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Orthopedic cushions can be an excellent way to help relieve back and neck pain of all types. They provide a drug- and surgery-less way to be pain free that is very appealing to many people. But how do they work, and what types of orthopedic cushions are out there?

Back and neck pain is commonly caused by poor posture. Sitting for long periods can often be a source of back and neck pain. Most people sit slightly hunched over, which creates a “C” shape in their spine. Reaching for a keyboard, using a computer mouse, or writing for extended periods can increase the “C” shape. The ideal spinal position is more of an “S” shape. Sitting in this ideal posture can be tiring and difficult without any support. That’s where an orthopedic cushion comes in. It can help provide support in just the right areas to relieve pressure on sensitive areas and promote good posture.


The Healthy Back Institute offers a variety of orthopedic cushions to meet any need or budget.

The Freedom Back support cushion has a huge amount of features to bring ideal posture and pain free living within your reach. It has a unique channel for your spine to avoid that area becoming a pressure point. Its shape is long and wide to provide you with full-length body hugging support. It even has a built in massager to help increase blood flow and soothe tense muscles. Healthy Back offers this product for about $50, and that includes a money back guarantee. If you aren’t feeling relief, feel free to return it to the Healthy Back Institute for a full refund on your investment.

Another orthopedic support cushion offered by The Healthy Back Institute is slightly less fancy, but can still offer excellent relief. The back pain seat cushion promotes excellent posture and support in a different way from The Freedom Back support cushion. Rather than going on the back of the chair, the back pain seat cushion goes on the bottom, providing extra cushioning, and promoting better posture at the source. Its unique shape offers an ideal solution to prevent pressure on the sensitive tail bone. It provides extra cushioning in all the right places to give you ultimate comfort. It’s also extremely portable and goes from the office to the car to your home easily. Its tapered shape prevents circulation from being cut off to your legs and feet, making the ideal sitting position easier to achieve. The Healthy Back Institute offers this product for about $40, currently on sale. The price also includes two e-books on relieving your back pain holistically, a very appealing option to many people in this increasingly “green” world.

Your back pain is The Healthy Back Institute’s number one priority. Helping you maintain good posture is the first and sometimes easiest way to relieve and prevent back pain. Finding a good orthopedic cushion can make sitting up straight regularly a realistic goal. Visit losethebackpain.com today to see The Healthy Back Institute’s wide variety of orthopedic cushions and find the perfect one for you!

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Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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