Car Back Support Cushions Help you Work, Drive and Fly Pain-Free

Do you sit for long hours in your office, drive a lot or spend much of your time flying from one business meeting to another?

All these activities are a sure recipe for chronic back pain, and you may want to consider using car back support cushions to avoid this painful condition. The main reason for this is the lack of proper support your lower back gets for long periods at a time.

Car and airplane seats and office chairs are designed for a broad range of users. At best, they may not be the best fit for your back and may simply be uncomfortable. In the worst-case scenario, they may even lead to serious back problems or make an existing back problem you already have, worse. Back support cushions may be the solution for you!

Lower back pain is one of the top reasons people go to see their doctor – it can ruin your sleep, restrict your activities, cost you valuable time with your family and disrupt your ability to work. Medications cause their own problems and usually only mask the underlying injury.

Lower back injuries are usually caused by pressure on the nerves in your lower back. Auto back support cushions ensure that your lumbar spine is kept aligned and naturally curved. They firm up the seat, rebuilding the seat structure and supporting your back.

The natural curvature in your spine determines your back support requirements. Good back support cushions support your curves naturally, without pushing you beyond your neutral posture.

They correct your lower back posture, relaxing your back muscles and taking pressure off your nerves. They also provide support for your tailbone and other sensitive areas of your lower back. At the same time, lateral support reduces the strain and back pain you may experience after long hours of sitting or driving.

Most car back support cushions are made of high-density foam and covered in fabric. Heat, including sunlight and body heat, moisture and your weight all combine to break down foam in a relatively short period of time. Back support cushions with frames of fiberglass, plastic, steel or rubber have a considerably longer life.

Many are lightweight and durable, designed to fit any seat and usually come with an adjustable fixing strap. Some are designed to contour to your shape. Others have a cutout section that suspends your tailbone (coccyx), reducing pressure on your lower lumbar discs.

Of course, no one sitting support can make all types of chairs comfortable for your back. Different seat heights, contours and back angles mean that you will need to choose the right support for the seats you use most often.

One of the car back support cushions we recommend most is called the Freedom Back.

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