Osteophytes – Bone Spurs

The most precious gift that any individual can have is the gift of good health. Your health is very important because it can influence your activities, goals and plans. A part of being healthy is being knowledgeable about the different ailments and diseases that can affect your back. Back pain is something that millions of people deal with on a daily basis. Back pain can be debilitating so you should learn about all the factors that could affect how your back feels.

Bone spurs, also referred to as Osteophytes are something that can directly affect the likelihood of experiencing back pain. Bone spurs take a while to develop and are found near the disc or joint areas between the spinal vertebrae. This alignment of bones is bound together with cartilage that is there to protect your spinal cord. Bone spurs occur when your body attempts to distribute weight more evenly after the joint has been damaged. Bone spurs develop because of different reasons. As we age, this joint cartilage or disc begins to deteriorate. As a result, bones form spurs or tiny outgrowths that can possibly end up irritating and damaging the nerves in the spinal column. Sports related injuries, heredity, degeneration, car accidents, bad posture, poor nutrition and other diseases can cause osteophytes to develop as well.


Bone spurs are not in and of themselves painful. Their effects on other parts of your body can be however. You should look for the following symptoms when trying to determine if you have a bone spur. If you feel numbness, weakness in your muscle, spasms, pain in your shoulders and neck, pain in your lower back and thighs, or have loss of coordination, this may be a sign that you have bone spurs. The best way to combat the effects of bone spores is to start by using the most natural methods.

To treat osteophytes you may have to use a couple of methods. There are remedies that are physical and non-invasive, chemical and invasive. The first treatment method should consist of physical therapy. This will help your body’s bones and muscles to become active in the right ways and won’t cause you pain. There are also some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen that can offer temporary relief. Cortisone injections are anti-inflammatory as well and could also offer pain relief. If the development of bone spurs in your spinal column is very advances and causes severe pain, a doctor may recommend having surgery. Surgery should definitely be the last option.

The reason that most people endure back pain is because they just aren’t aware of what is going on internally. Osteophytes don’t just develop in older people so everyone needs to be knowledgeable about how to determine if you may have one. Bone spurs can become a real health issue depending on their development and placement. If you are experiencing back pain you should seek medical attention immediately. If you rely on self-diagnosis alone you may not be headed in the right direction.

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