Intense Back Pain

Intense or chronic back pain is a serious problem and over 75% of the US population spends no less than $40 billion a year on treatments, diagnosis and surgery to relieve their acute back pain symptoms.

Whether you define your back pain as intense, chronic or acute, and whether the pain is in the upper, middle or lower back, it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed to prevent life-long complications and even surgery. The acute or chronic pain can start at any time and generally starts in the lower part of the back, and left untreated can move up the spine until it affects the upper portion of the back as well. To determine whether the pain your are feeling is either chronic or acute; you need to figure out how long you have been suffering from the back pain. Intense back pain is measured by pain that has been persisting for more than two months time. If you have been in pain for at least two months, it is time to see your doctor. Only your doctor or health care professional can correctly diagnose the problem and together you will be able to discuss all treatment plans and options.

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Intense back pain can really start at any time, although generally it starts from the lower part of the back. Acute or chronic back pain can affect any age group, although it is less frequently found in younger children. Stress, heavy lifting, and repetitive motions such as bending, pulling, pushing and twisting can increase the chances of reoccurring pain. Suffering from intense back pain can also be caused by improper posture or a sudden jerking motion such as slipping or falling. Just sitting for long periods of time without moving around or standing to stretch and breathe can also cause intense back pain over time.

Most of us realize that our back in one of the most important parts of our body. The back is a complex arrangement of bones, muscles, ligaments and joints, so any pain that occurs should not be taken lightly. Delaying treatment or a visit to the doctor for a complete and thorough diagnosis can increase your chances of a speedy recovery. The last thing you would want to incur is a painful surgery that includes a lengthy recovery process.

If you have determined that you are able to describe your back pain as intense and can not find relief through stretching, breathing and occasional consumption of the recommended dose of ibuprofen, then you should definitely consider making an appointment to see your doctor. Intense back pain does not go away on its own, does not improve with the abstinence of lifting or twisting. Intense back pain is a serious condition that needs to be identified and treated. Don’t wait until the pain is so intense that once you finally go to see your doctor you find out that surgery is the only option that will help alleviate your chronic pain.

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