Relieve Upper Back Pain

If you are suffering from upper back pain, the question in the forefront of your mind is probably, “How do I relieve upper back pain for good?” Now what most people do not realize is that upper back pain and neck pain does not happen overnight.

In fact, the two most common causes for upper back pain and neck pain are trauma and muscle imbalances. Most of us understand what trauma is. The Webster dictionary defines trauma as “a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, as from violence or accident.”

Oddly enough though, most people especially people trying to relieve upper back pain, have never heard of muscle imbalances. In a nutshell, muscle imbalances are when muscles in one part of the body are tight and overdeveloped, while the opposing muscles are stretched out and weak. The imbalances can take a toll on the body by pulling the body out of proper alignment. Over time this adds extra stress, wear and tear on the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments.

Effective Ways to Relieve Upper Back Pain

If you are serious about learning how to relieve upper back pain, then trying the Muscle Balance Therapy program should be your first step. The Muscle Balance Therapy program is a unique, fully customizable program that aims to correct your specific “postural dysfunction”. A self assessment is performed to see which “postural dysfunction” you may have.

Some common dysfunctions resulting from muscle imbalances are the forward tilted pelvis and high hip. In order to correct these dysfunctions, specific, regimented stretches and exercises are performed on a daily basis.

These stretches will begin to bring the body back into balance and correct alignment. It is a highly successful program that is easy enough to follow and perform the stretches and exercises at home.

Everyone has muscle imbalances throughout the body. We are just unaware of it. In fact, most physicians and chiropractors don’t even know about them! We all perform repetitious tasks throughout the day, everyday.

Whether it is sitting at a work desk eight hours a day, running our daily three miles, or participating in our favorite outdoor sport, our bodies get accustomed to the familiar tasks.

It is only makes sense that muscles that are being used more often can begin to “outweight” the muscles that are not being used as much.

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Upper Back Pain

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