Inversion Therapy for Sciatica

Many patients, who are feeling symptoms of sciatica, might want to try an approach called inversion therapy for their sciatica and other back discomfort concerns.

In effect, inversion therapy is oftentimes utilized in the treatment of many sorts of back pain including but not limited to sciatica, herniated or “slipped” discs and so on.

Studies show that adults who utilized inversion therapy illustrated a decrease in the need for a surgical process to relieve sciatica due to single herniated disc to about 25%, as compared to approximately 80% in the individuals who did not utilize some type of inversion therapy.

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Not to mention, many agree have pointed out the use of an inversion therapy table is a exceedingly useful in-home sciatica treatment and fairly inexpensive in lieu of seeing a chiropractor, with the co-pay cost, or sometimes a physiotherapist.

Regardless of all the clinical studies it is fairly straightforward to recognize how inversion therapy can help to reduce the sciatica issues.

In general, inversion therapy might assist to encourage spinal vertabrae decompression which more often than not minimizes lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, muscle and back spasms, pinched sciatic nerves and so on.

Inversion therapy functions technically by using the all-natural force of gravity on your spine to decrease compression on it.

For that reason, it is being noted by almost all patients who are seeking relief as a notably superb answer for easing sciatica and back pain and other forms of back discomfort or strain-related injury for the average individual.

Inversion therapy tables use gravity to provide gentle traction along your complete spinal vertebrae for which almost all chronic back pain and sciatica sufferers have been visiting their doctors, chiropractors, and physiatrists for this type of back pain relief and spinal column decompression in the past.

When inversion therapy first started it involved hanging a patient upside down by their feet oftentimes and undoubtedly this can produce increased harm to back pain and sciatica patients if the stress is too great on their lower back.

Rather than utilizing this way, inversion therapy can now be administered appropriately on inversion tables either upside down or purely at an incline of some degree where the person is comfortable so long as their feet are above their head.

Not only that, this can allow sciatica sufferers to work their way up to larger degrees of incline and also patients should make sure to acquire an inversion therapy table that technically supports their weight so as to properly do inversion therapy for soothing sciatica.

Definitely, inversion therapy may supply a natural short term and long term relief for individuals, especially if you suffer from pressure on and/or bulging of a spinal disc or discs.

Inversion therapy is considered to lessen back pain and sciatica in addition to other several health and fitness benefits; in my personal opinion, inversion therapy is the one of the ideal treatments for lessening sciatica out there.

Not only that inversion therapy has been considered to reverse the process of aging on the spinal vertabrae all by using the holistic pressure of gravity for spinal column decompression.

Think this over, inversion therapy may give an all-natural immediate and long lasting relief for people and is one of the best programs for lessening sciatica, lower back pain, and pain from compression on the spine.

There are various sciatica sufferers who have utilized inversion therapy to rid themselves of back and sciatica discomfort both pre and post surgical process in many circumstances.

So, if you are experiencing sciatica pain and problems, inversion therapy may give you a way to naturally reduce and cure sciatic pain and restore your life before sciatica pain and lower back pain.

Finally, inversion therapy for sciatica is clearly useful and not costly or time consuming when compared to seeing a chiropractor or other means so do your research and figure out if an inversion table might benefit you.

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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2 thoughts on “Inversion Therapy for Sciatica”

  1. J says:

    Inversion does offer some relief for sciatica, when combined along with other exercises that target the core muscles (back and abs) and the hips. You start feeling a much reduced severity of pain by the next day. And after a week of consistent routine, you can expect to be able to stand for longer periods of time without little to no pain, save for perhaps weakness due to lack of exercise of the legs for fear of exacerbating the injury to the discs or pain. Because of pain in particular, sciatica sufferers should do their ab-exercises in bed. Hip exercises, which is very important for relieving the pain there and improving mobility, can also be done in bed. Back exercises that involve laying on the stomach, like supermans or hyperextension/back crunches (very important for strengthening the back muscles), can safely be done on a soft mat on the floor. Starting from the upright position, side stretching (important for relaxing and improving mobility of back muscles) can also be done while your on the floor. Overall, the idea is increase core strength and flexibility, and be safe whenever you can to avoid exacerbating your injury. This is a dynamic at home therapy that helps tremendously in the long run.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks J,

    For those interested in learning more about the benefits of Inversion therapy, please click on our Treatments tab and then click on “Inversion therapy” as one of the listed treatments we have instruction and even video demonstration…



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