Terrible Back Pain

Terrible back pain is unfortunately, a common occurrence for most people as they age, or even when they’re young. Bad back pain can lead to days missed at work, ruined vacations and even a weekend stuck in bed. Knowing the causes and risk factors contributing to a bad back will help you steer your life down a more pain free avenue.

Most often, terrible back pain can be attributed to strained ligaments or muscles. Strains can occur after many different activities, including lifting heavy objects improperly or for repetitively for a long period of time. Uncoordinated or sudden movements can also lead to back pain. Overworking the muscles in your back can also be painful.

You don’t have complete control over the pain in your back. Sometimes it simply boils down to structural problems. This type of issue comes in many forms, each bringing its own symptoms and complications. Knowing what is causing your pain will help you make more informed decisions in terms of pain management.

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Skeletal irregularities will often cause pain. Your spine curvature has a lot to do with painful structural problems. If your spine curves abnormally, is exaggerated or curves to the side, you are at risk for terrible back pain.

Ruptured or bulging discs also create painful conditions. Your discs act as a cushion between the vertebrae that makes up your spine. Discs may become an issue if the material inside them bulges out or ruptures. This process, at times, will cause pressure on surrounding nerves. If it causes pressure your sciatic nerve, you will likely experience a painful condition known as sciatica. This condition presents itself as a very sharp pain which radiates through your buttock and down the back of your leg.

Osteoporosis is another major culprit associated with terrible back pain. This condition is actually the reduction of the bone tissue and density in your spine. The loss of bone density and thinning tissue occurs over a span of time. Another medical condition that causes pain is arthritis. Though arthritis can strike in any joint in your body, when it hits you in your back it is known as spinal stenosis. This occurs when arthritis in your spine causes the space around your spinal cord to narrow.

There are several factors that can add to your risk level for terrible back pain. Some of them are under your control, while others are not. Take advantage of the factors you can control and lower your risk level for severe pain.

Obesity is a major factor in back pain. Added weight only adds stress to your back, making it more susceptible to injury and strain. Smoking also ups your chances of back pain. Stressful and anxiety laden situations may cause you to suffer as it manifests itself through your back. Gender plays a role as well. Females are more likely to have back problems than males. Working conditions are contributing factors. Sedentary jobs are as risky as strenuous roles. Older individuals are more prone to back troubles, as are those who are depressed.

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