Relieve Back Pain by Jogging

If you are a runner, there’s nothing like the feeling and adrenaline rush you get when you lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement. It’s also no secret how great running can be as a form of exercise. However, running or any other repetitive movement can also have negative impact on the body. It is common for runners to experience back pain as well as leg and knee pains. The impact of jogging can irritate the back as well as lead to imbalances in the hamstrings and glutes. If you experience pain after jogging, you may want to rest for a day or so. Once the pain subsides, you will want to begin investigating why you are experiencing pain in the first pace. It may or may not be associated with your jogging.

Here are 4 ways to relieve back pain from jogging that we recommend:

1. Stretches and Exercises

Besides trauma, muscle imbalances are the cause of most back pain. The muscles in the body respond to daily repetitious activities that we perform. Some muscles become weak and outstretched while others become overworked and tight. These imbalances in the muscles can create postural dysfunctions which pull the body out of its natural alignment. Figuring out which muscle imbalances you have is the first step to recovery. Once identified, specific stretches and exercises need to be performed on a daily basis in order to bring balance back to the muscle groups. The Lose the Back Pain System is designed to identify postural dysfunctions and correct them with the appropriate corrective stretches and exercises.

2. Get proper back support

If you work at a computer for several hours or drive long distances every day, you’re very likely in the habit of sitting in the same, hunched-over posture for hours at a time. This abnormal posture places tremendous strain on your back and can lead to muscle imbalances that cause neck and back pain over the long term.

So if you’re in the habit of being seated for long hours, make sure you have the proper neck and back supports that are customized to your specific needs. A correct back support ensures that your spine is properly aligned and keeps its natural curve, without pushing you beyond your neutral posture.

It relaxes your back muscles and takes the pressure off your nerves. It also provides support for your tailbone and other sensitive areas of your lower back, a great way to stop back pain from running in its tracks! The Freedom Back is an excellent back support that helps you keep good posture throughout the day while sitting at work, at home or even in the car. Make sure you stretch regularly and take small, regular breaks to get out of your car or work chair to move, stretch your body and get that blood flowing again!

3. Spinal decompression

Spinal decompression is also a useful treatment to relieve back pain from jogging. It relieves the pressure placed by your vertebrae on your spinal discs and allows them to expand to their normal size, properly cushioning your spine again. If you have a herniated disc, spinal decompression will allow it to move away from your nerves and keep you from pain. Some people who have back pain are likely to experience sudden, almost miraculous relief with spinal decompression! To learn more about spinal decompression, you can go to:

4. See a professional

If you feel like home treatments are not helping you may want to see a professional; get an X-ray of the affected area of your back to rid out the possibility of a herniated or ruptured disc. Ask your chiropractor or physiotherapist specific, pointed questions like: Can I continue running without causing any damage? Get a second opinion if you feel it is necessary to get the right answer.

You may also want to consider the following treatment options:

Custom running sneakers – not all sneakers are created equal. If you are jogging in off the shelf running shoes you may want to look into getting a pair of shoes that are custom fit to your feet.

Massage Therapy – Many runners get frequent massages to keep their legs and feet loose and free of trigger points that can cause pain.

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