Effective Treatment and Prevention for Cancer

EADBK-3D-300wThe following is adapted from Jesse Cannone’s latest book, The End of All Disease. To get a free copy, click here

Cancer is applied to so many different types of dysfunctions that it is impossible to say there is a one-size fits all cure for “cancer”. However, there are a few different methods that are very effective at zeroing in on the root cause of a particular type of cancer and addressing that excess, deficiency, or stagnation.

Here are two:

Gonzalez Protocol –

This therapy basically involves three components: diet, aggressive supplementation with nutrients and pancreas product (containing naturally occurring enzymes), and detoxification…specific to each patients needs.

Clark Protocol –

The Clark Protocol states certain cancers are a result of intestinal fluke parasites and propyl alcohol. Without both of these components, cancer cannot develop.

The first steps involve killing these parasites and flushing propyl alcohol from your system. Secondly, Dr. Clark stresses you need to stay vigilant against picking up parasites from a wide range of sources. Undercooked meats and dairy products, pets and even other people—including family members—all make an appearance on Clark’s list of potential carriers.

According to Dr. Clark, you can reinfect yourself with parasites even though something as seemingly simple and innocent as a kiss.

For more in-depth info about the treatments recommended here I recommend you consult The End of All Disease book.

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Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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1 thought on “Effective Treatment and Prevention for Cancer”

  1. konstanze says:

    I had 3 spots of skin problems one on the right side of my face, one at my left nostril and one at my right front head . all 3 were burned away, but the one at my front head is not healing well when the scap falls off, beneath it is not healed. I have tried camomil tee,castor oil , cpcnut pil, fenugreg cream, oregano cream, apple cider vinigar diluded, urine, that takes away the inflamation and feels good. but it repeats itself, there is always a new scap and underneeth is pus. I do not eat meat nor chicken products since I was 14, i feel well, have lots of energy, I am a Reiki master and love in general energy healing , I am 75 now and have not had any major sickness nor flue, I did have an intestinal infection a jear and a half ago after taking a green smoothy in a health food store. I did not take any antibiotics, but misded doing a parasite treatment after my treatment.

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