Endoscopic Procedures for Back Pain

“How do I know when it is time to turn to endoscopic procedures for back pain?”

Here at the Healthy Back Institute we get literally hundreds of emails per day. Even though we receive email from all over the world, the questions are almost always the same. The question above is one that we see all too much. In this article we will talk a little bit about endoscopic procedures for back pain and alternative ways to treat your pain.

Back pain can be frustrating, debilitating, and outright depressing. People in pain will do just about anything to get lasting relief. Many back pain sufferers turn to surgical procedures. Back pain surgeries have come along way and there are procedures like Endoscopic Spine Surgery that are minimally invasive.

Leading endoscopic surgery specialists claim that you can get your life back in just 5 days. The incision from endoscopic surgery is less than 1 inch and uses laser technology to conduct the procedure. In theory, you can have endoscopic surgery and be back on your feet in just a few weeks. For some people, surgery may be the correct option.

But, how do you know when Endoscopic Procedures are the right answer?

Honestly, only you can answer that question. All we can do is educate you about all the other non surgical treatment options that are available to you. Because of the high cost, and ineffectiveness of endoscopic procedures it is strongly recommended that you exercise all other options first.

Did you know there is even a medical term for when surgeries are ineffective? It is called failed back surgery syndrome. Although, the statistics will vary based on who you ask, statistics show that approximately 50% of surgeries leave patients with little or no relief.

Some of the most effective treatment options that do not involve endoscopic surgery include:

• Muscle Balance Therapy

• Trigger Point Therapy

• Inversion Therapy

• Spinal Decompression

• Anti Inflammation Supplements

• Acupuncture

• Acupressure

Click this link to see a more complete list of back pain treatments

Are you familiar with all or any of the above treatments? If you answered NO, then you probably should wait before you schedule a consultation for endoscopic procedures for back pain.

If you are still considering endoscopic surgery, make sure you consider everything from the cost, the procedure, and the post surgery rehab.

Use the treatment link at the top of our website to learn more about all the other treatment methods.

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