“Should I Get Back Surgery?” – What You Need to Consider FIRST

rsz_question-man-silhouette“Should I get back surgery?”

Over the years here at The Healthy Back Institute it’s easily one of the questions we’ve heard most.

However, another extremely common question we’ve heard is, “I’ve had back surgery but it didn’t really help… is there anything else I can do?”

And unfortunately, another common question is, “I had back surgery and it seems to have made things worse! What can I do?”

Well first, here’s the good news: No matter what the causes of your back pain are or how bad the pain is, there are many steps you can take aside from back surgery that can help you…

After helping tens of thousands of clients here at The Healthy Back Institute (including many so-called “impossible cases”), I can tell you there ARE solutions that will help you… and my first recommendation is to subscribe to our free e-newsletter where you’ll learn of these non-invasive solutions — often before virtually anyone in the “general public” and even many in the medical world are aware of them! (Look to the top-right on the screen to subscribe free and instantly to our e-newsletter).

Next — if you suffer back pain, if you have ever considered or are now considering back surgery — I strongly encourage you to listen to this short “snippet” of an interview below that I recently did with Maggie Phillips, a licensed psychologist renowned for her work in helping those in pain.

(Click the arrow below↓↓↓ in the top-left of the screen to listen to this 3 minute and 31 second interview!)

 You can also listen to this Back Surgery? Consider This First interview here

(And IMPORTANT: If you suffer pain, I encourage you to explore all of our recent short pain relief interview segments here!)

Next up… be sure to search this blog above, as we have published many articles here about back surgery, including related to specific conditions. A few of our most popular back surgery articles include:

>>> Spinal Decompression Surgery? Not So Fast…

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>>> Back Surgery: When is it the right option for you?

Finally, in addition to subscribing to our free e-newsletter and listening to the interview above, there are a number of solutions that I’d say are crucial for helping anyone who suffers pain…

One of the most crucial of all — that most people are still far too UNAWARE of — is called “proteolytic enzymes.” These proteolytic enzymes are basically how your body fights the chronic inflammation that causes pain (and that causes heart disease and many other dangerous diseases)…

And while your body naturally produces proteolytic enzymes, the PROBLEM is that once people hit their late 30s (and increasingly beyond), your body is typically not producing enough of them to fight the chronic inflammation and pain!

You can learn more about proteolytic enzymes and our #1 recommended solution to get them (and nature’s other top pain- and inflammation-fighters) here.




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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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1 thought on ““Should I Get Back Surgery?” – What You Need to Consider FIRST”

  1. Paul Boland says:

    Re back pain. I have endured a number of spinal operations. L3 to L5. All were successful. I lifted a heavy pot plant forgetting the advice not to lift heavy items. Now L2 has collapsed not standing the load bearing weight. I have recently been given pain blockers under a CT scan to see which nerves were crushed. I am prepared to have a surgeon repair me again with a cage or rod seeing the previous was so successful. I am 73 years of age. Paul Boland, Australia.

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