True or False: Debunking Arthritis Myths

When it comes to most medical problems there are a host of half-truths, myths, misconceptions and flat out lies circulating the web. This is especially true of far-reaching issues like arthritis. Separating arthritis fact from arthritis myths will help you make the necessary changes to alleviate pain and treat your arthritis.

Arthritis affects the joints, making them swell, stiffen and ache unbearably. Over time these joints begin to deteriorate which can worsen the pain as bones begin to rub together causing further pain the joints and bones. With a better understanding of arthritis you can easily decide what “facts” are myths and which are based in reality. 

Diet Is Unimportant

As unlikely as it may seem this is one of the worst myths out there about arthritis. Diet plays a crucial role is nearly every aspect of our lives, even arthritis. Even though not every arthritis sufferer has a poor diet, it is a good indicator of future health problems.

Poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle often go together, which evidence has shown as factors in arthritis in addition to vitamin deficiency, insomnia and stress. These are all factors that generally work together to create an unhealthy lifestyle with a high risk of physical and mental problems.

While a healthy diet may not prevent arthritis, it will help relieve the symptoms associated with arthritis like inflammation, joint pain and rigidity. A diet that is low in saturated fats and rich in cruciferous vegetables, fruit and essential fatty acids (like Omegas 3 and 6) can improve bone and joint health.

If dietary restraints make it difficult to get essential vitamins and nutrients, consider supplements such as Heal N Sooth or Super Joint Support. Get more information on these products by visiting Heal And Soothe.

Exercise Makes Arthritis Worse

Probably one of the most destructive arthritis myths is that exercise makes your symptoms worse. This is an understandable—if untrue—belief brought about by those who arthritis sufferers who experience extreme pain when engaging in physical activity. For some arthritis sufferers this may hold true, but for the great majority this is merely an excuse.

If you have spent a long period of time without physical activity then you will experience a great deal of pain as your muscles, joints and cartilage get used to the challenge. But if you participate in regular physical activity that includes cardio and strength training exercises and stretches, you will experience pain relief and you may even be able to eliminate joint pain altogether. A moderate and well-rounded exercise plan can strengthen bones and muscles, reduce inflammation and stiffness due to arthritis.

Your physician may recommend physical therapy, yoga, hydrotherapy or swimming as ideal exercises to relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Only Old People Get Arthritis

One of the arthritis myths that is responsible for long term suffering is the notion that only the elderly suffer from arthritis. Of course there are millions of elderly people who suffer from arthritis, this is more a product of a lifetime of wear and tear on the joints rather than some deficiency due to aging.

Younger people, especially in this digital age, are at risk for arthritis as well due to the repetitive motions like texting and typing. But there are many types of arthritis that may affect people at any age, rheumatoid arthritis is just one. As an autoimmune arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis can strike at any age.

People who are much younger than 65 years may develop arthritis due to obesity, athletic injuries, trauma or repetitive motions. If arthritis were simply a product of aging, more elderly than we today would suffer from the various forms of arthritis. The type of life lives has a great effect on whether or not a person develops arthritis as they age.

By understanding this arthritis myths you are better equipped to deal with the pain associated with arthritis as well as other related symptoms. The sooner you get an arthritis diagnosis, the sooner you can begin treatments to relieve the pain and joint stiffness.

If you suspect you may have arthritis speak with your physician before your pain worsens. 

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