Lower Back and Tailbone Pain

Lower Back and Tailbone Pain are uncomfortable and downright painful. The tailbone, or commonly known as the coccyx, is an extremely sensitive part of the body. When injured, it makes everyday activities such as walking and especially sitting a production. Tailbone pain commonly occurs as a result of an accident or injury, where the tailbone suffers a direct blow. However, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, the exact cause of tailbone pain in unknown, but in these instances, the pain can be managed.

The tailbone is comprised of three to five small bones which are held together by ligaments and joints that together form a triangular shape at the base of the vertebral column. Since it is triangular shape, the tailbone serves as a tripod base when sitting.

The most common symptom of tailbone pain is pain or sensitivity in the tailbone when sitting.  The pain can range from mild uncomforableness to excruciating pain. Lower back pain can accompany tailbone pain, especially if a fall or injury was suffered.

One of the easiest treatments for lower back and tailbone pain is the use of a back pain seat cushion. Since most tailbone pain is experienced when sitting, it is important to remove any additional aggravation to the tailbone area. Hard seat surfaces can irritate the tailbone causing further pain. A back pain seat cushion can provide gentle relief for tailbone pain. Our back pain seat cushion provides a coccyx relief cutout which allows you to sit comfortably without putting pressure on the sensitive coccyx as it minimizes direct contact between the tailbone and the seating surface.  And the best part of the back pain seat cushion is that you can take it wherever you go; in the car, at the office at home and just about anywhere else.

The use of all natural anti-inflammatory supplements can also reduce lower back and tailbone pain. Inflammation is the body natural response to an injury. Controlling inflammation in the body will lead to pain reduction. We offer an all natural anti-inflammatory supplement called Heal-n-Soothe, which contains 12 of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredients on this planet. Unlike, harsh and dangerous NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory) medications which can have numerous negative side effects, Heal-n-Soothe provides as much or more inflammation reduction and naturally too!

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