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If you suffer from back pain or sciatica it is important to use a lower back pain chair. Since the lower back connects our lower body to our upper body, it tends to bare most of the body’s weight and added stress and strain is put on the lower area of the back. A lower back pain chair can not only help alleviate sciatica and back pain, but lower back pain as well. Most people spend hours a day, every day sitting. Whether it is at a desk at work, in our homes or driving our cars, most of our days are spent sitting.

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Now, everyone has a tendency to slouch while sitting for long periods of time and keeping perfect posture is nearly impossible throughout the day. While there are many lower back pain chairs available today on the market, one that adjusts to your body as you move around can offer you the most lower back pain relief. Since no two people are alike, an adjustable lower back pain chair is key to finding lower back pain relief. Our bodies are made to move, not to sit in a static position for long periods of time.

The best lower back pain chair is one that will automatically adjust and move with you as you move around in the chair. A chair that supports movement by matching your body’s center of gravity and its center of motion will offer the most natural support. Freedom to move around is allowed while keeping the body in correct posture.

Finally, a key factor in any lower back pain chair is that it must have proper lumbar support. Whichever activity you are performing, be it talking on the phone or typing on your keyboard, a chair needs to offer adequate lumbar support. A well made lower back pain chair will prevent you from slouching and insures correct posture throughout the day. This will help prevent neck and back pain. An effective lower back pain chair should also prevent you from “perching” on your chair as it should support the hips and thighs as well.

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