Exercise for Lower Back Pain

Exercise for lower back pain can go a long way to alleviate pain without the need for medications or invasive medical treatments.

Here at LosetheBackPain, we have been providing the resources you need to identify and holistically treat many types of back pain, of which lower back pain is the most common.

Many people suffer from sciatica, and muscle imbalance due to overuse or strain of their backs. In addition, sitting all day while working, driving or watching the TV can put a lot of tension on the lower back by keeping it in one position most of the time. This makes your lower back cramped and compressed, and does not allow enough blood flow between the lower cervical spinal disks.

The temptation to rest your back if you are in pain can be almost unbearable at times, but the trick is to exercise the muscles as much as you can to relieve and lessen pain in the long term.

You can start small: do stretches every half hour at work, every time you are at a gas station during long trips and try to take a walk around the block after dinner. This will loosen up your back (and help digestion as well) throughout the day, leading to less back lower back pain in the evening time.

If you are already in quite a bit of pain, you can check out our site LosetheBackPain for some non-invasive therapy, to get you to a point where you can do some exercises to benefit you down the line. We have anti-inflammatory pills, backseat cushions, and just helpful articles on how to use heat or cold at home to relieve back pain.

Once you are comfortable enough, you need to develop a regimen to address the muscle imbalance that is the root cause of your lower back pain. Muscle imbalance can cause herniated disks and other medical conditions. This will further rob your life of activity because herniated discs can be very painful, limiting your involvement in family and fun activities, and taking you away from a loved hobby that requires physical labor.

To stay active as long as possible, exercise your lower back with stretches and internal resistance movements, such as those found in Pilates or yoga, to strengthen all the muscles in your back. This will allow your lower back to better cope against stress and possible prevent a herniated disc. Don’t forget to sprinkle your day with regular stretches- in the bathroom at work, when you step out of the car, when you wake up, etc.

Lower back pain can also radiate to other areas of the body, such as down the legs, or causing the feeling of joint pain in your hips and knees. It can certainly rob you of sleep. This is particularly harmful because sleep is needed to mend and restore balance to the muscles of the body. If your mattress does not compensate for the pain you feel during the daytime, then you need to pay us a visit to find out what kind of mattress can do this.

Not only do we have mattresses that can help to alleviate stress on the spine and restore restful sleep to lower back pain sufferers, but we have free, useful information to guide you on selecting a bed or a suitable exercise regimen. Pay us a visit today.

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