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Wouldn’t it be great if there was one magic formula for erasing all lower back pain? While there is technically not one single cure for lower back pain, we here at the Healthy Back Institute have worked with thousands of lower back pain sufferers from around the world and we have identified multiple ways for you to eliminate back pain safely and effectively.  In this article we will reveal some of the most effective ways to treat lower back pain.

Muscle Balance Therapy is probably the most effective treatment program for lower back pain. While it is not a cure for lower back pain, it will set the stage for healing to begin. Alongside other treatments for lower back pain, Muscle Balance Therapy is key to reducing and eliminating your lower back pain. We all have muscle imbalances in our bodies. They come about from the daily activities we perform each day. Some muscles get tight and overworked, while others become weak and overstretched. This creates imbalances in the body and can create the right conditions for postural dysfunctions to form.

Postural dysfunctions create stress and strain on the spine and eventually back pain can form. One can try many other lower back pain treatments, but until these muscle imbalances are corrected, the underlying problem is not resolved and the pain will continue returning. If you would like to find out more about correcting muscle imbalances, click on the link below:

Inversion Therapy and spinal decompression work to reduce lower back pain by decompressing the spine. Decompression relieves stress and pressure off of the spine, opening up the spinal canal while necessary oxygen and nutrients are able to flood the area.  Inversion therapy not only helps lower back pain but it is also very beneficial for increasing blood circulation, maintaining posture, reducing stress and much more.

Natural pain creams can offer instant temporary relief for lower back pain. Not all pain creams are created equal, so be sure to use one, such as Rub-on Relief. Rub-on-Relief is a natural, non toxic pain relief cream that contains many healing and soothing ingredients, and it doesn’t stink like most other pain relief creams do. It works almost instantly and you can apply it as many times a day as you want. It is safe to use every day if needed.

These are just a few examples of lower back pain treatments. For a complete list of treatments for lower back pain, please CLICK HERE.

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