions, the social stigma of being fat, the psychological damage done by constant dieting with no results.

  76. Barbara says:

    Instant Gratification, ie; microwaves, drive-thru’s, on-demand.
    Lack of real food/proper nutrition. Our foods are created in labs, Find your local growers and producers.
    Diabetes and obesity are commonplace. What happened to getting up and doing it yourself? A healthy diet and exercise will go further than that prescription bottle.

  77. Ahlad says:

    The number one cause is exactly the ignorance of people in one hand and the lies fon the other hand.

  78. Cheryl says:



  79. Eduardo Fontana says:

    Vaccines, mainly childhood ones which make the greatest damage
    Bad food pyramid (example: grains and milk are very very bad for health)
    Pesticides, agro toxics, hormones, hormones disruptors, GMOs, etc.
    Vitamin B, Vitamin D, iodine, boron, magnesium deficiencies
    Omega6 rich diets poor on omega3
    Amalgams and other sources of mercury

    My own food pyramid from top to bottom is:
    nuts and seeds
    meats and eggs

  80. Ingrid says:

    People dont put their health first and are ignorant when it comes to the food choices they make. Processed foods, sodas just to name a few so many uneducated people choose to eat daily. Not willing to eat simple foods which do not even take a lot of time to prepare. We have so many choices but sometimes making the right joice takes education and understanding you can avoid degenerative deceases and getting on medication with nutrition and exercise, stress management. I am in my late 50s and take no meds and I credit my good health to putting my health first and have done so since my early 20s. Always taken supplements as well. Thanks Jesse for the great information you provide re ongoing research so that we can stay current on new discoveries to benefit our health.

  81. Pat Stewart says:

    I think all of the above are applicable. What does one do to fight Big Pharma which controls the prescription/medication world, the food we eat, the slanted researches being done.
    How do we get back to natural “good” food, get rid of packaged non-food and back to healthy eating, away from so much technology that is ruining humanity. Kids need to play not be hunched over a cell or computer game. What happened to playing in the sunshine, moving the body as it was meant to be?
    How do we find the balance of what is good for our bodies and technology that is helpful as opposed to too much technology and artificial foods.

  82. Elena says:

    We are not sure what are in our food and water supply. And even if there are tons of information about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, one has to determine which one is appropriate for one’s body and health. Not totally easy. There are not many functional doctors who can help, at least not in my area. And you can’t turn to the government for expert advice.

  83. Michael Stephenson says:

    I believe stress, heart desease, cancer and then diabetes are the most common and yet preventable health issues we are faced with. They are all life style related illnesses.

  84. Mary Jo says:

    if we could remove the power that comes from MONEY in the governmenment agencies, politicians, insurance companies who really decide what medical care we may, or may not, have, what ‘information’ should be pedaled to us, we would be so much closer to what nature intends for us, what full spectrum alternatives are available (worldwide) for care when we do need it. Remember where that money comes from! Those who benefit from the pills that don’t work, the tests and treatments that may or may not help (but may be necessary to prevent lawsuits), medical and nutritional misinformation that leads many to solutions that only line someone’s pockets. If only we were all wealthy enough to not need insurance and be able to avail ourselves of what we know to be better healthcare options. With more freedom from unbalanced financial gain, more of our many health issues would come to the forefront of the medical community.
    I’m afraid I am a bit too cynical to think we will get to such a reasonable place anytime very soon. But, we must! We need freedom of information, freedom of choices made possible by that information. And that means for everyone; governing agencies, medical communities, scientists, you and I.

  85. Denise says:

    When I first read the question I too thought ignorance and also giving our health choices to others. Our greatest health risk involves giving the responsibility for one’s own health to another person. You are the one who knows YOU the best. You live with yourself 24/7. Trust your own body and intuition to create a healthy life.
    The biggest health issue is indeed being ignorant of the conflict of interest perpetuating our toxic food supply and medical practices created through a for-profit industrial system. Putting your trust in a system that makes a profit from you being sick is certainly NOT conducive to health. All chronic disease is created and perpetuated by this system. Take responsibility for your health and empower yourself with the information necessary to make choices that support health.

    1. Barbara says:

      I certainly agree with your entire comment, Denise! The doctor my husband and I go to has gotten to know that I don’t always agree with all of her suggestions, as I read and become educated on the good and the bad. I have been learning all of the things that we used to think were healthy choices, weren’t. I do worry about the future though, when we may not be able to make choices about our own health, the way things are going. Here in CA parents no longer have any rights if they want their children to be in school, about vaccines. Their only choice now is to home-school their children.

  86. Stacey says:

    Toxic food, water, air, prolonged sitting, uninspiring work and a general disconnect from the natural world.

  87. Orin Ray Shugart says:

    Toxins in our food and water.

  88. Lai says:

    Greed – people know no limit. In order to have more, people are willing to stress, to cheat… . It creates unhappiness because they are unsatisfied. People have food but they want it to be more delicious with finer ingredients and finer cooking. People stress and battle for more money so as to have more delicate food, bigger houses, expensive clothes and jewellery etc. etc.. But during the battle, they forget to eat properly and live actively. More efficient technology enable people to use it to have more… So does everything follow: stress, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, digestive problem, insomnia, cancer, headache, back pain, mental illness, drug problems, alcohol abuse, family problem, raising the next generation. They work in a chain.

