Causes of Lower Back Muscle Pain

There are many different causes of lower back muscle pain, and most of them would not occur to you. While some causes may be readily apparent, such as an excessive gym workout, not all are obvious.

One of the most obvious causes of lower back muscle pain is excessive use of those muscles without properly warming them up. Walking into a gym and trying to lift a dumbbell without even warming up your muscles in your lower back leaves them ripe for pain. Warming up lower back muscles is the easiest way to avoid pain there. Taking the few minutes extra to do the warm ups is definitely worth it. Not spending the time warming up will cause more damage to your spine later on.

Pinched nerves in your lower back muscles are also a source of pain. Tied into your spine, and then going into the network of muscles in your lower back, they will sometimes become pinched and create pain. An easy way to get a pinched nerve in your lower back is by not lifting something heavy properly. There is a simple, proper way to pick up heavy things, especially boxes and that is by bending at the knees.

While you are bending at the knees, keep your back straight. Put your hands under the box, and stand up slowly. When you put the effort into the muscles of your legs and arms, your lower back muscles will be spared the pain that can occur.

There are a number of other causes of lower back muscle pain in addition to the obvious ones mentioned above. Even sleeping wrong can cause lower back muscle pain if you sleep in a bed that is too soft or too firm for you. Sitting down for any length of time means that your back will need some support behind it otherwise, the lower back muscles will not be supported and pain will result. Lumbar supported chairs are a great way to avoid this.

Standing still for a long time without taking the time to stretch your lower back muscles just a little bit will result in pain. Even just a few side stretches done softly, and slowly, will help keep the lower back muscles in shape.

When the muscles in your back don’t work on an equal basis together, one side works harder than the other. This also creates more back pain due to the imbalanced workload on the muscles.

Once your lower back muscles have suffered pain on a semi-regular basis, it is more than likely that you will continue to do so. Make an effort to not repeat the things that have caused your lower back muscles pain.

Many different things can cause pain in your lower back muscles there is absolutely no doubt about that. Dealing with the causes of lower back muscle pain is something different, but honestly not that hard to do if you give some thought to it. On occasion, you will have to involve medical professionals, but don’t be afraid to.

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