There are different types of cervical cerclage available to help a woman with a weak cervix. This procedure occurs so that the baby will stay in as close to full-term. It’s more common in women who have had previous issues—either with miscarriages, or some type of abnormal finding in their cervix.

However, there is always pain after any type of abdominal procedure. Pain can be even more prevalent when it comes to having a ‘female’ or gynecological procedure done. This is true in this case as well.

Due to the location of the procedure that is done, down towards the lower back, the pain can be ridiculous. Pregnant women go through a lot of pain as they carry babies. As the baby begins to develop, and push organs around, pain builds up.

After this type of procedure though, a woman will feel like they have a deep lower backache. It is one of the downsides of having this procedure done. Many women are used to this during pregnancy, but getting around it can be done.

One thing that any pregnant woman really needs to do anyway is to pay attention to her posture. This is especially true when this procedure—or one of the several variations of it—has been performed.

However, one of the very first things that a pregnant woman will want to do is go to bed for several days after the procedure. Even though cervical cerclage, no matter what type, is only performed when necessary, it’s still an invasive procedure that will cause pain.

Depending on the time during the pregnancy when the procedure is performed—usually the third month, but sometimes later—the back pain is more severe. When a woman is pregnant, typically bed rest is ordered, along with the application of alternating heat and cold.

Paying attention to your posture at any point in time is entirely necessary. Keeping your spine in line so that the disks stay in line properly will keep the pain at a minimum. It will also train your spine to stay straight, and not give way.

Once the procedure is done, keep in mind that you will have back pains that feel like labor pains that occur. While the pains really are not labor, pregnant women do oftentimes become confused because of how the pain feels—the location makes it feel so real.

Occasionally, doctors will do something other than prescribe bed rest for your back pain, but not often due to the location of the procedure. After you’ve taken the time to rest in bed for a while, and are up to moving around, start walking a bit. At your doctor’s suggestion—when they say you can—start working on stretching your back out a bit. There is hope for dealing with lower back pain due to having had a cerclage procedure; it will just take some time.

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7 thoughts on “Cerclage”

  1. Alibha Mishra says:

    Helpfull Information!!

  2. Neba Vernat Neh says:

    Waist pain after a Ceclage for more than one week

  3. Wahiba Al-harbi says:

    The back pain is unbearable .. its day 3 and still going

  4. Rima Dutta says:

    Is it normal to get back ache every now and then with a cervical cerclage

    1. Sara Allen says:

      I got the the 6 o’clock stitch which caused me to have on going back ache. When I had it taken out at 37 weeks the back pain eased up by 95 percent

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is back pain that feel like numbness is normal after having cerclage done when standing for certain hours. What is best? What to do?

    1. Admin says:

      Please seen proper medical attention, to get properly assessed.

      Thank you
      (The Healthy Back Institute)

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