One FUN Unusual Way to Stop Pain Instantly

brain games and painNeed pain relief, like, yesterday?

Keep a challenging crossword puzzle, Sudoku game, or any type of brain puzzle within your reach — recent research shows puzzles help relieve pain by distracting your brain!

Researchers from Columbia University reduced pain by giving participants a placebo or a difficult memory task — and both methods reduced pain significantly.[i]

Interestingly, the pain relief was even better when the placebo and the memory task were combined, which means using a tool you expect to give you pain relief combined with a fun distraction like a crossword puzzle can maximize your pain relief naturally.

Pac Man Eats Pain?

Other research has shown that playing video games or using virtual reality is also effective for relieving even severe pain, also by way of distraction. When using a virtual reality system developed by the University of Washington, burn patients reported large reductions in pain intensity, the amount of time spent thinking about pain and how unpleasant they found their pain.[ii]

The virtual reality acts as a mental escape, whereas when you do a puzzle or other challenging task, the part of your brain that controls high-level cognitive functions like working memory and attention is activated. In other words, the positive distraction keeps your brain busy so it’s less apt to focus on or process your pain.

There’s absolutely no drawback to using distractions to relieve your pain (assuming you’re not distracted while driving, of course!), and the best part is you can use virtually any activity that occupies your attention. If Sudoku and crossword puzzles aren’t your thing, try painting, knitting, listening to music, reading, meditation or even rhythmic breathing.

Like virtual reality, visualization can also be a powerful tool to help your mind escape to a more peaceful, pain-free place, and it’s easy; simply concentrate and imagine yourself in a happy, pain-free state, such as wading into the ocean at the beach or sitting at the edge of a stream in a lush forest.

brain games and pain

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  1. Robert Sinfield says:

    I have spinal stenosis and a pacemaker installed about 10 years ago . I am class 2 diabetic and have had one knee replaced and am takeing a third needle soon to build up
    a cushion from the bone one bone pain.I .have lost hearing in my right ear andnow my balance is to the point where I cannot walk so I use a wheel chair.. Most of the time I really do not know where the pain is comming from , it is just there.
    Your suggestions would be appreciated. .

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Robert,

    We would advise you to keep seeking professional medical help and also to keep on educating yourself. We would like to suggest our book as a starting point.

    Thank you

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