Everything You Need To Know About Lower Lumbar Pain

When we talk about back pain located in the lumbar region, we are referring to the lower back area. It is one of the most common places that affect back pain sufferers. The lumbar region, sometimes referred to as the lower spine, pertains to the abdominal portion of the torso and it is located between the pelvis and diaphragm.

There are many different factors that can cause lumbar pain, and being able to identify the reason for your lumbar pain will go a long way in helping you find the right pain treatment plan.

What Causes Lumbar Pain?

Lumbar pain can be the result of an injury due to repeated heavy lifting or simply lifting heavy objects with your back muscles rather than the leg muscles. In fact lumbar pain can be caused by a variety of sports injuries, car accidents or other forms of trauma to the lower spine

One of the most common causes of lumbar pain is posture, specifically poor posture, because it places unnecessary stress and strain on the muscles in the lower back. Carrying around excess weight, due to obesity or pregnancy, can throw the body off balance and put too much pressure on the lumbar region. When a large stomach begins to droop, it is pulling the lower back muscles in an uncomfortable way that leads to pain and discomfort.

In some instances stress or smoking have been known to cause lower back pain because it reduces the blood flow to the lumbar region, which causes pain and swelling.

Over time muscle or disc degeneration can contribute to lower back pain due to the deterioration of the discs located between the vertebrae. These discs are filled with liquid but due to age and injury, the discs become worn and the fluid seeps out. When this happens the discs can slip or become displaced, which puts pressure on the nearby nerves in the lower spine as well as the sciatic nerve. This pressure on the nerves causes the pain and discomfort frequently found in lower back pain sufferers.

Other conditions that can cause pain in the lumbar region include osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and herniated discs.

Who Has Lower Lumbar Pain?

Nearly everyone will experience some type of lower back pain in their lifetime. Those who suffer most from lower back pain are those between the ages of 30 and 50 years due to the slow down in physical activity and a more sedentary lifestyle. These factors combine cause the bones and muscles to weaken, making them more vulnerable to injury. The elderly may suffer lumbar back pain associated with degenerative disc disease.

Lumbar Pain Treatments

The good news is that while lumbar pain can be excruciating, there many treatments available that do not include surgery.

Cold and hot therapy will relieve lower back pain by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the lumbar region. By alternating between cold and hot compresses you will relieve the pain and ease the swelling for fast and sometimes lasting relief. For cold therapy you can use an ice pack, frozen vegetables or a frozen towel placed on the affected area. Hot therapy can be applied through the use of heating pads, warm compresses and even infrared heating pads available on The Healthy Back Institute’s product page.

Inversion therapy can be applied if your lower back pain is the result of spinal compression. It is recommended that you seek out a physical therapist that specializes in inversion therapy rather than purchase your own table and do it on your own. Keep in mind that not all back problems can be helped through inversion therapy, as hanging upside down may not relieve the pain and pressure to your lower back.

There are also a range of medical issues such as hypertension and heart disease that are not safe for inversion therapy.

Finally cushions that support the lumbar region can help provide lumbar support throughout the day. Support cushions can help you maintain good posture throughout the day and prevent further back injury. Constant support while working, driving or watching TV can relieve lower back pain effectively.

Our main priority at The Healthy Back Institute is to help you relieve lower lumbar pain, so you can live your life the way you want. Visit https://losethebackpain.com today for more information on taking control of your lumbar pain.

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