Therapeutic Pillows For Lower Back Pain Relief

Those who suffer from back pain know that sometimes the only form of pain relief is lying in bed. Weeks of bed rest, while helpful to alleviate pain associated with everyday movements, isn’t the best thing to relieve lower back pain. Even though you find your hard mattress and too soft pillows sufficient for everyday use, they do nothing to help with back pain. In fact it is more important than ever that you have properly firm pillows and mattresses when you suffer lower back pain.

Instead of replacing pillows and mattresses unnecessarily, many back pain sufferers turn to therapeutic pillows for back pain. These pillows provide relief for many types of back pain due to the variety of shapes and sizes available. Since back pain is such a common ailment among adults, these pillows are budget friendly and made to fit a variety of body sizes.

The most popular pillow for lower back pain relief is the wedge-shaped lumbar pillow that rests in a such a way to support the lumbar region, thereby reducing the strain and pressure placed upon the lower back due to poor posture or prolonged sitting. 

There are many types of therapeutic pillows on the market to relieve lower back pain, in addition to lumbar pillows. Since sciatic pain is another common form of back pain, many leg pillows have been constructed to provide back pain relief during sleep. Leg pillows have been proven effective to alleviate lower back pain over night by elevating the lower body to stretch the back.

This position, with legs and feet elevated, loosens tight muscles and relieves the tension in the lower back. Engaging in this position overnight can provide tremendous pain relief and is considered the position most likely to cause pain relief. In fact when at all possible, you should use the leg pillow during waking hours.  

The Best Cure

Although therapeutic pillows do provide great back pain relief, they are not fast acting tools. You won’t simply wake up one morning and find the pillow has completely cured you of your back pain. Pillows are temporary relief measures that will allow back pain sufferers to make it through the day without unbearable pain.

It is important to remember that curing back pain is a long a process and the only thing guaranteed to heal it is time. Whether you suffer from mild or sever back pain, relief can take days, weeks or months to subside. Therapeutic pillows are effective tools, and should be used regularly to help with the healing process.

There are many different causes for back pain that can include damaged nerves, herniated discs, stress and pulled muscles. While therapeutic pillows for lower back pain relief can help, too much inactivity can also slow down the healing process and cause muscles to atrophy. Weak muscles can extend the recovery time, which is why exercising the muscles is as important as rest. Only use the back pillows when you are inactive; do not make excuses or find reasons to lie down.

Choosing A Pillow

One of the most difficult decisions to make is finding the right pillow to purchase as they do come in many shapes, sizes and prices. But another level of difficulty is added when you factor in the fact that many pillows are advertised as therapeutic but may actually do more harm than good to your back.

Find the right pillow for back pain relief at a physical health store or ask your physician what criteria to look for in a legitimate back or leg pillow. Make sure the pillow you choose has the right level of firmness and is comfortable for long-term use. If you are overweight or taller than average, you may need to shop at a specialty store to make sure you find a lumbar pillow that fits perfectly into your lower back area.

Finally, when possible be sure to test the back or leg pillow before purchase. Even though online purchases can make this process impossible, check the return policy before making an online purchase. These pillows can make living with back pain a lot easier, but if it doesn’t help you may need more intense back pain therapy

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1 thought on “Therapeutic Pillows For Lower Back Pain Relief”

  1. Alan Ray Ash says:

    I have sufferred for years from back and neck pain resulting from a condition also known as spondylolisthesis. (grade 1) the types of work I’ve done over the years and continued standing in one place have only made the spinal condition also known as spinal stenosis has created a great need for neck and head support as it is difficult to get comfortable when trying to fall asleep in bed at night. I like down and feather or foam pillows but have found these aren’t supportive enough and I contiually have a crick in my neck and shoulder or arm pain to the extent I wake at night and find my arm is so asleep that I have to move it with my other hand and it feels like it’s unresponsive fo a long time. Very alarming!

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