Radio Frequency Treatment for Back Pain

There have been extensive studies conducted in finding a solution for neck and back pain and millions of dollars that have been invested into research for pain remedies. One of the newly perfected solutions available now is the use of radio frequency treatment for back pain. This revamped procedure is becoming more popular with patients that suffer from severe neck and back pain. This treatment is available throughout the nation and throughout the world but is only for patients with specific conditions. Patients often have to go through extensive screening with several doctors running multiple tests in order to make sure they have the right candidate for the somewhat risky procedure. .

The use of radio frequency treatment for back pain has been proven very effective in the right patients, but on the other side can be dangerous if someone undergoes this procedure and are not a qualified candidate. The procedure itself is not that complex but requires extensive precision in that the procedure calls for probes to be stuck into the skin above the spine. The probes that are stuck into the back send a series of radio waves through the spine thus heating it up to a high temperature, killing off some of the nerves in the spine. The idea is to target and kill only the nerves that are causing the pain but there are typically good nerves that end up being taken out with the bad ones. The doctor that practices this procedure typically has years of experience and has preformed the same operation many times. The more experience the doctor has the less likely it is that there will be complications.

Back and neck pain is very common throughout the United States and throughout the world which is the reason for rapid development and the continued improvement of this particular procedure. The radio frequencies can be used in several places on the back including joints and discs. Patients that have undergone this procedure have experienced immediate results. Many walking away from the operation with gradual improvement over time as the body heals itself from the radio waves that have in the process of killing painful nerve spots, damaged good nerves. The doctor that is performing the operation will target specific locations on the back that are causing the most pain as only with a pre-qualified patient to limit the amount of good nerve tissue that is damaged.

Along with the use of general radio frequency treatment for back pain there are specialized types that target specific problems better than others. Patients along with this treatment will generally undergo some form of physical therapy as prescribed by their doctor. With the right combination of radio frequency treatment and physical therapy, patients can solve the worse cases of back pain before the condition and symptoms become too serious. If a patient were to wait too long to have this treatment they could end up not being able to eliminate the symptoms or in extreme cases become immobile.

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2 thoughts on “Radio Frequency Treatment for Back Pain”

  1. Carolyn Bales says:

    Had this procedure last week, I am so happy with the results

  2. janice vanhorn says:

    I have lumbar scoliosis to the right 49 degree
    along with other things spinal stenosis disk problem ect. 76 yrs old. no blood pressure or diabetes problem. would I possible be a candidate for any of the radio frequency procedure

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