Morning Back Pain Causes

If you’ve ever waken up to back pain you know that it’s simply not a good way to start the morning. The tricky thing about waking with back pain is that the pain can be attributed to so many things. The reason for the back pain is generally the least of our concern as most of us are far more concerned with ways to ease the pain after it starts. What we should know is that determining the cause of back pain puts us on the right track to curing the back pain so that we may avoid those horrid mornings in the future.

The most prominent (and likely obvious) reasons for morning back pain is poor sleeping posture and poor mattress. Be sure to pay close attention to how you sleep. Though it may be odd to some, it has been stated that proper sleeping posture is sleeping on the back. Sleeping on your back keeps your body aligned in a very natural position that causes little to no stress to the lower back (which is the area most complained about). Many of us prefer sleeping on our stomachs or our sides as we anticipate these to be the most comfortable positions. The truth is that sleeping on our stomachs scrunches our lower back muscles causing an unnatural tension that we pay for upon rising in the morning.

Sometimes it’s not our sleeping position that is the problem; instead it is the mattress that we are sleeping on that is wreaking havoc. We must be careful to find mattresses that our perfect for us. All mattresses are not created equal so it is important that we find a mattress that supports the back and the curves of the body in a manner that is perfectly suiting. The best mattress for you would be the mattress that offers the most support while providing high levels of comfort ability. Different mattresses come with different coil and spring arrangements. Try testing out the different arrangements to see which is most supportive for your backs’ problem areas. Aside from coils and springs there are different levels of firmness and thickness in mattress padding’s. Padding’s can range anywhere from 7 to 18 inches deep. Be sure to find the depth that is most comfortable for you. Though there are no general answers for which type of mattress is perfect for the specific types of pain it is said that medium firm mattresses are best for those who suffer from pain in the lower back.

Aside from nightly habits, there are things that we may do within our day to day lives that we pay for in the morning. For instance, sitting at a desk all day for school and work can be a cause of pain. Sitting for extended periods can shorten muscles. This can affect the legs, to pelvis and the back. This can cause a tension that often results in pain. If you must sit for work, be sure to get up and stretch periodically for back relief. Though pain from sitting may not immediately be noticed, it may manifest in the morning.

These are just a few of many possible causes for morning back pain. For more causes and solutions visit today!

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