Calcium Causing Back Pain

Our parents always told us to take our vitamins. When we’re sick or hurting, vitamins can often be the cure for what ails us. Whether it’s a vitamin deficiency or just the need for more, vitamins can help the body heal. Then it would seem like the same would be true for calcium and back pain. It’s not. Calcium is a lot like spice in a recipe. Too much spice overwhelms and may makes the eyes water. Too little takes the joy away and makes normal eating just bland. Calcium is similar. Too little or too much has a large effect on a person’s health, especially related to back pain.

Studies have shown that calcium is causing back pain for many sufferers. This may defy common logic and even our mother’s lesson, but calcium can be harmful. In depth chemical studies have shown that the more calcium in someone’s muscles or in the body can cause enzymes to awaken. Those enzyme increase the feelings of pain. As a result, calcium causes back pain, making it worse and sometimes intolerable for sufferers who already suffer too much.

From another angle, too much calcium causes calcium deposits to develop in the body. These deposits can cause tremendous discomfort in bones and in tight spaces. These deposit can cause great discomfort. A common place for discomforting calcium deposit is in joints. What happens when calcium deposits develop in joints is the nerves near the deposit become pinches. This happens especially in the spine where only a narrow pathway exists for nerves to travel between a complex network of bones and tissues.

Any abnormality can cause tension, tightness and pressure. This is the most common link between calcium causing back pain. This is best diagnosed through an x-ray or an MRI to see the tiny bulges that develop in nerve pathways.

Along the lines of more conventional understandings, calcium causing back pain can occur through a deficiency. Too little calcium weakens bones causes small chips and fractures. Those fractures can cause back pain.

Often the best treatment for too much calcium causing back pain is to stop calcium treatments. Limit the calcium in the diet for a period of time. This should be supervised by a physician since a calcium deficiency can cause more problems and more painful than back discomfort caused by too much calcium. Several days and weeks can allow calcium to break up and leave the body. During the healing process, the calcium will continue causing back pain. The feeling of discomfort is calcium actually breaking up and leaving the body. Once calcium leaves, a balanced regimen of calcium vitamins and diet is needed to prevent deposits from building up later.

For pain caused by a calcium deficiency, a calcium supplement and a vitamin D supplement along with a balance diet can replenish the natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed to keep the body functioning at peak health.

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Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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5 thoughts on “Calcium Causing Back Pain”

  1. Judd says:

    I find this very interesting as whenever I consume vitamin D, calcium, or minerals, then my back starts to stick together and hurt. I have been diagnosed with arthritis, djd, and I have spurs on my back.
    I think I need to completely cut dairy, wheat, and increase green leafy veggies…

  2. Lisa says:

    After 7 years I stopped taking calcium supplements. My back pain in my sacroiliac joints, has completely disappeared. (I have had this pain for approx 7 years.)
    My doctor says that it is purely co-incidence and is totally unrelated. As this is the only thing that has changed, I disagree.
    This is the first article I have found to substantiate this. Thank you
    No more calcium for me!

  3. fred says:

    I took for some days calcium-magnesium tablets and ate cheese and drank milk and had no back pain, but today i switched to only calcium-tablet (no magnesium) and got back pain in lower back.

  4. Julienne Stroeve says:

    I wonder if my back pain during the middle of the night could be linked to too much calcium? I started collagen supplements 4 months ago and the last month I’ve been waking in the middle of the night with incredible tightness all through my chest cavity. the pain is intense and causes me not to sleep as there is no position I can get into that makes it go away. It’s only after I’ve been up for a little while and moving around that the pain stops. I read that collagen can result in too much calcium. Could that be the cause of my nighttime upper back pain?

  5. Reta Sparr says:

    I found by accident that too much calcium was undoubtedly causing my lower back pain. I had to stop all supplements prior to a surgery I was having and after nearly 2 weeks of no supplements my back pain essentially disappeared. I had this back pain for several years and saw a physician who gave me corticosteroid injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories to no avail. At that point I still wasn’t aware why my back pain went away. After surgery I started taking my supplements again along with drinking milk and my pain came back. I had to figure out why it came back and what was different. I decided it had to be stopping the supplements for surgery that made it go away so I stopped my supplements again and the pain went away! Thus, I new it had to be the calcium. I did continue to drink milk which didn’t bother me. However one year later after my surgery the same back pain has returned (no, I have not been using calcium/vitamin supplements) but started drinking Almond milk instead of cows milk which I found out has more calcium than regular cows milk and my pain is now back. I have stopped drinking or eating anything with calcium in it for the time being and counting the days that this terrible pain will subside. Thanks for the article. It verifies my thinking on excess calcium in a diet.

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