4 Proven Best Treatments For Back Pain Due to Lack of Oxygen

By Steven Hefferon, CMT, PTA, CPRS


Lack of oxygen causes pain. Now when I say “lack of oxygen,” do you think of turning blue from holding your breath? I’m joking, of course, but only because it’s always a surprise how many back pain sufferers are not aware that lack of oxygen at the cellular level causes chronic pain.

1. Why Your Brain Feels Your Pain

Why do we get pain from decreased local oxygen? I ran across a good explanation in Dr. Majid Ali’s The Oxygen View of Pain: “It is important to recognize that oxygen drives chronic pain pathways primarily by its absence.” In other words, without oxygen the body sends pain signals to the brain, and you will then feel pain. It’s that simple.

When I tell our readers about pain-inducing decreased oxygen, I often hear, for example, “But, Steve, I’ve been diagnosed with chronic sciatica. I have a degenerative disc, not lack of oxygen.”

Your medical diagnosis may be true as far as it goes, but the fact is that most people’s pain is not caused by only one thing. What’s usually involved are at least two different pain-generating mechanisms. Today doctors and therapists call this Mixed Pain Syndrome.

In order for our Lose The Back Pain system to help stop your pain and keep it from returning, you need to understand Mixed Pain Syndrome. It clues us that more than one treatment at a time is necessary to do you the most good the quickest.

Mixed Pain Syndrome deals with compression and soft tissue issues. Pain comes from compressive forces, such as from a herniated disc, when the disc is pushing on a nerve and creates pain. The second component of Mixed Pain Syndrome is soft tissue pain due to inflammation, scar tissue, trigger points, micro-tears and, of course, decreased oxygen levels locally, at the effected area.

So to treat your pain successfully it is vital that you know what will help you get oxygen where you need it. We at the Healthy Back Institute identify three tried-and-true treatments in our Loose The Back Pain system. In order to heal your body, you need to do three things: work on your body physically, work the mind/body connection and also improve nutrition.

2. Balance your body

Back pain signals a muscular imbalance. Patients make trouble for themselves by doing exercises that are supposed to be good for their health. Here’s an example.

Do you enjoy a cardio workout? Runners often tell me, “I feel great when I’m running, but the next day I feel pain.” This means chronic pain, not soreness from the run. So the medical challenge is to look past the good that running does and discover what other effects it is having on your body.

Weight training, too, causes the same type of serious trouble. Both running and weight-training keep working the same muscle groups over and over, and the result is other muscles are being neglected. You end up by creating critical muscle imbalances, and this leads to postural dysfunctions.

Your muscle imbalances produce abnormal positions of the pelvis that force abnormal curvature of the spine. Now the same workout you enjoy is causing your back excess wear and tear. So over time you develop a condition, and that condition becomes painfully symptomatic.

To begin to correct this condition and end your chronic pain, sufferers need to analyze exactly how their body is doing currently. Then the Lose The Back Pain system customizes an effective corrective exercise program for their exact needs.

3. Breathe deeper and hydrate more

The second method by which you can improve oxygenation is through the mind/body connection. Basic as it may sound, deep breathing is far and away the single best technique. Soon I will be releasing a video teaching how to most effectively use time-honored techniques guaranteed to make a difference, so please keep an eye out for it.

4. Eat better for less pain

The third big factor in fighting decreased oxygen is your nutrition. This also includes taking into consideration how often you consume fluids. Dr. Ali states emphatically that dehydration limits the ability of blood to carry oxygen. So start drinking more water, not all at once but by sipping all day long.

Next, minimize eating bad fats. Avoid partially hydrogenated oils. You don’t want your blood to be thick as molasses because then you can’t deliver oxygen at levels that benefit your body. Also, these same oils cause the accumulation of plaque in arterial walls, which also restricts the blood flow.

Dietary supplements are a crucial element of good natural nutrition. When it comes to the pain from decreased local oxygen, the more inflamed your pain centers are, the less oxygen you are going to get there. So The Healthy Back Institute highly recommends proteolitic systemic enzymes the same enzymes found in our Heal-n-Soothe™ anti-inflammatory product.

Proteolitic systemic enzymes regulate the inflammatory process. If you use Heal-n-Soothe™, you are helping remove metabolic wastes whose build up are responsible for the development of trigger points. The enzymes support the healing of micro-tears such as a pulled back muscle.

Proteolitic systemic enzymes also remove or breakdown scar tissue. Have a look at the amazing image of a single red blood cell caught up in a fibrin mesh. Now imagine that condition being general throughout your body, in blood vessels, soft tissue and in organs. If you use the proteolitic systemic enzymes to remove scar tissue, more blood will flow, more oxygen reaches the needed area, and more metabolic waste gets removed.

Thousands of former sufferers are living proof our Lose The Back Pain system works. What does make all the difference in treating local decreased oxygen is to combine good nutrition with deep breathing and physical exercise appropriate for your condition. Health and a new life of pain-free wellness is what we should all be striving for, not only today, but for the rest of our lives.



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