Back Discomfort Might Be Reduced For Pregnant Women By… Ear Acupuncture

New research studies show that a special acupuncture approach might assist in relieving lower back pain in pregnant women.

In essence, the majority of women who had acupuncture needles placed and taped down at three particular acupuncture points in their ears for no less than one week essentially reported a considerable reduction in lower back pain and pelvic pain; versus women patients in a control group and placebo acupuncture group who didn’t get needles at all or were getting needles in the incorrect acupuncture points.

According to statistics pregnant women frequently endure pain in the lower back and pelvis pain which may lead to chronic lower back pain in the future.

Actually, ear acupuncture can offer women patients an all-natural big improvement in movement according to the information for those women.

Nonetheless, the relief in pain wasn’t long-lasting for some women. Unfortunately, a week after the conclusion of acupuncture study, 68 % of those who got the real acupuncture were feeling a 30 % or greater relief in pain compared to the beginning of acupuncture treatment, while 32 percent in the placebo acupuncture group and eighteen (18) % of the control group retained this amount of relief in their back pain.

That is why, it was cited in the study that there was no serious amount of difference among the groups in the percentage remaining pain-free two weeks into the study.

There was just one side-effect and it was temporary tenderness in the ear region, reported by less than three (3) percent of the women who received acupuncture whether it was in the real acupuncture group or the “fake” acupuncture group total.

Keep in mind that the acupuncture therapy discussed is basically inexpensive at a cost of $15 to $25 for a pack of 100 needles. It takes about 3-5 minutes for the needles to be put in place if someone who is trained is doing it.

This is a reasonably new discovery and further studies will be needed to conclude if outcomes may be sustained more permanently with extended acupuncture greater than the 2 week period and if there are any effects on pregnancy results.

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