Reasons for Back Pain

Millions of people experience some kind of back pain during their lifetime. People complain of upper and lower back pain just as much as they may complain about a headache. Back pain is a common and consistent problem for many people for several different reasons. The prevalence of this kind of discomfort could stem from many things or a combination of related factors. When the muscles, discs and ligaments of the spine and back are strained, injured or overused, this will likely cause moderate to severe back pain.

There are many reasons for back pain but there are some that are more common than others. One of the most reported reasons for back pain is an injury to the muscles. These injuries can occur due to a car accident, lifting heavy objects or performing any physical or sporting activity that causes a strain to your muscles. Although this may seem ironic, muscles are very fragile and delicate. If they are overused, this can be detrimental to your health. Knowing the right way to lift objects and the best method of exercising can prevent your muscles from being overworked.

Compression fractures can also lead to back pain. These kinds of fractures are closely linked with osteoporosis. Women that are postmenopausal are prone to having osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones weak and brittle. In this state your bones can easily be broken. With certain physical activities, bone damage can occur and cause your back to hurt.

Another common cause of back pain is when there is pressure on nerve roots at the spine area. This may occur as a result of a herniated disc. The section around the bones of the spine is cushioned and protected with flat discs. These round discs can be distorted and damaged when you have an injury and through regular wear and tear. If this spinal disc ruptures this can interrupt the way your nerves operate and cause severe weakness and pain. Your nerve roots can only handle a certain amount of pressure before you will start to have pain in your back. Spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and spinal deformities can also put pressure on your nerves and trigger back pain. Bacterial infection, Paget’s disease and Scheurmann’s disease are spinal conditions that are less common that can cause back pain.

One of the biggest causes of back pain isn’t a disease or a physical problem. Traumatic and stressful life circumstances can make you tense and cause your back to have pain. If you have a death in the family, hardship at your workplace or relationship problems, your negative stress level will elevate and possibly cause your back muscles to be strained.

Often times, one of the factors for having back pain are compounded by one of the other factors. Muscle strain in one area can cause you to maneuver yourself differently and cause discomfort in another muscle. There are several ways to alleviate your back pain but the first step involves figuring out why you have back pain in the first place.

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