Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can go through. For all the mothers or soon t be mothers reading this, you know that the anticipation and joy that one goes through is like none other. However, oftentimes the joys of a new arrival are often overshadowed by physical pain such as tailbone pain. In fact various forms of back pain are extremely common, but should not be ignored. It is estimated that between 50-80% of all pregnant woman get back pain at one point or another during their pregnancy. Tailbone pain during pregnancy is harmless and won’t interfere with delivery.

Oftentimes the latter stages of pregnancy can become extremely uncomfortable for many pregnant women. As one would image, this is normal. The weight from the baby, and all the additional symptoms such as tailbone pain during pregnancy, can make daily activities quite uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful.

The tailbone, also known as the coccyx, connects to the rest of the vertebral column by the ligamental tissues that attach between vertebrae. During pregnancy the uterus increases in size as the fetus increases in size. As the uterus increases, the ligaments that go from the cervix to the tailbone get stretched and pulled on which can cause intermittent tenderness.

Tailbone pain during pregnancy is so common that a lot of deliveries can actually cause coccygea (tailbone pain) by displacing the coccyx posteriorly once the baby’s head passes over it. This is a natural occurrence by the woman’s body in order to allow successful passage through her pelvis.

Tailbone pain during pregnancy can be managed and typically is experienced as intermittent pain. Oftentimes the pain is most felt while sitting so it is important to minimize the pain as much as possible. Since the coccyx makes direct contact with a seated surface, this can aggravate the condition more so.  A simple and affordable back pain seat cushion can offer the needed support to soothe tailbone pain and allow one to sit with less pain. Make sure to get a back pain seat cushion which has a coccyx cutout which allows you to sit, without the tailbone coming into contact with the seat surface.

Prenatal massages are also an effective treatment for tailbone pain during pregnancy. The massage therapist should be specialized with prenatal massage and will know how to treat tailbone pain.

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