The Myths, Lies & True Causes of Cancer

The biggest myth of cancer is that tumors are cancer. That doesn’t tell the whole story. Tumors are actually a SYMPTOM of cancer.

And that means destroying them (via surgery, chemotherapy, or other means) doesn’t not address the root problem.

Think of it like a kid blowing soap bubbles. You could pop bubble after bubble after bubble…but until you take the soap away from the kid, the bubbles keep coming back.

Which is one of the reasons why many cancers keep coming back even after aggressive treatment. They key is to attack the root cause, not the symptom.

True Causes of Cancer

Cancerous tumors (or non cancerous tumors, for that matter) do not develop – as modern medicine would have you believe – from mutations in normal tissue cells. Rather, they develop from the lack of control of primitive, undifferentiated stem cells.

These stem cells, which have been all the rage in medical headlines in recent years, exist and work throughout the body all the time. For example, your skin heals after a cut because the body activates—or more accurately, sets free—stem cells to rebuild the damaged tissue and skin. The scab, essentially an overgrowth, is then cleaned away by the body, leaving hopefully unscarred new skin behind.

It is this fact that really sets the stage for understanding the true causes of cancer. Something has to set the stem cells free, and something has to stop them from acting normally when the time comes.

There needs to be a “trigger” that turns otherwise healthy stem cells into cancerous tumors.

And that trigger is a lack (deficiency) of a certain peptide.

A full explanation is in my End of All Disease book, but a few pioneering doctors in the 1970s, discovered individuals with cancer were deficient in a certain strain of peptides in their blood and urine that healthy people had in abundance.

After they discovered this, they found a way to extract the missing peptides from healthy donors and began treating terminally ill cancer patients.

The results were impressive. In 2005, a clinical trial using traditional radiation and chemotherapy techniques reported that only 5 out of 54 participants ended up cancer-free—a success rate of 9 percent. By contrast, a 2008 trial using the peptide replacement method reported that 5 out of 25 participants emerged cancer-free from the treatment; a success rate of 25 percent.

In other words, standard cancer treatment protocol was over 60 percent less successful than this new treatment. It is an exciting finding (with a bizarre twist of why it was buried).

I urge you to read the whole story in The End of All Disease AND check out the other cause of cancer than modern medicine is not telling you about.

You can read all about this in The End of All Disease. Request your free copy today.

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