Inspiring Video! How to Age Gracefully (from those age 7 to 93)

This is such a cute, funny, meaningful, and inspiring video below…

People age 7 to 93 share one short piece of advice with their younger counterparts…

(AFTERWARD, please share below: What one piece of advice would you give to YOUR younger self?)

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After watching, SHARE IN THE COMMENT AREA BELOW what one piece of advice you would give to a younger version of yourself (and what age?)   ↓  ↓  ↓


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14 thoughts on “Inspiring Video! How to Age Gracefully (from those age 7 to 93)”

  1. Brian says:

    Dear 36 year old. Always, always, always question whether you are acting out of true, deeply considered conviction, or reacting out of guilt, fear, anger, or pain. The former will lead you to your best life, the latter to your worst.

  2. Jesse says:

    Some great and funny wisdom here… but I’d add, the most important of all…


    No judging… no criticizing… no allowing our fears, anxieties, insecurities, etc to prevent us from loving unconditionally… so love that person even though their differences may make you uncomfortable… we are all very unique beings… no one person alike… so better get used to loving differences in others.

  3. Rob says:

    The 93 year old at the end gives the best advice!

    Here’s mine.

    Dear 29 year old, enjoy it while you can. Because you don’t heal as fast after your 30th birthday (so bookmark for when those aches and pains start to strike).

    Signed, a 35 year old

  4. Dennys says:

    that was great. Loved it.

    Dear 30 yr. old, quit living the life others have wanted you to live (parents, society, etc.). They wanted you to be everything they were not. It’s loving of them but it can blind you to who you really wanted to be or what you really wanted to be doing.

    Signed, a 36 yr. old

    1. Vivian age 41 says:

      Your comments are so true. It was an endeavour I took on since I was 24 and I believe I made it happen from age 36. But I admit that regression comes through. It takes a few breaths and maybe a cry to get back on my feet and reassure myself that I’m taking my path as I want it. And can risk just a few more arguments and having to scream at family to just handle themselves and see me just get older and just happier that I left home respectfully. Relationships are risky to the heart but that’s what strangers are for.

  5. Vivian age 41 says:

    Dear 28 year old,
    True that we are no longer teens and trying to figure out our potential. You’ve got to the point of where your intellect is maximum. Get happy with the post you’ve achieved and not pursue to do more if that post is not truly the skill you have.

    Now it seems that having security in relationships, financial matters and some family matters are pressing on you. Like it was to decide what to do becoming an adult, these areas will also take its course. Your career may have to dwindle for you to reflect on what avenues to take and find fruition in those other meek areas. Allow yourself to change your work days to achieve all you deserve as an adult. You aren’t begrudging important ones or disrespectful to family of loved ones. You are giving life your personal touch.

    Signed, a 41 year old.

  6. Rebecca Knapp says:

    Dear young people:

    Do the adventurous things while you are young. You will never have the courage to do them once you are old.

    A 68 year old

  7. Ruth Kaczmarek says:

    Dear 18 year old,

    If you’d rather make music, or office buildings, or computer programs than babies, DO IT. I’m sure there are many joys to be had from children, but life isn’t cold or dull without them. Besides, the world doesn’t need more mouths to feed. Just learn how to be careful.

    A 79 year old woman

  8. Marie Henry says:

    72 year old: Dance, laugh and dance some more. Then, laugh some more.

  9. Pam in Virginia says:

    Dear 60 Year Olds,
    Continue to enjoy your children; they can be your greatest joy. As long as you have been kind to them as they have grown up, they will still want to enjoy time with you even though you’re getting older. You have many years of laughs and love to enjoy.

    A 62 Year Old

  10. Ginny says:

    Dear 60 year old,

    Are you still trying to change things and people?
    Forget that!
    Just practice Acceptance and Forgiveness.
    Above all, practice Appreciation of everything and everybody.

    From a 62 year old

    1. Jenny Smith says:

      I’m 66. Just live your life to the fullest. Don’t depend on other to help you, help yourself wear ever you can.
      Enjoy everything around you no matter how small. Keep smiling and keep the bright side up.
      When you get older you are entitled to be naughtier as long as you enjoy it

  11. Patty says:

    Dear 55 year old,
    No matter what, always make time for some fun in your life. It doesn’t mean you have to spend money, it just means you have to put a smile on your face first thing in the morning and enjoy the little things you are grateful for and maybe crank up the music and dance or sing while you clean the house.

    signed by a 56 year old

  12. Magda says:

    Dear 18 year old
    Love your self, you are OK. Trust yourself, and know standing alone is better than a bad choice.
    Then, give every choice your all, every time!! YOU WERE GEORGEOUS! 50 year old

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