Lower Back Injury

Have you recently experienced a lower back injury? Whether it’s a result of a sudden trauma like a car accident or fall, or it’s a result of over straining the area like trying to lift something heavy, a lower back injury can be quite painful and debilitating. But there are things you can to do help your body heal.

First and foremost, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only will this help your body to heal, it will help you prevent future issues by providing your body with the proper building blocks to maintain health. Eat a balanced diet that will provide your body with the vitamins it needs to heal. And, stay healthy by practicing light, regular exercise. This will increase oxygen rich blood flow to the area and help promote healing. So, although it may be difficult to get out of bed and get moving after sustaining a low back injury, it’s best not to remain stagnant for too long. That can result in stiff muscles and even more pain.

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Something else you can try is over the counter pain medications, particularly NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen. However, use caution when taking these medicines. They have some pretty serious side effects like ulcers and liver damage. So, you may want to try some more natural methods before reaching for a bottle of pills.

Try getting a massage. This is an excellent way to relieve pain from a lower back injury. It will help stimulate blood flow to the area and relax tense muscles that might be putting pressure on sensitive areas.

Similarly, acupuncture has been proven to be very successful with relieving back pain. The Chinese believe it helps to restore the natural flow of the body’s Chi, or energy force. A stagnant Chi results in pain and other physical ailments, and acupuncture helps get things moving again. The process involves inserting many thin needles to the area by a professional acupuncturist. Although it has been widely used in the east, it is just now becoming accepted as a relevant pain relief method in the U.S. Recent studies demonstrating its effectiveness have helped it gain some popularity.

You may also want to try temperature therapy. When the injury first occurs, put frozen vegetables or a cold compress on the area as quickly as possible. That way you can stop the swelling process before it goes too far. Then apply heat with a heating pad. This will help soothe tense muscles and relieve pain. For better relief, try an infrared heating pad. The technology allows heat to penetrate much more deeply than a traditional heating pad, providing you with relief that lasts much longer. The Healthy Back Institute has a variety of infrared heating pad solutions. Visit losethebackpain.com today to find one that works for you.

A lower back injury can be very painful, but The Healthy Back Institute can help. They specialize in natural ways to get rid of your pain and help your back heal. Head over to their website at losethebackpain.com to see how they can help you be pain free.

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