  89. Rich Magee says:

    Our biggest problem is the FOOD Industry. Why is it that there is no “daily recommended allowance” on Sugar? We’re now reaching a point where 50% of our country is overweight or obese. And instead of being told to cut out refined sugars and processed foods, we’re told to exercise more.

    The majority of our health problems come from refined sugars and processed foods; specifically foods that contain man-made polyunsaturated oils, refined sugar, wheat, corn and soy. We’re told that juice is healthy for us, but if you were to check out the label on these “healthy juices” you would see an extremely high sugar content per serving … which is okay by the FOOD industry, since there is no daily recommended allowance on sugar.

    But hey, not to worry about high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and obesity … the Food Industry’s good buddy, the FDA and their doctors will prescribe a pill for you to take. Just make sure you keep the sugar industry in business!

  90. Denys says:

    The most important problems are: Obesity, OGM and not recognizing the value of alternative medicoine

  91. Cathy Bachand says:

    I have become disillusioned with Medical care in the U.S. It has become nothing but big business. You don’t have to be very smart to understand the significance of fast food and drug stores on every corner. They need for us to be sick hence all the lies we’ve been told. My nephew has practiced medicine for 15 years as an internist and he says it begins in Med School where he himself had only 1/2 semester in nutrition. And drug companies proposition young doctors immediately. We must become proactive where our health is concerned. Affordable healthcare is just a method of controlling everyone and we cannot be a part.

    1. christine says:

      the worst problem today is ignorant politicians and worse are arrogant politicians who are only there for the glory and the money . they don’t listen to good advice , they don’t act ,when they should and they block intelligent ideas.
      they are not progressive, and they don’t tell the truth – status quo is what’s important to them , not the environment or climate change or medical reform

  92. Bruce says:

    Well I would say it is not ” being ignorant” of these problems at all. The problem as I see it is “we have believed lies that we thought were true”. Without health a person is lost. There are several categories, hormones, nutrition and toxins in the food and body.

  93. Nicole says:

    Not enough attention paid to mental/emotional health issues – especially autism spectrum disorder, which is what I have been diagnosed with – among adults, as opposed to physical health (e.g., diabetes, cancer)! And the two areas are more connected than most people physicians/psychologists/professionals present them in their practice!

  94. Erin Meyer says:

    Excessive stress is the most important concern. It profoundly affects everything else firm diet, to sleep to exercise. It contributes to pain, anxiety, heart disease (and related diseases), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and stress inhibits the immune system.

  95. Brig KJSingh says:

    Stress,no connect with nature packaged foods ,misinformation on packaged food,body ,inflammation, lack of physical activity,wrong priorities reducing health care
    to very low level

  96. Graeme says:

    One of the most common health issues in all ages is obesity cause by poor diet anda lack of self caring. This incluses a neglect of a structured and refular exercise routine. For senior citizens such as myself (now 74 years of age) thee is a relucance to follow a good healthy an natrual diet resulting in a dependence of proprietart drugsand mediceins which only tend to sooth thesymptoms and not attack the casuses. In eldery people there is tendency to give into their ailments such as arthritis and dementia and rely on doctor prescrived medication which has proven to be inneffective. Theuse of natrualremediesand reversal treatment using natrualproducts such as coconuto il and their ketones is being ingored. The pharmaceutical companies are trying to discournage the use of cheap natrualremedies for obvious reasons.

  97. Barbara says:

    I agree that ignorance can be a major problem. There are things that we have to know to retain good health — like no GMOs or vaccines; eat organic fresh foods; we need a certain amount of the right kind of salt; we get too much sugar and the wrong kind of salt in prepared food items; junk food is not real food; carbonated drinks should be avoided; smoking is harmful; etc., etc. Government should not be dictating about our choices either, but it seems to be increasingly that way.

  98. Richard says:

    Our biggest issue, in my o[pinion, is obtaining information that is true. So many sources have an agenda, many others seem to share info with a spin to it that favors their bias, and others seem to have no legitimate substance to them at all.

  99. Tom says:

    Too much sugar in everyone’s diet.

  100. Betty Reitz says:

    Ignorance and negligence. Some people don’t know how to take care of themselves
    And some don’t care to learn.

  101. Paul Burnstein says:

    Obesity and inactivity

  102. Guy Iuculano says:

    Ignorance, greed and all the supporting properganda perpetrated by those that stand to gain greatly at the expense of the health of the western world. The main culprits being big Agriculture, big pharma, our wonderful medical system!, government being manipulated by vested interests in the above, the FDA which has been heavily contaminated and manipulated by the above to support them and to suppress and destroy anything that gets in their way! All this and more have worked together to promote what is bad and makes a lot of money and suppress what is good as it makes less money for these “great corporations”. This is the scourge of the western world. It has allowed the development and progression of the chronic deseises that now plague us and can only get worse for as long as this continues. We need to take control of our own health to educate ourselves and seek for ourselves what is good and what will ultimately allow us to take back the health and vitality that is being robbed from us. It is great that we have people like Jesse Canone and Dr Al Sars and others out there that have the knowledge and ability to show us that we can get back what big western interests are trying to take from us.

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