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Business woman backache back pain sitting on chair. Long working hours.Most of us spend the majority of our days sitting, whether in cars, in office chairs, at the kitchen table, on couches or elsewhere…

So oftentimes our bums get sore from too much sitting,… and many people even experience pain while being seated.

While it’s important to get up frequently and walk around and stretch, in addition to that, there is another solution to help minimize pain in the tailbone / buttocks area, or “Coccyx.”

Seat cushions or Coccyx cushions are an effective tool to help alleviate pain and discomfort in the tailbone and butt.

This type of cushion is typically made from high density foam which provides support and even distribution of your body weight, which can help reduce uncomfortable pressure points around the pelvic bone.

The great thing about coccyx cushions is that they are portable so you can take them where ever you go.

Take it with you in the car, when you need that extra support, take it with you to the office and even bring it with you to your favorite sporting event!

But Which is the Best???

Now, there are many coccyx cushions on the market so it can be challenging to research them to find out which are the best…

Well, my team and I have literally tried dozens of pain relief seat cushions over the years, and have come across one that we just love.

This particular coccyx cushion has a coccyx relief cutout which is important if you are suffering from pain in the tailbone.

The cutout allows you to sit comfortably without putting pressure on a sensitive or injured tailbone.

Plus, some additional benefits of this top-recommended coccyx cushion are:seat-cushion-click

  • Its Design – the edge of the cushion is designed in a way to position the hips for better posture and alignment
  • Contoured Surface – The front of the cushion is curved which minimizes pressure on the lower thighs
  • Wedged Shape – The angle of the cushion can help restore the lumbar curve in your spine while rotating your pelvis which reduces strain on the lower spine

So whether you are dealing with minor irritation or are suffering from an injured tailbone, adding a coccyx cushion to your daily routine may prove to be the one thing that can make your life MUCH more comfortable

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