Lower Back Pain When Standing

For many people, lower back pain develops when they stand for a long period of time. They seem to be fine if they’re sitting or walking, but if they stand they don’t do well because things start to hurt. Naturally, that’s not good news for the people who suffer with this, because many things require standing. You may have a job where you have to stand a lot, for instance. Even if you don’t have to stand for your job, you could end up standing at the sink to do dishes, at the stove to cook dinner, or in line at the grocery store, bank, or post office.

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With that in mind, make sure that you take the time to keep your back healthy and strong. If you do that, you’ll have less of a chance of lower back pain when standing, which can help you to feel much better. For people who do struggle with lower back pain when standing and want to alleviate it, there are several things that can be done. Stretching is a good exercise to keep back muscles loosened up and as limber as possible. When you stretch, you help tight muscles to relax, which can then help them to remain flexible.

Getting too tense is the cause of a lot of lower back pain when standing, so staying limber and moving around as much as possible are both good ideas. Even if you must stand for long periods, try to bend, stretch, take a few steps, and otherwise move around as much as you can during those times, to keep lower back pain at bay. Also, take a look at the way that you’re standing. If you’re not standing correctly and your posture is bad, that can cause lower back pain. Take the time to practice standing the right way. Work on good posture, and get shoes that are comfortable, well-padded, and appropriate for your feet.

When you have the right shoes and the right stance, it’s far easier to stand properly and make sure that you don’t develop as much lower back pain when standing. Of course, age and fitness level also affect whether your back hurts when you stand for a long period of time. You can’t do anything about your age, but you can certainly do something about your fitness level. Poor fitness and excess weight can both easily contribute to lower back pain when standing. Losing weight and getting more exercise that strengthens your back and core muscles can really help you feel better.

If you have persistent or severe lower back pain when standing, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor, just to rule out anything serious that might be causing it. Once you’ve done that, you can work on your weight loss goals and your fitness goals, so that you can stand for a longer period of time without feeling poorly and causing your back to hurt. If your lower back pain when standing isn’t alleviated by those things, it’s time to go back to the doctor for further evaluation.

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