Lower Right Back Pain

Experiencing lower right back pain may not be a major concern for most people; but if left untreated this issue can give way to more serious back related problems. Also known as Sacro-Iliac pain this condition involves experiencing pain in your right low back, hip and right buttock area and can eventually become a radiating and more chronic issue. There are several methods of treatment to consider when seeking a way to alleviate your pain.

Sacro-Iliac pain is caused by a number of factors, though most commonly it is a combination of a tight Sacro-iliac joint, a tightening of spinal joints and a number of other symptoms that include an out of balance pelvis and or the activation of pain “trigger points” in that area.

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Unlike other joints in the spine, the Sacro-iliac joint does not contain a disk and therefore is significantly less protected from damage than the others. When this particular joint tightens up it also causes the ligaments and muscles that surrounded to also tighten which can cause stiffness and pain to the area that may sometimes radiate into the surrounding area such as the low back and the buttock. The radiation of pain into other areas is a common effect of Sacro-iliac pain and is caused when the muscle fibers become irritated during movement. It is uncomfortable, but normal.

There are several types of treatment for lower right back pain, most of which are relatively conventional and include mostly non invasive medical treatments and procedures. Some of these methods are as simple as using anti-inflammatory and pain medications. Other courses of action that may be suggested by your medical doctor may include cortisone injections and electric muscle stimulation.

Your doctor may even recommend that you visit a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist that can manually adjust your spine and extremities to help give you further release from the pain in and around your Sacro-Iliac joint. It is said that many people who have experienced chronic pain in this area have had longer lasting relief with some treatments over others. The use of ice and heat to reduce inflammation and soreness is a technique that many have had good experiences with. It is also suggested that you may also want to try acupressure and other forms of anti-inflammatory treatments along with a spinal balancing program for best results.

Low right back pain is not a life threatening condition but it does cause major discomfort and sometimes severe pain and like any type of back pain, if left untreated it will most likely worsen. There are many types of treatments that are readily available both over the counter and by doctor discretion that can help alleviate if not eradicate this problem but not all courses of treatment will provide substantial results for everyone. It is imperative that you consult with a physician before and throughout the entire course of your treatment to get the best results possible during the treatment of this condition.

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