Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Pain Relief

A number of back-pain sufferers I work with tell me they’re in way too much pain to take the steps needed for long-term relief.

While they’re looking forward to solving their back pain problem once and for all, they can barely move right now.

Let me now address the topic of short-term pain relief.

Sometimes it’s necessary–so long as it doesn’t become an excuse to avoid a long-term solution.

For most people, short-term pain relief involves taking some type of anti-inflammatory medication–Advil and Motrin being the most popular over-the-counter versions.

These medications were originally designed to be used only once in a while, but many people now rely on them on a daily basis.

Considering the dangers–heavy use increases the probability of stomach ulcers and intestinal bleeding and also places enormous stress on the liver and kidneys–I tell people to avoid them because there are much safer and effective alternatives.

Personally, I haven’t taken an over-the-counter or prescription pain reliever in nearly a decade!

Pain is a sign that something is wrong in the body, so the first task is to find out exactly what the problem is and to set about fixing it.

To handle the pain in the meantime, there are numerous things you can do.

Here are just a few proven methods.

One of the most powerful, all-natural pain relievers is called proteolytic enzyme therapy, and it’s been used in numerous countries since the 1960s.

Proteolytic enzymes occur naturally in your body and are responsible for a number of functions. Overall, they help drive various reactions, including digestion, immune response, and toxic cleansing.

If your body were a corporation, these enzymes would be “middle management”–heavily involved in all the everyday tasks that make your body work.

proteolytic enzymes

Fibrin traps platelets and red blood cells to form blood clots

They are the ones that tell the immune system when to shut down inflammation–acting as the body’s natural anti-inflammatories, so to speak.

They also help “clean up” excess scar tissue (fibrin) that occurs when your body repairs damaged tissues, essentially breaking it down so it can be carried away with the rest of the body’s waste.

According to numerous studies, these enzymes help reduce inflammation, promote healing, and alleviate arthritis.

Sounds similar to your current anti inflammatory drug, right?

Except these enzymes occur naturally in your body and don’t have the side effects that medications can have. Since they also help break down stiffening scar tissue, they can help improve flexibility and mobility–a benefit you won’t find with over-the-counter drugs.

Your body produces these enzymes naturally– especially if you’re still fairly young, say, in your 20s.

However, as you get into your 40s, 50s, 60s, or older, your body produces less and less of them.

If you’re in the latter category, you’ll be happy to know that enzyme supplements exist that can add to your body’s own natural, but diminishing, supply.

Anti-Inflammation Enzyme Supplements

Obviously, not all enzyme supplements are alike, so here are a few guidelines.

First, you want to find a combination of enzymes and herbs specifically created to reduce inflammation and pain.

Your best bet is not one, but a blend of enzymes, combined with natural extracts that have a demonstrated ability to reduce inflammation, ease pain and swelling, and increase joint mobility and flexibility without harsh side effects.

You don’t want a standard “digestive” enzyme formula.

Second, you want to check how much of each of the ingredients is in a serving.

Some supplements list them on the ingredient list so you know they’re in there, but either they don’t tell you how much is present or they have used such small amounts that they’re not going to do you any good.

Next, you want to look at the “fillers” in the product.

Those are the “other ingredients” listed below the supplement facts.

Many manufacturers use them to help the ingredients “stick together,” making the pill easier to package and ship, while others use them to fill their capsules or tablets and minimize their costs by reducing the amount of active ingredients used.

They may add animal derivatives, preservatives, or artificial substances like titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, and the like.

Products with minimal fillers are best– even better would be if any extra ingredients are only natural ones.

Finally, you want to look at how the supplement is delivered.

Hard tablets typically don’t absorb as well as capsules, gel tabs, liquids and creams.

Finding a proteolytic enzyme product that is effective at relieving pain and promoting mobility isn’t easy. Some seem to have the right ingredients but don’t have enough of these ingredients in a daily dosage to do any good.

Others have high quantities of some helpful ingredients but none of the others that work in concert for a better overall effect. Some don’t even list the amounts of the ingredients, claiming a “proprietary blend.”

After years of looking and not being satisfied with any of the formulations available, I finally gave up and decided to work with a major nutrition laboratory to create the formulation that my research showed to be most effective.

It combined the best parts of the various supplements available, without their shortcomings. Plus, my team and I have spent several years testing and refining the formula to continue to improve its effectiveness.

The result is an all-natural formula called Heal-nSootheâ„¢, and you can read more about it here

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Pain Relief”

  1. Cynthia Carpenter says:

    Jesse my pain is in my neck. I ordered the Heal n soothe….my question I take it everyday or when I am experiencing pain …instead of the Ibuprofen I would normaly take?
    Cynthia Carpenter

  2. Steve says:

    Cynthia, Heal n Soothe is designed to be taken every day, in lieu of having to taken Ibuprofen when it hurts…

    Steve HBI-Staff

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